How to Apply for a Schengen Visa to Austria

Austria stands as a unique tourist destination for numerous reasons. The country has a rich cultural heritage, spectacular scenery, and culinary delights, among others. As Filipinos, we appreciate culture, stunning landscapes and can truly savor the traditional dishes that Austria has to offer.

However, to go to Austria, we need to know the steps in order to secure a Schengen Visa for entry into this captivating European destination. In this guide, the procedures and requirements are outlined to help you navigate the path to your Austrian adventure.

how to apply for a schengen visa austria
Disclaimer: The information posted here is based on the personal experiences shared by the OFW in the video below. Please let this post serve as a guide only. If you have specific questions, you may ask the OFW by commenting on their video on their accounts.

A Guide to Getting a Schengen Visa for Austria

The information in this article comes from a YouTube video by Miss Raine Travels. In this video, the OFW vlogger talks about how to secure a Schengen Visa to go to Austria. If you are interested in watching the full video, then click on the link below:

Determine the Right Visa Type

  • Visa Types: Discover the various types of Schengen Visas and choose the one that suits your purpose of travel.
  • If your Visa purpose is for tourism, private visits to friends or family, for business, or cultural visit, you must first know your Visa type.
  • Visit the relevant Austrian Embassy webpage for your specific country or the VFS website for the visa application center website specific for Austria.

Document Checklist

  • Based on your Visa type or travel purpose, download the necessary requirements or supporting documents.
  • Ensure to review the specific requirements from the Austrian Embassy in the Philippines carefully.

General Documents You Need to Submit

Application Form

  • Complete the application form in either English or German.
  • The form must be printed, signed, and for minors, signed by their legal guardian.
  • For applicants from the Philippines, a QR code is available to access the application form.


  • Passport:
    • Your passport must be valid for at least two months beyond the requested exit from the Schengen area.
    • Ensure your passport has at least two blank pages.
  • Passport photo:
    • Your passport photo should not be older than six months and must follow the format of 3.5 by 4.5 centimeters.
    • The photo should be colored, without any Photoshop alterations, have a light background, and comply with ICAO guidelines.
    • Glue the photo onto the application form.
  • Passport copy:
    • Include the first data page (bio data page) of your passport along with the page containing your signature.
    • Minors must also submit a copy of their legal guardian’s passport.

Visa Fee

  • €80 for adults.
  • €40 for minors aged 6 to 12.
  • Free for minors below six years old.
  • Free for spouses or minor children of EU Nationals.

Previous Schengen Visa

  • If you have previously traveled to the Schengen area, submit your previous Schengen visa (PV) along with your application.
  • If you wish to demonstrate your travel history, include visas from countries you have visited before.
  • Note: This is not mandatory but can significantly enhance your application.

Health Insurance

  • Ensure the travel insurance is valid for all Schengen countries and covers the full duration of your intended stay.
  • The minimum coverage should be €30,000.
  • The insurance must include coverage for pandemic illnesses, such as COVID-19.
  • Scan the QR code for access to a list of recommended travel insurance companies.

Proof of Travel

  • Flight reservation: A copy of your round trip airline reservation issued in the name of the traveler or the Visa applicant, including the complete itinerary.
  • Hotel booking confirmation: Confirmation of hotel reservation or voucher indicating accommodation arrangements during your stay.
  • Train or bus tickets: Copies of tickets for train or bus travel within the Schengen area, if applicable.
  • Car rental reservation: Confirmation of car rental reservation, if planning to use a rental car during your trip.

Applicant’s Financial Means

  • Bank certification: A copy of the bank certification or original bank statement.
  • Bank books: Personal bank statements showing regular income, typically for the last six months.
  • Credit card statements: Statements showing the balance covering the last six months.
  • For minors, include a copy of the parent or legal guardian’s economic needs.

Proof of Ties

  • Proof of social security contributions: Include any of the social security contributions in your country. In the Philippines, these may include SSS, GSIS, PhilHealth, and Pag-IBIG.

Copy of Real Estate Property

  • Copy of real estate property title deed: Include a copy of the title deed of any real estate property that you own. Ensure it is in your name.
  • Proof of family ties:
    • If married: Copy of marriage certificate.
    • If children: Copy of children’s birth certificate.

Proof of Occupation

  • For employed applicants:
    • Certificate of employment.
    • Approved leave of absence.
    • Latest income tax return.
  • For self-employed or business owners:
    • Proof of company or business registration.
    • Business financial statements.
    • Latest income tax return.
  • For minors or students:
    • Proof of enrollment.
    • Certificate of leave of absence if traveling during the school year.
    • If traveling during vacation, include a copy of the school calendar showing vacation dates.

Copy of Marriage Certificate

  • Include a copy of the marriage certificate if traveling with a spouse.
  • Include a copy of the birth certificate(s) of the child(ren) if they will be traveling with you.

Proof of Accommodation

  • Confirmation of hotel booking.
  • Hotel voucher.

Host’s Letter and Written Consent Form

  • Invitation letter, printed on a maximum of two pages, specifically requested by the Austrian Embassy.
  • For minors from the Philippines:
  • If traveling alone or with only one parent:
    • Written consent from the non-traveling parent.
    • If father’s name is not on the birth certificate, no consent is required.
  • Submit a copy of the data page of the parent traveling with the minor.
  • Birth certificate.
  • If minor is traveling alone:
    • Secure a DSWD travel clearance from the legal guardian.
    • Visit the DSW website for application procedures.


  • Detailed day-to-day itinerary of your planned trip.
  • Include arrival and departure dates in the Schengen countries or other Schengen countries.

Getting a Schengen visa to Austria might sound tricky at first, but don’t worry! With the right info, it’s totally doable. We’ve broken down the steps for you, from figuring out which visa you need to getting all the right documents.

Just stay focused and plan ahead, and you’ll soon have your Schengen visa for Austria in hand. Then, you can dive into all the amazing experiences waiting for you in this beautiful European country.