12 Fun yet Memorable Christmas Celebration Ideas to Try

The holiday season is upon us, and if you need more ideas on spending Christmas or New Year’s budget-friendly or stress-free, we have you covered! If you want to break the Christmas traditions you and your family always do for the holidays, here are some ideas to help you enjoy the season! These ideas are doable for those who are not planning to go home to the Philippines or spend their holidays abroad.

1. Staycation in a hotel or Airbnb

If you want to have a low-key and no-hassle kind of Christmas celebration while enjoying good company, food, and a new view, then why don’t you book a day or two in a five-star hotel to celebrate Christmas? You can also cook with your loved ones and enjoy a movie marathon in a new environment. You can also have a listening party with your favorite artists during your stay or bond with each other with board games night!

2. Conduct a Christmas or holiday-themed fundraising campaign

What is the spirit of Christmas, and it’s none other than sharing love? Host a holiday drive party or fundraising campaign to entice your friends and family to donate to a worthy cause while also having a great time. Send out one of our gift ideas geared toward different age groups and decide whether to donate to a national or local charity. Put out a big box by the front entrance for guests to drop down donations, and then report the total amount collected. You can also use the holiday season to host a fundraiser for a cause important to your heart, whether it be a non-profit organization.

3. Enjoy yourself with a good book

If you want to enjoy the holidays by yourself, you can cuddle and read your favorite book while drinking a cup of hot cocoa and raising the volume of your ambiance to Christmas music. If you’re an introvert, this sounds like a holiday dream come true! You can read Christmas novels like A Christmas Carol or swoon with classic romance novels throughout the day or night! You can also visit your local book cafe or library if it’s still open!

4. Organize a secret Santa or gift exchange

A casual get-together is the ideal setting for a gift exchange, whether in the form of Secret Santa or practical presents that the receiver may put to good use. It’s one of the low-key but memorable ways to make the holiday season extra special!

5. Hold a gathering by the campfire

If the thought of entertaining a large group indoors makes you nervous, consider having the party outside instead. Prepare a large batch of our handmade hot chocolate or try one of our toasty winter cocktails as you gather around the fire pit to celebrate the season.

Pile up the pillows and throw blankets to make sure everyone is comfortable, then set out a tray with all the makings for some delicious s’mores. Holiday camping in the desert with a campfire is a great way to spend the holiday.

6. Choose to have a holiday cake-off

Having a cake competition is another unusual thing to do for Christmas. Instead of doing a cookie exchange, why not have a Christmas cake competition? Put in a call for your favorite babkas, bundts, genoises, and more from your other bakers, and hand out scorecards and pencils. The group might decide on a point system based on factors like presentation, flavor, inventiveness, etc.

7. Invite them to a round of Christmas Karaoke

How authentic would a Filipino Christmas party be if there wasn’t any karaoke? Since they’re probably going to sing “All I Want for Christmas Is You” by Mariah Carey anyhow, you might as well spice things up a bit. Put out some good craft beer and a karaoke machine, then call on your pals to perform. Even better, make some of our jovial photo booth props (included below) and hand them to the performers just before they take the stage.

8. Have a pampering bash

Getting ready for the holidays may be a lot of work, what with all the shopping and planning necessary. You should take some time out from your hectic schedule to relax, so why not throw a little spa party for your friends? Call your pals over for a night in, put on a face mask and some nail polish, and watch a movie or listen to music that brings you joy. The question of what to serve, if any, arises. The night can be made memorable in a variety of ways, from the usual pancake celebration to the use of charcuterie boards.

9. Host a movie marathon

Gather your loved ones around you on the couch with some hot cocoa and candy-coated popcorn and watch all of your favorite holiday films. Disney films, Home Alone, the Harry Potter series, and Filipino romantic comedies are all guaranteed to have large audiences. Watch a Christmas film marathon and raise a glass every time Santa makes his appearance.

10. Initiate a Santa wreath workshop or holiday card making competition

Holiday workshops are an excellent opportunity to get people together and encourage creative thinking. Since you’re already decorating the interior, you might as well decorate the exterior as well. For a fun get-together this holiday season, invite your pals over for a cocktail hour when everyone makes their own unique Christmas wreath to place on their front doors. To add some spice, you can also host a holiday card competition that children will love!

11. Hold a jolly Friendsgiving celebration and celebrate the holiday with your pals

As an OFW, you don’t have to spend Christmas alone; if you don’t want to host this year, then you can attend a friendmas party where simple ingredients from the supermarket are transformed into delicious holiday treats.

Prepare a large batch of your favorite cocktail so that you have more time to socialize with your guests, and set out a variety of finger appetizers that can be served at room temperature. As a result, guests can munch on whatever they like while the conversation and camaraderie at the party keep happening.

12. Travel to somewhere near or have a roadtrip

Okay, hear me out; traveling can be expensive, especially during the holidays with your family. You can opt-in for a road trip, then eat outside or travel somewhere near to celebrate the holidays without necessarily breaking the bank and gathering your loved ones together.