Family Benefits for Life and Work in Finland

As Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) consider opportunities abroad, the well-being of their families remains a paramount concern. In this pursuit, Finland emerges as a promising destination, offering a host of benefits designed to support and enrich the lives of families. Renowned for its world-class healthcare and education systems, progressive parental leave policies, and generous financial support, Finland presents an enticing prospect for OFWs seeking to provide a nurturing environment for their loved ones.

In this article, we explore the myriad benefits that families of OFWs can enjoy while living in Finland, as shared by an OFW vlogger who is currently living in the Nordic country.

Family Benefits for Life and Work in Finland
Finnish Family Support: Advantages for OFWs

The information presented in this article comes from a YouTube video from an OFW vlogger. In this video, Tito Deej talks about the benefits that families can get while living and working in Finland. If you want to watch the full video, then click on the link below:

Free Education for All

  • The Finnish people have access to free education, spanning from primary level up to doctoral studies at universities. This privilege stems from the nation’s goal of providing equal opportunities for the best education, regardless of a family’s income, while encouraging active participation in the country’s growth.
  • Finnish law extends other benefits as well. Preschool, elementary, upper secondary, and vocational elementary school students enjoy free school meals, fostering an ideal learning environment conducive to academic success.
  • Education also includes free daycare centers, offering a safe place for children while their parents work. This enables parents to focus on their jobs without undue worry.
  • Primary education in Finland is entirely free, eliminating the need for payments, book purchases, homework, or assignments. Despite this lack of financial burden, the quality of education remains consistently excellent.
  • Finland’s education system is renowned for its excellence, with even meals provided free of charge, exemplifying the nation’s commitment to holistic development and well-being.

Excellent Teachers

  • Finland’s education system is renowned for its free-of-charge learning and top-tier teachers, all of whom hold master’s degrees.
  • The country offers acclaimed universities, with professors who are either experienced researchers or field experts.
  • Finland is a leader in higher education, but its unique teaching methods may surprise international learners. A Pathway to Finland program can help them prepare and succeed in their studies.

High Salaries

Finland boasts one of the globe’s most robust economies, characterized by continual advancement and a commitment to enhancing citizens’ well-being. As a reflection of this prosperity, the country provides some of the highest average salaries globally. A competitive monthly income in Finland typically begins at 2,600 Euros after taxes, ensuring individuals can enjoy a comfortable standard of living within the region.

  • Information and communications: 25 Euros per hour
  • Electricity, steam, and air conditioning: 23.82 Euros per hour
  • Financial and insurance activities: 22.04 Euros per hour
  • Professional, technical and scientific activities: 21.91 Euros per hour
  • Education: 21.28 Euros per hour

Clean and Healthy Food

Finland boasts some of the safest, most pristine, and healthiest food globally. The country’s dedication to preserving its natural resources ensures abundant organic produce, including mushrooms, berries, and other nutritious offerings.
Moreover, residing in Finland offers the assurance of a reliable food supply, as the nation holds the top rank globally for food security. This advantage not only allows for access to exceptionally healthy food but also ensures a stable food provision for residents.

Purest Water

Finland takes immense pride in its 188,000 lakes, renowned for offering some of the purest water worldwide. The nation upholds this reputation by subjecting its water sources to rigorous filtration processes, ensuring they remain largely free from contaminants.

Among Finland’s key water reservoirs, Lake Päijänne stands out as a prime example, providing exceptionally clean water that is safe for direct consumption. Thanks to its overall pristine quality, Finnish water is exported, allowing people around the world to savor its refreshing purity.

Best Country for Expecting Parents

  • Having a baby is undoubtedly a blessing, and the Finnish government values this precious moment by implementing some of the world’s best parental laws.
  • Both parents are entitled to equal parental leave, totaling 164 days, ensuring shared responsibilities in childcare.
  • In addition to parental leave, the government provides a daily allowance starting from a minimum of 30 Euros, varying based on income. This support enables one parent, typically the mother, to stay at home with the baby until they are just over one year old.
  • Expecting families can also apply for the renowned “baby box,” containing essential items for the baby’s well-being, including blankets, clothes, mattresses, and more. The box can even be transformed into a bed for the infant.
  • Single parents are also eligible for these benefits, ensuring that they receive parental assistance similar to dual-parent households.

Outstanding Health Care System

  • Finland boasts one of the world’s premier healthcare systems, with municipalities primarily responsible for financing and organizing healthcare services. They ensure comprehensive medical, health, and social services for all residents.
  • The country’s healthcare services encompass both primary healthcare and specialized medical care. Primary healthcare is provided at municipal health centers, while specialized medical care is available at hospitals.
  • In addition to public healthcare, Finland also offers private healthcare services provided by companies, practitioners, foundations, and organizations.
  • Healthcare for children, especially, is free, with the only cost being for medicines.
  • Appointment booking is standard practice across Finland, even for hospital visits, ensuring organized and efficient healthcare delivery without overcrowding. Walk-ins are not common.
  • Financial support is available for spouses who do not have jobs, as well as for children. Pregnant spouses are also entitled to benefits. These benefits extend to expatriates, offering the same privileges as local citizens.
  • Finnish authorities provide a box of essential items for newborns, regardless of the family’s nationality.
  • Children under 17 receive allowances in Finland, further enhancing family support and well-being.

In conclusion, residing in Finland offers an array of unparalleled benefits for families, making it an ideal destination for those seeking a nurturing environment. From world-class healthcare and education systems to generous parental leave policies and financial support, Finland prioritizes the well-being of its residents at every stage of life. The provision of free healthcare for children, comprehensive parental leave for both parents, and universal benefits such as the newborn baby box exemplify Finland’s commitment to family welfare.