Top 8 Reasons to Be a Plant-lover As an OFW

There’s a reason why the 2020 quarantine has paved the way for the term plantitas and plantitos, since then there has been a rising trend to take care of plants, and many people have made it a point to take care of plants as a way to relieve themselves from boredom or try a new hobby.

As OFWs, here are fantastic reasons why you should be a plantita or plantito without shame!

1. Plants serve as gentle reminders to practice self-love

It could seem like a lot of extra work to care for an indoor plant when you already have a lot on your plate. However, the opposite result is produced. When you jump right into your workday after waking up, you may find yourself feeling frantic as you switch gears rapidly between jobs.

However, if you make it a habit to check on your plants first thing in the morning, you may take a few minutes to yourself each day to relax and recharge. You can obtain some much-needed vitamin D at the same time the plants do, as you should both be outside during the day.

2. They improve the room and a person’s attitude

One easy approach to make your workplace more pleasant is to place potted plants in the corners. These lovely leafy companions are not only aesthetically pleasing, but have been shown to have a positive effect on one’s state of mind. Multiple studies have found a correlation between proximity to natural environments and improved psychological and emotional health. Greenery would be a welcome sight for city dwellers who are accustomed to big concrete structures.

For centuries, humans have extracted healing properties from plants by ingesting their leaves, roots, or fluids. In addition to their apparent positive effects on physical health, though, simply having plants around can improve one’s mood. They can be calming to be around because all they do is sit there and develop. The opposite of stress, they bring calmness to your hectic life.

Also, they may be beneficial to your mental health because they create an atmosphere similar to that of the great outdoors. You can’t help but think of the great outdoors and wide-open areas when you see them, which might help you feel less confined whether you’re at home or in a densely populated city. It’s one great way to make your home away from home cozier and lessen your chances of feeling homesick or depressed.

Having plants inside your home can improve the air quality by removing carbon dioxide and adding oxygen. That’s why it’s a good idea to increase the number of plants inside your home. Having more oxygen in the house improves one’s health, productivity, clarity of mind, and mood.

3. Taking care of plants can boost your happy hormones

It may sound strange to unwind and refuel by embracing the rich soil. Yet, unexpectedly, natural antidepressants can be found in soil. Mycobacterium vaccae, a bacterium commonly found in soil, has been shown to increase levels of feel-good hormones in the human body. You can do your share to assist your mind and body in feeling terrific again by taking a deep breath of the rich soil or by making physical contact as you store your plants.

4. Having plants around can be a great way to combat stress and exhaustion on the job.


Let’s face it as OFWs, it’s easy to feel burnout which is why results from a study could come as a real treat if you’ve been feeling overwhelmed at work. For four weeks, a group of Japanese researchers studied the effects of taking a three-minute break to sit and look at a little plant.

The results showed that during these brief intervals, 27% of the individuals’ heart rates and levels of anxiety dropped. Perhaps all it takes to take a breather is to bring a plant companion on board.


5. Having plants around can make you feel like you’re accomplishing something meaningful

Plants provide character and individuality to any place, and they serve as constant reminders and inspirations to live life to the fullest whenever you see them. They can liven up your environment and inject some personality, both of which are good for your mood and, by extension, your ability to think creatively.

Companies like Pixar and Apple, which have achieved extraordinary success and innovation, share a common trait. These forward-thinking individuals design their workplaces with natural elements, such as plenty of natural light and greenery. No profession is off-limits. It seems that plants have a universal effect of inspiring innovation. According to the results of a study, a workplace that features healthy plants makes its employees happier and more motivated. Are you working this week under a time crunch? Having some lovely houseplants nearby can boost your mood and provide a decorative touch to your office.


6. Plants make you less sick

As OFWs, we can’t afford to get sick since we have a lot of responsibilities and work to do; that’s why taking care of plants can be a form of investment for your health, aside from having a healthy lifestyle. Your physical well-being may benefit from having plants around, in addition to the psychological advantages. Even more so in cold and flu season, they can help keep you healthy by bolstering your immune system.

Some of the credit for this goes to improved mental health, and more restful sleep leads to a calm disposition and enhanced immune system performance. Thus, you will have a better chance of avoiding any circulating viruses and bacteria. In addition, plants release chemicals into the air called phytoncides and other chemicals that may help lower your daily stress levels. So once again, this helps strengthen your immune system.


7. Plants help improve your relationships

Plants are a great way to practice compassion without taking on the whole burden or guilt that comes with pet ownership. Plants, like pets, can inspire feelings of compassion and empathy in their owners, which in turn can spread to other people. Also, they are a great way to spice up your home, which is especially useful if you work from home or have a small social circle.

8. Plants boost your knowledge

Plants not only increase efficiency but also benefit the education of you and your loved ones. Their phytonutrients can also help calm people down so they can focus on getting things done and learning new information. You’ll find it much less of a struggle to concentrate on the tasks at hand when you take advantage of their ability to improve attention and mental clarity.