8 Slow Living Job Ideas for OFWs

slow life jobs for ofws

There’s a trend on TikTok called “my dream job if it weren’t for the money,” whether we like to admit it or not as OFWs; the hard reality is not all of us are working … Read more

8 New Year’s Resolution Ideas for OFWs

new year resolution ideas for ofws

It’s the new year, and it’s another year for you to create a list of resolutions with the hopes of finally getting it done this year. After reflecting during the holidays, you’ll realize that sometimes … Read more

How to Register DITO Sim Card Philippines

How to Register DITO Sim Card in the Philippines

At the start of 2023, the Philippine government has announced that it will be rolling out the Sim Card Registration Act (SRA) or Republic Act No. 11934. With this newly signed law, all telecommunications companies … Read more