8 Reasons Why Filipinos Should Work in Saudi Arabia

Many countries in the world offer job opportunities to Filipinos, but Saudi Arabia stands out from them all. The country has a lot of benefits for foreign workers, especially those from the Philippines that’s why it’s a good idea for Filipinos to work in Saudi Arabia.

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In fact, out of all the countries in the world, Saudi Arabia has the highest number of Filipinos working there. This is why many Filipinos are considering applying for a job in Saudi Arabia, but they’re not sure if it’s worth it. Here are some reasons why working in Saudi Arabia is a smart option for all Filipinos:

8 Reasons Why Filipinos Should Work in Saudi Arabia

1. Job opportunities are better in Saudi Arabia as compared to other countries.

There are many job opportunities in Saudi Arabia. Job opportunities are better in Saudi Arabia as compared to other countries. There are many jobs available for Filipinos and there is a great demand of Filipino nurses, builders and construction workers, drivers, teachers, doctors and other skilled professionals from the Philippines.

There is also a great demand for Filipina maids in Saudi Arabia who will take care of children and do household chores such as cooking cleaning etc., in return for a monthly salary of about $400 USD per month, which is higher than what you get paid at home. Saudi employers prefer Filipino workers mainly because they are hardworking and have a good reputation in the Gulf region, where they are generally considered good workers who can be trusted.

2. Monthly salary in the country is high which means more money for your family.

One of the main reasons why Filipinos should work in Saud Arabia is that the salary is high compared to other countries. You can earn up to SR3,000 per month, which is 1.5x higher than the average salary of a Filipino and 2x higher than an expat working in Saudi Arabia.

Salaries are tax-free and paid every month, making it easier for you to send money back home or invest in real estate here. Your income will also be protected by law as long as your employer gives you a valid contract (which they should), so you don’t have to worry about your monthly pay!

3. Family-friendly environment

Saudia Arabia is a family-oriented society that values the importance of raising children. The country has a high literacy rate, low crime rate and divorce rates, good healthcare facilities and education facilities. The society’s values are deeply rooted in Islam, which is reflected on how families raise their children. The government provides free education to all citizens, including university education. The country’s excellent infrastructure makes it easy for parents and children to commute around the city.

4. Tax-Free Earnings

The next reason why Filipinos should work in Saudi Arabia is that there is no need to pay income tax. Unlike other countries, Filipinos working in Saud Arabia are not required to pay income tax. You will not be required to pay income tax if you do not have dual citizenship or permanent residency.

Another benefit of working abroad is that you will not have to file a special tax return for foreign workers. For those who can take on several jobs at a time, this is an added advantage. You can earn as much money as you want without having to pay income tax. This will allow you to save up and send more money back home to your family in the Philippines. Also, there are commodities you can invest in Saudi Arabia that would profit you more in the long term, such as gold and other precious metals. If you are planning to travel abroad, then Saudi Arabia is a great place to start your journey. The best part about this is that you can travel there for free! It is easy for Filipinos to get a visa for Saudi Arabia since it does not have any restrictions on entry or exit visas.

5. Cultural Diversity

You may think that Saudi Arabia and the Philippines are very similar cultures, but our two countries have many cultural differences. While we have Muslims in our country, Saudi Arabia is an Islamic country, so you will find some customs there that you might not be familiar with. You should be aware of these differences before going to Saudi Arabia to work to adapt as much as possible.

Also, Saudi is home to many expatriates, both from the east and the west, so you will have the opportunity to meet people from different cultures and learn from them. This is a great way to expand your horizons and experience new things! Also, by growing your connection, you can even explore new opportunities for work, like working for an organization that hires expats. Some hospitals in the Middle East even have tie-ups in Europe and America, so building your experience and network is definitely worth the effort.

6. Opportunities for Career Growth for those who work in Saudi Arabia

If you work in a company with a good reputation, you can be sure that your co-workers will have high standards of quality. The same goes for ethical practices and good management. If your employer is known for the high quality of its products or services, then most of its employees are working hard to maintain those standards. This will help you when it comes time for promotions because there is a good chance that the company will promote people based on merit rather than favoritism or nepotism (which often happens at other companies).

Since work in this country is merit-based, the more hardworking you are, the better your chances of getting a promotion. In addition to the opportunity for promotions, you will also have more opportunities for advancement because there are no restrictions on who can work where or in what capacity.

Not only that, but you can also pick up a new skill, such as a new language or type of work, and use it to advance in your career. For example, if you speak multiple languages, you can be put in charge of managing a team that is made up of people from other countries. Or if you have experience working with computers, your company may put you in charge of managing all their IT systems (which could include websites).

7. You get a chance to visit the Holy city of Mecca and Medina.

Mecca, also known as Makkah, is the holiest city in Islam. It is the birthplace of Prophet Muhammad and it’s where Muslims from all over the world go for pilgrimage. The annual Hajj pilgrimage attracts millions of Muslims who travel to Mecca to complete their religious obligations.

Mecca is also a city of great historical significance because it was once home to Ibrahim (Abraham) and his family before they emigrated eastward towards Iraq and Syria after being instructed by God to do so. The Ka’bah has been rebuilt several times since then but remains one of Muslims’ most sacred sites today due to its association with Ibrahim’s place of worship before him.

While you may not be a Muslim, you can explore these places for the sake of history, religion or just because they’re unique and beautiful places to visit.

8. Large Filipino community

There are many Filipinos in Saudi Arabia. The community is very large, and Filipinos are very well-respected. There are many reasons why the Filipino community has been able to thrive in this country, but one of the main reasons is that Filipinos are known for their hard work and good nature.

They will help each other out because they want everyone to succeed, even if it means sacrificing their own success for that person’s sake! Filipinos also have a sense of humor which makes them easy to get along with – after all, what company doesn’t need some laughter every once in a while?

So even if you’re not used to the culture entirely, you have others whom you can lean on and ask for help and support in order for you to better acclimate to your new home. You may find yourself making Filipino friends very quickly, and you’ll be happy to have them!

There are a lot of good reasons for Filipinos to live and work in Saudi Arabia.

There are a lot of good reasons for Filipinos to live and work in the Middle East, especially Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia is the largest Arab economy and one of the largest oil producers in the world. The country has a total population of 31 million people, with 8.9 million expatriates living there too. With a gross domestic product (GDP) of US$857 billion, it’s no surprise that there are many jobs available within its borders.

There’s also a large Filipino community in Saudi Arabia with over 1 million Filipinos working here as domestic helpers or professionals such as doctors, teachers and nurses! This makes it easy for Filipinos who want to move there to find work in Saudi Arabia quickly without needing experience beforehand because they’ll already know someone who can help them during their first few weeks at their new job site.

Final Thoughts

If you are a Filipino considering to work in Saudi Arabia, this article will give you some insights on why it would be better to work there. The country has many opportunities for people with different skill levels and experiences, so don’t worry if you haven’t worked abroad before! You could still be eligible for jobs like teaching in schools or working in hospitals (as long as your qualifications meet specific standards).

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