8 Parenting & Life Lessons From Dollhouse

Are you one of the people who have cried while watching the movie, Dollhouse? Baron Geisler did a great job in his role and showed the power of redemption and the beauty of Rotterdam in the Netherlands. If you’re an OFW working abroad or curious about what the city looks like, this movie will paint a picture for you.

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Get your tissues ready while watching this film since this simple yet true-to-life plot will move you. You might be in awe of Rotterdam’s quiet beauty and include it on your bucket list! To give you an overview, the story is about a father who has flown to Rotterdam to reconnect with her daughter after eight long years due to a sobering realization. Here are the top 8 parenting and life lessons every OFW can learn from the movie.

1. Don’t trust people easily

When Rustin ( Baron Geisler) reconnected with her daughter, he befriended the guardian of Yumi under a false name to get close to her. Of course, it can be a challenge for OFWs abroad who are struggling to find a reliable babysitter to look after their kids when they’re at work.

Luckily for Bok (uncle of Yumi), who doesn’t personally don’t know Rustin, trusts him unknowingly that he is the father and wouldn’t harm Yumi. This can be dangerous and stressful for parents if they can’t find a reliable babysitter or trust the wrong one. It is better to entrust your children to other family members or close friends who can look after them when you’re busy. For example, Gulf kids or immigrant children who have grown up abroad know this too.

2. Relationships will fail

In the movie, the relationship or marriage of Rustin and his wife spiraled when his vices started to get the best of him, which made him leave his family in Rotterdam; there are many real-life stories of OFWs or non-OFWs who have experienced abandonment due to vices which can eventually wreak havoc to any relationship. Relationships in general, whether romantic, familial, or friendships, can fail when one or two people no longer work on it together.

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3. You don’t know what will happen tomorrow

Life is too short, as they say; in the movie, Yumi lost her mother and stepfather in an accident, and since Rustin abandoned them already, the only legal guardians left are her aunt and uncle, which is why they can be overprotective. Nobody knows what the future holds, which is why it’s best to enjoy each moment we have with our loved ones. For Rustin, going back to Rotterdam brought back nostalgic and bittersweet memories. He didn’t know that her wife had passed away if he didn’t visit the city.

4. You can always start again

Yes, you can always start again, but it’s easier said than done. In the movie, Rustin tries to make things right with his past when he visits Rotterdam with the sole purpose of reconnecting with her daughter.

His methods may seem not trustworthy, but his intentions were pure. What jolted Rustin awake from his toxic lifestyle of being a rock band singer and having addictions was when his friend died. His last words struck him about having unfinished business in life. If you’re an OFW looking for a fresh start or a career change by going abroad, you can start a new chapter of your life in a new city or anywhere in the world as long as you’re ready.

5. There’s more to a person’s story

In the movie, Yumi, who is now an adult visits her father, who suffered a stroke in a rehab centre or sanctuary for old people. Despite her father’s bad reputation, she never forgot the good things he did when they bonded in Rotterdam.

Rustin became a father to Yumi for a short time in time despite his shortcomings. Bok, who is one of the guardians of Yumi, has a biased or one-sided perception of Rustin, especially with all of the bad things he has done, but he also manages to change his perspective about him when he sees how good of a person Rustin is to Yumi.

6. People who are struggling with addiction need help

The underlying problem with Rustin, which drives the movie’s whole plot, is addiction. It can be challenging to deal with a loved one with an addiction. Those who suffer from addiction need treatment, rehab, or care that will allow them to be independent of their vices. In the movie, even if Rustin tries to stay away from drugs and alcohol, he still goes back to it, which results in multiple overdoses and relapses.

Addiction is an uphill battle that requires a robust support system and a reliable treatment plan. Let us not ignore the signs of addiction and try to help a loved one who is suffering from it than condemn them, which is something an-already adult Yumi did to her father when she visited him.

7. Parents also fail

Nobody is perfect, especially when it comes to being a parent; you will make a lot of mistakes raising a child while juggling all of your responsibilities, let alone if you’re an OFW who is also dealing with cultural differences and daily struggles. It’s important to know that our parents are humans and let us give them grace despite their shortcomings.

When Rustin talked to his father about being a failure, he was comforted when he heard from his father that he was proud of him since he was doing the right thing regarding her daughter. Parents will do their best to support and love us through our highs and lows. So when Rustin encouraged Yumi to join the school audition despite being bad at singing, he imparted her the wisdom of trying and doing your best even if you fail.

8. You can always work on your hobbies

Rustin is good at making DIY crafts, especially doll houses or rocket ships, and he made sure to create one for Yumi; unfortunately, he couldn’t give the dollhouse since they had to part ways. Later in the movie, it showed despite suffering from a stroke, Rustin still remembered Yumi and created many beautiful and colorful dollhouses in her honor.

Sometimes, we forget to tap into our creativity and who we are amidst our struggles. People have talents and gifts used for good that can help them be better people; aside from singing and being good at instruments, Rustin also has a creative side that Yumi got to see.