How Filipinos Can Vote in Greece/Cyprus for Philippine Elections 2022

The overseas absentee voting, which is one of the most anticipated events for Filipinos all over the world, especially those in the United Kingdom, will take place from April 10 to May 9 – a month-long period. The first step is to compare their names to those on the list of certified foreign voters at their nearest Philippine Foreign Post.

It is critical that registered Filipino voters residing abroad understand the processes and eligibility requirements for voting in future elections in their respective countries.

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However, bear in mind that this may vary from location to location, so make sure you are aware of your country’s foreign post’s requirements on how to vote in Greece and nearby locations. Before participating in the overseas voting procedure, overseas Filipino voters are encouraged to double-check their information on the Philippine Foreign Post’s website. You may want to start by reading this guide to learn more about the step-by-step process for a seamless and trouble-free overseas voting experience in Greece and adjacent areas.

The overseas absentee voting, which is one of the most anticipated events for Filipinos all over the world, especially those in the Greece and nearby areas, will take place from April 10 to May 9 – a month-long period.

Voting Guidelines in Greece/Cyprus for the 2022 Philippine Elections

Filipinos who desire to vote in the United Kingdom may now do so in a secure and clear manner. They must vote in person or by mail at the Philippine Foreign Post between April 10 and May 9 if their name is on the country’s list of certified overseas voters (CLOV).

Of course, no one likes waiting in line or having their plans disrupted on any given day. Nonetheless, this is an excellent chance for Filipino professionals working overseas and French residents to mark their calendars for the overseas voting session.

Step by Step Procedure of Voting as a Filipino in Greece/Cyprus

Step 1 – Check if your name is on the list of registered voters in Greece and nearby locations here.

Step 2 – Vote wisely.

You should know who to vote for right now, including the candidates’ professional and political histories, as well as their views on matters such as employment, health, foreign workers, and immigration, to name a few.


In an advisory released by the Philippine Embassy in Greece, it said that it will implement the POSTAL VOTING SYSTEM. This is one way wherein voters may cast their ballots through mail, which will be distributed by post or claimed in person by those whose addresses have not been updated at the embassy’s registry.  If you’re unsure   whether yours has  been updated or not, you may check and follow the applicable instructions here. In line with this, the Philippine Embassy offered the following reminders:

  • After you accomplish your mailed ballot, make sure that it is properly sealed before mailing it back to the Embassy.
  • Each ballot is enclosed with a stamp or seal that is required upon mailing it back to the Embassy.
  • Make sure to send the accomplished ballot on or before 09 May 2022.  

* For more information regarding the overseas absentee voting in Greece and nearby areas, you may follow the Facebook page and website of the Philippine Embassy.

To learn more about the overseas voting in London, you may refer to this advisory posted by the Philippine embassy in the GREECE/CYPRUS:

How to Vote in Greece/Cyprus for Philippine Elections 2022

Step 3 – Cast your ballot in the vote-counting machine or VCM (formerly known as the PCOS machine).

This will improve the efficiency of vote counting and assessment. Also, be certain that you have completed all relevant sections of the ballot so that you do not neglect to vote for anyone.

Step 4 – Get the indelible ink marked on your index finger.

This will act as proof that you have already voted when you leave the Philippine Foreign Post. And you’re done! You may now leave the poll and go home, get back to work, spend the day with friends, or take a day off.

Overseas Filipino Voting Schedule in GREECE/CYPRUS

Voting for the overseas elections begins from 8 a.m. (local time) to 7 p.m. (Philippine time), from April 10, 2022 through May 9, 2022.

During this period, walk-ins are welcomed at all Philippine Foreign Posts. However, in order to vote in the ongoing overseas absentee voting, you must authenticate your details on-site.


The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) has published a video on the upcoming international elections. More information regarding voting from countries other than the Philippines may be found here.

To fulfill their rights and duties as Filipino nationals, every eligible OFW and Filipino immigrant in Greece and nearby areas must vote. Having said that, all Filipinos, regardless of where they live, must educate themselves on what to expect and do on Election Day.

Overseas Filipinos have a full month to vote. This should give everyone ample time to think on who should be elected as the country’s next leader. Once they’ve made their selection, personnel from the Philippine Foreign Post in Greece and nearby areas will help them vote quickly and effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to be able to vote in the 2022 National Elections?

During the election season, Filipino citizens must bring their authentic passports or mariner’s books to the polls. Residents of Greece and nearby areas who hold dual citizenship must also provide their ID card or authorization document in order to vote.

How do I know if I am a registered voter in GREECE/CYPRUS?

The list of certified overseas voters in Greece and surrounding territories, as well as the list of Filipino seafarers, are available on the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) website or at any of the country’s Philippine Foreign Posts. Only registered Filipino voters will be able to vote in the 2022 elections.

How does COMELEC decide on which voter records to deactivate?

The Commission on Elections deactivated the records of voters who did not vote in at least two elections (COMELEC).

When can applicants collect their Voter’s ID?

The Commission on Elections has paused the distribution and fabrication of voter identity cards across the country due to the implementation of Republic Act 11055, or the National ID System.

The Philippine Statistics Authority is working hard to implement the National ID system in the country. It is slated for implementation in all foreign service occupations by 2022.

Where can I find important information and updates on overseas voting?

Filipinos in Greece and nearby areas are advised to monitor the Philippine Foreign Post’s social media outlets for election updates.


The Philippine Foreign Post in Greece and surrounding territories works hard to make overseas voting as straightforward and accessible to all Filipinos living in the nation as possible. As a result, they are requesting that Filipinos around the nation double-check the list of certified overseas voters (CLOV) before voting at the Philippine Foreign Post commencing April 10.

With the details offered in this article, it is expected that Filipinos living abroad, wherever they may be in the world, would enjoy smooth and hassle-free elections this year. Remember that overseas absentee voting occurs a month earlier than the national elections in the home country, so please share this information with any friends, coworkers, or family members who may need it.

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