8 Best Reasons to Publish a Book as an OFW

Have you ever dreamed of becoming an author? Perhaps you do, but then life gets in the way; you have to work abroad for your family, and your dreams of writing a book or publishing one someday get shelved. It’s because you have far more important things to do than write a book and get it published.

It doesn’t matter what your occupation is, whether you’re a nurse or a domestic helper; there’s no shame in the type of job you’re doing abroad; your job doesn’t dictate your literary prowess, as long as you have a story to tell. You probably wrote a few chapters during your spare time or perhaps have been seeing your favorite author online and thinking when your time will come .You can write anything from a collection of poetry or a memoir if you’re wondering if you should take a leap of faith and publish a book as an OFW. Here’s a roundup of the best reasons to publish a book as an OFW.

1. Educate other people

As an OFW, you can share your knowledge about your profession or life living abroad by writing your experiences. If you’re a nurse abroad, you can write a memoir about what it’s like being one in the Middle East or if you’re keen on learning about the culture and lifestyle in Spain, you can write what the similarities and differences of life living there and in the Philippines, you can write a collection of historical or political essays. 

If you’re a chef in Singapore or Hong Kong, you can write a cookbook about the local delicacies and what the food and beverage industry is there to educate other aspiring OFWs who are planning to make a career there. The sky is the limit when it comes to writing a book, whether it’s an academic book to propel your teaching career abroad or a short story collection to educate people; writing a book is both a learning process for the author and the readers. If sharing your knowledge is one thing you are passionate about, publishing a book is one way to get that passion up and running!

2. Publishing a book is deeply rewarding

Publishing a book is not a bed of roses, but being an OFW, you’re no longer a stranger to hardships and challenges; one thing is you will endure and fight for your dreams. You have many options when it comes to publishing a book, whether it’s traditional publishing or self-publishing; whatever the route that you choose, know that publishing a book can be intensely satisfying. You finally get to hold a copy of your book and share your story with the world! 

Yes, you’re an OFW, but there’s more to life than that; you don’t have to limit yourself to that one label because being an author is a fantastic experience for anyone! Imagine all those countless nights you couldn’t sleep due to homesickness, you wrote poetry about life abroad or love, or perhaps you’ve written a sci-fi story after getting inspired from your surroundings or the culture shock you found yourself in. Publishing a book is an accomplishment anyone would be happy to have at least once in their life, and being an OFW shouldn’t stop you from reaching great heights!

3. Build your authority worldwide

The best thing about publishing a book as an OFW is you already have an expanded market, both in the Philippines and the country you’re currently residing in. It’s also a chance to make international connections and meet new people with your book.

You can choose where to submit your manuscript, whether to an international publisher or in the Philippines, but with international connections. The ball is in your court, depending on your goals for the book, but it’s already an advantage for your book to go anywhere around the world! You don’ know what doors of opportunity will open for you with your book from speaker invites to book signings abroad which is a win-win situation!

4. An opportunity to be creative

If you’re an OFW who wants to feel more inspired in life than just go with daily routine of your job, working on a manuscript and getting a book publish can help you tap into your creative side. You will be working on your writings and see the book cover comes to life which will encourage you to think outside of the box. It’s an advantage if you’re an OFW who works in the marketing or creative side of industry since it can help you get our of a creative rut! 

5. Catharsis for an OFW

Being an OFW is not easy and sometimes the challenges of working and living abroad can get the best of you, sometimes when you feel homesick hitting you harder or the responsibilities are too heavy to carry, writing your feelings and thoughts on a paper works wonders. Writing can help you process your emotions and be creative, if you’re willing to share your vulnerability and writing abilities with other people who probably feels the same way, but can find comfort and solace in your book, getting it published as an OFW can make all the difference for you and for others.


6. New source of income

One of the best reason to publish a book as an OFW is because you have a new source of income, whether you publish your book traditionally or self-publish it, it’s another stream of income that is passive, whether you’re sleeping or not, as long as people are buying your book you will gain profit. Keep in mind, if you decide to self-publish, it’s like starting a business, you have to allocate funds to get your book out into the world from hiring a publishing house to do all the work for you from book cover designing to marketing. You also have to think about added expenses outside of the package you acquired from a self-publishing company, such as PR packages or hosting a physical book launch!

Of course, in the beginning, if you don’t have an online community or you’re a newbie, not many people will know about your book, so you have to manage your expectations, but as time goes by and through word-of-mouth marketing and opportunities, slowly but surely your book will get traction. You will get more profit or at least get back the money you allocated to get your book published! If you want to be traditionally published, you don’t have to spend any amount of money since your publisher will handle everything, but the profit can be a bit lower than self-publishing, it’s like a high-risk, high-reward kind of situation. Choose what is best for you and your book!

In the long run, you’ll find yourself expanding beyond the book you published, especially if it’s successful; you can open an online store for your book merchandise or perhaps a new business related to writing books, from a coaching program to a book cafe! The sky is the limit, but first, you must write your book to get it published!

7. Family Legacy

They say being an OFW is already being a modern hero, and the sacrifices you have to make for your family and loved ones are already commendable, but publishing a book to share your creative talents or story is another noteworthy milestone in your life as an OFW! 

The future generation of your family will get to know your story and creative pursuits, and it will be passed down to different generations. Publishing a book and being an overseas Filipino worker are already a considerable feat. Your family will be proud of you, and future readers will discover your book in the long run!

8. Self-discovery

Publishing a book will open new opportunities for you and also will make you embark on a new chapter of your life; writing a book will help you hone your writing skills, meet new people, and expand your knowledge and mindset; getting the book published will strengthen your network, open your mind to new ideas, and public speaking skills.

Being an author can be a roller coaster ride, but it is the best kind! You will discover a lot about yourself, from your strengths to weaknesses. You will also encounter the challenges of getting your book out in the world and getting it noticed by people, but if you want to get your story out, the challenges mean nothing to finally getting your book into many people’s hands.

You will feel a deep sense of accomplishment and gratitude for doing something for yourself and others. You never know; you might fall in love with being an author, and you might write many books that will change you for the better and impact others, too. You might also realize a new dream and do a career shift in the future than being an OFW!