What is a Philippine Embassy?

Filipinos abroad can better adapt to their host countries not only because of their capabilities to adjust, but also through the help of other Filipinos, especially those from the Philippine Embassy.

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We may have heard of Philippine embassies from various parts of the world, but what exactly are they and what do they do for Filipinos. Getting a bird’s eye view on such topics may be helpful, but we all know that’s not enough most of the time. In this post, we’ll look at the importance of the Philippine Embassy, how it serves the Filipinos, and other significant details. Read on to learn more.

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What is a Philippine Embassy?

What is the Purpose of a Philippine Embassy?

The Philippine Embassy is the diplomatic mission of the Republic of the Philippines to a foreign country. Its primary purpose is to protect the interests of Filipino citizens abroad, as well as to promote and strengthen relations between the Philippines and the host country. The embassy also provides consular services to Filipinos in the host country, such as issuing passports and visas.

The Philippines has diplomatic missions in various cities around the world, and these are aimed at providing the country’s interests in these areas. These missions are also dedicated to serving the growing number of Filipinos working overseas.

Although the Philippines has a wide diplomatic mission network, there are still embassies that are not authorized to serve the country. As of January 2022, there were over 60 embassies of the country. Besides these, there are also 26 consulates-general and four permanent missions.

These include the Manila Economic and Cultural Office (MECO), which acts as the Philippines’ de facto embassy to Taiwan. Other branches of the Department of Tourism and the Sentro Rizal are also excluded from this list.

Brief History

Although there were initial attempts at establishing diplomatic ties with the Philippines during the First Philippine Republic and the Philippine Revolution, most countries have maintained diplomatic relations with the country following its independence in 1946.

The Philippines’ first diplomatic mission outside the country was in Tokyo, which was established by the Second Philippine Republic on March 24, 1944. Its first ambassador was Jorge Vargas.

Following the defeat of Japan in World War II, the mission was closed. The oldest continuously-operating diplomatic mission of the Philippines is the embassy of the Philippines in Washington DC. It was established after the country gained its independence from the US on July 4, 1946, and its first ambassador was Miguel Elizalde.

In the years following its independence, various missions were opened. In 1947, President Manuel announced that the country’s diplomatic missions were being expanded. Some of these included consulates in Honolulu, San Francisco, and New York City.

The Philippines’ diplomatic missions in Europe and Latin America were also opened in the following year. In 1952, the country’s foreign service expanded to cover missions in 11 countries. It then continued to grow by 1965 and now has 36 embassies around the world.

The number of countries where the Philippines’ diplomatic missions were established grew during the presidency of the late Ferdinand Marcos. By 1978, the country’s diplomatic presence had reached 43 countries. In 1981, there were over 60 countries where the Philippines’ diplomatic missions were located.

In 2012, the Philippines’ government decided to close down 10 diplomatic posts, including embassies and consulates general. Some of these countries included Venezuela, Cuba, and Romania.

Under the leadership of President Duterte, the government reversed the closures. Some of these included the consulates general in Barcelona and Houston, which were reopened in September 2018. The embassy in Stockholm was also reopened in May 2020. In January 2019, the Frankfurt consulate was reopened, and in September 2018, the Houston consulate was reopened 25 years after it was closed.

The Philippines’ first diplomatic mission outside the country was opened in Copenhagen, Denmark, on January 14, 2019. It was the first new mission to be established since 2012.

Functions and Responsibilities

The Philippine Embassy is responsible for providing assistance and support to Filipino citizens in the host country. This includes issuing passports and other travel documents, providing consular services, and promoting cultural and economic relations between the Philippines and the host country. The Embassy also works to protect the rights and welfare of Filipinos abroad, and to promote the image of the Philippines as a friendly and hospitable nation.

You may have heard of the Philippine Embassy before, but do you know what exactly it does for Filipinos? In the following sections, we detail the functions and roles of a Philippine Embassy abroad – you might be surprised (or amazed) by just how important a role it plays! Read on:

The various functions of a Philippine Embassy include to:

  • Assist the Philippine government in formulating and implementing foreign policies in matters with significant bearing on Philippine interest.
  • Represent the Philippine government in a host country.
  • Promote closer relations with the host government by providing information on the Philippines, maintaining contact with representatives and officials of the host government and facilitating visits to the Philippines.
  • Provide assistance to officials of the Philippine government visiting foreign countries.
  • Issue passports to Filipinos for travel outside the Philippines.
  • Act as consular officer in processing applications for visas into or residence permits in a host country; authentication/legalization of document issued by or in the Philippines; notarial services; performance of marriage rites and keeping record of such marriages.
  • Provide assistance to Filipinos in distress abroad by providing information on legal matters, medical assistance and other assistance in cooperation with host authorities.
  • Registers births, deaths and marriages of Filipinos abroad to keep track of persons holding dual citizenship or subject to compulsory military service; investigation of citizenship claims; issuance of certificates relating to such registrations.

The Philippine Embassy has many functions that help Filipinos living abroad.

The embassy assists Filipinos who are traveling to the Philippines and want to bring with them their household effects. It also helps Filipinos who have lost their passports or other travel documents by providing temporary passports. The embassy has a separate section for labor concerns, which includes processing applications for work visas and residence permits for workers in the country.

Laws governing Philippine Embassies

  • CA 613 – Philippine Immigration Law of 1940
  • RA 562 – Alien Registration Act of 1950
  • RA 9225 – Citizenship Retention and Reacquisition Act of 2003
  • MCL-08-006 – Revised Rules Governing Philippine Citizenship Under Republic Act 9225 and Administrative Order No. 91 Series of 2004
  • RA 9139 – Administrative Naturalization Law of 2000
  • RA 9208 – Anti-Trafficking in Person Act 2003
  • RRI-RA 9208 – Rules and Regulation Implementing the Anti-Trafficking in Person Act of 2003
  • RA 8042 – Migrant Workers and Overseas Filipinos Act of 1995
  • RA 10022 – Amendment of R.A. 8042 known as Migrant Workers and Overseas Filipinos Act of 1995
  • PD 1034 – Authorizing the Establishment of an Offshore Banking System in the Philippines
  • RA 8756 – Ombudsman Investments Code of 1987 – Incentives to Multinational Companies Establishing Regional or Area Headquarters and Regional Operating Headquarters in the Philippines
  • AO 091 – Implementing Agency of Republic Act 9225 known as Citizenship Retention and Reacquisition Act of 2003
  • LML-M-03-A12-001 – Guideline on Departure Formalities for International Bound Passengers in all Airports and Seaports in the Country
  • RA 7919 – Social Integration Program in the Philippines Under Certain Conditions
  • RA 10364 – Expanding RA 9208 – To Institute Policies to Eliminate Trafficking in Persons
  • RA 8247 – Alien Social Integration Act of 1995 Under Executive Order 324
  • PC 1987 – The 1987 Constitution of the Republic of the Philippines
  • MO 036 – Inter-Agency Council Against Trafficking (IACAT) Revised Guidelines on Departure Formalities for International-Bound Passengers

List of Programs and Services

The Philippine Embassy provides a wide range of consular services and other support to Filipinos overseas. Its goal is to ensure that every Filipino has access to the support they need in whichever part of the world they may be. Here are some of the services they offer:

Notarization and Authentication of Documents

The Philippine Embassy offers this service to Filipinos and foreign nationals who wish to legalize documents for use in the Philippines.

Authentication of Documents: The Philippine Embassy offers this service to Filipinos and foreign nationals who wish to authenticate documents for use abroad. This includes, but is not limited to: identification cards; marriage contracts; birth certificates; academic records; medical certificates; legal documents such as wills, powers of attorney, etc.; employment certificates and contracts; business permits, licenses or registrations issued by government agencies in the Philippines.

Passport processing and Dual Citizenship

The Philippine Embassy offers this service to Filipinos who are applying for dual citizenship, or the passport of another country. This includes, but is not limited to: renewal and replacement of Philippine passports; processing of lost/stolen passports; endorsement requests such as changing name or gender on a document.

Visa Processing

The Philippine Embassy also offers visa processing for citizens of other countries who are planning to visit the Philippines. This service is available for various types of visas, including but not limited to: tourist visas (for those traveling for leisure, business or medical reasons); diplomatic visas (for diplomats and government officials); working holiday visas (for those who want to work in the Philippines); student visas (for foreign students enrolled at a university in the Philippines).

Civil Registry and Legal Services

This includes issuing birth certificates, marriage certificates and other documents confirming a person’s identity and relationship status in their home country. The Philippines has a very strict law regarding marriages between Filipinos and foreign nationals – including same-sex couples.

In-House Registration of Births and Marriages

This service is for foreign nationals who want to register their marriage or birth in the Philippines. It is also available for Filipinos who wish to have their overseas marriages or births registered in the Philippines.

Visa extension of foreign nationals in the Philippines

If you are a foreign national who is staying in the Philippines and you need to extend your visa, it is important that you do so as soon as possible. The process is not difficult but it does require some time and paperwork. You will need to provide proof of your employment or business in the country, along with supporting documents such as bank statements and tax returns.

Special Power of Attorney, Joint Affidavit, Affidavit of Support and Guarantee

If you are the spouse or parent of a foreign national who is staying in the Philippines, it is possible for you to apply for a special power of attorney that will allow you to act on behalf of your loved one. This can be used when dealing with government agencies and other third parties. You also have the option of filing a joint affidavit together with your spouse or child. This document shows that there is no conflict between both parties regarding certain issues such as property ownership or financial support.

Overseas Absentee Voting Registration/Certificate Issuance

If you are an overseas Filipino, it is possible for you to register and vote in the national and local elections. But before that, you need to apply for a special absentee voting certificate from your local board of election inspectors (BEIs). After this has been approved by the Commission on Elections (COMELEC), you can then proceed with requesting the ballot papers from your country of residence.

Consular Outreach Program/Office on Wheels Services

The Consular Outreach Program (COP) is one of the services provided by the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) and its consulates around the world. This program aims to help Filipinos who are in need and also to spread awareness about their rights as citizens of this country. With this program, you can avail yourself of various services such as passport renewal, visa application assistance and more.

A Philippine Embassy is your ally in protecting your rights as a citizen. They can help you in times of need and also to ensure that your rights as a Filipino citizen are protected. If you want to avail of these services, you should visit the nearest Philippine Embassy or consulate.

It is important, however, that some Philippine Embassies offer services that others do not and vice versa. As such, it would be best if you know which Philippine Embassy or consulate offers what kind of services. You can also visit their website to find out more about the services that they offer.

List of Active Philippine Embassies and Consulates

Argentina – Buenos Aires

Address: September 11, 1888 No. 1011 1426 Buenos Aires Argentina

Telephone: (+54) 11 4554-4856

Fax: (+54) 11 4554-9194

Email: buenosaires.pe@dfa.gov.ph


Website: buenosairespe.dfa.gov.ph

Social media:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/PHinArgentina/

Instagram: www.instagram.com/phlinargentina/

Office hours: Monday-Friday: 09:00-13:00 and 14:00-18:00

Australia – Canberra

Address: 1 Moonah Place Yarralumla ACT 2600 P.O. Box 3297 Manuka, ACT 2603 Australia

Telephone: (+61) 2 6273-2535; (+61) 2 6273-2536

Fax: (+61) 2 6273-3984

Email: canberra.pe@dfa.gov.ph, cbrpe@philembassy.org.au

Website: www.philembassy.org.au

Social media:

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/PHinAustralia/

Office hours: Monday-Friday: 09:00-16:00

Austria – Vienna

Address: ARES Tower 20/21. Etage Donau-City-Strasse 11 1220 Wien Austria

Telephone: (+43) (1) 533 2401

Fax: No fax number

Email: vienna.pe@dfa.gov.ph, office@philippine-embassy.at

Website: viennape.dfa.gov.ph

Social media:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/PHinAustria

Twitter: twitter.com/phinaustria

Instagram: www.instagram.com/phinaustria/

Office hours: Monday – Friday 09:00 – 18:00

Bahrain – Manama

Address: Villa No. 939, Road 3220 332 Mahooz Area Manama Bahrain

Telephone: (+973) 1 772-1234

Fax: (+973) 1 772-0827

Email: manama.pe@dfa.gov.ph, manama.pe2@dfa.gov.ph

Website: manamape.dfa.gov.ph

Social media:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/PHLinBahrain/

Instagram: www.instagram.com/phlinbahrain/

Office hours: Sunday-Thursday: 08:00-15:00

Bangladesh – Dhaka

Address: Road no. 14, House no. 10 Baridhara Dhaka 1212 Bangladesh

Telephone: (+880) 241 0809 01 to 06

Fax: (+880) 2 882-3686

Email: dhaka.pe@dfa.gov.ph, philemb2@aknetbd.com

Website: dhakape.dfa.gov.ph

Social media:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/PHinBangladesh

Office hours: Sunday-Thursday: 08:30-17:30

Belgium – Brussels

Address: Avenue Molière 297 Ixelles 1050 Brussels Belgium

Telephone: (+32) 2 340 33 77, (+32) 2 340 33 78

Fax: (+32) 2 345 64 25

Email: brusselspe@gmail.com

Website: brusselspe.dfa.gov.ph

Social media:

Facebook www.facebook.com/PHinBelgium/

Instagram: www.instagram.com/phinbelgium/

Office hours: By appointment

Brazil – Brasilia

Address: SEN Avenida das Nações lote 1 quadra 801 70.800-910 – Brasília – DF Brazil

Telephone: (+55) 61 3224 8694, (+55) 61 3223 5143

Fax: (+55) 61 3226 7411

Email: info@philembassybrasilia.org

Website: philembassybrasilia.org

Social media:

Facebook www.facebook.com/PHinBrazil

Office hours: Monday-Friday: 09:00-18:00

Brunei – Bandar Seri Begawan

Address: Simpang 336, Diplomatic Enclave Jalan Kebangsaan Bandar Seri Begawan 1210 Brunei

Telephone: (+673) 224-1465 / 6, (+673) 223-8845

Fax: (+673) 223-7707

Email: brunei.pe@dfa.gov.ph, bruneipe@gmail.com

Website: dfa.gov.ph/brunei

Social media:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/PHinBrunei/

Twitter: twitter.com/PHinBrunei

Instagram: www.instagram.com/phinBrunei/

Office hours: By appointment

Cambodia – Phnom Penh

Address: 182 Norodom Boulevard Sangkat Tonle Bassac Khan Chamcarmon P.O. Box 2018 Phnom Penh Cambodia

Telephone: (+855) 23 222 304, (+855) 23 333 303

Fax: (+855) 23 215 143

Email: phnompenh.pe@dfa.gov.ph, phnompenhpe@ezecom.com.kh

Website: phnompenhpe.dfa.gov.ph

Social media: Facebook www.facebook.com/PHLinCambodia/

Twitter: twitter.com/phlincambodia

Office hours: Monday-Friday: 08:00-17:00

Canada – Ottawa

Address: 30 Murray Street Ottawa, ON K1N 5M4 Canada

Telephone: (+1) 613 233 1121

Fax: (+1) 613 233 4165

Email: ottawa.pe@dfa.gov.ph, embassyofphilippines@rogers.com

Website: ottawape.dfa.gov.ph

Social media:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/PHinCanada/

Twitter: twitter.com/PHinCanada

Instagram: www.instagram.com/phincanada/

Office hours: By appointment

Chile – Santiago

Address: Felix de Amesti Street, No. 367 Las Condes Santiago Chile

Telephone: (+56) 2 2208 1313, (+56) 2 2208 1939

Fax: (+56) 2 2208 1400

Email: santiago.pe@dfa.gov.ph, embassyfilipinas@gmail.com secretaria.filipinas@gmail.com

Website: santiagope.dfa.gov.ph

Social media:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/PHinChile

Instagram: www.instagram.com/phinchile/

China – Beijing

Address: No. 23 Xiu Shui Bei-jie Jian Guo Men Wai Beijing, 100600 China

Telephone: (+86) 10 6532-1872, (+86) 10 6532-2451

Fax: (+86) 10 6532-3761, (+86) 10 6532-1921

Email: beijing.pe@dfa.gov.ph, philemb_beijing@yahoo.com

Website: beijingpe.dfa.gov.ph, www.philembassychina.org

Social media:

Instagram: www.instagram.com/phlinchina/

Office hours: 09:00-18:00

Czech Republic – Prague

Address: Senovazne Namesti 8 110 00 Prague 1 Czech Republic

Telephone: (+420) 224 216 397, (+420) 224 216 385

Fax: (+420) 224 216 390

Email: prague.pe@dfa.gov.ph, praguepe@gmail.com

Website: www.praguepe.dfa.gov.ph

Social media:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/PHinCzechRepublic/

Office hours: Monday-Friday: 09:00-17:00

Denmark – Copenhagen

Address: Arne Jacobsens Allé 13, first floor, 2300 Copenhagen S Denmark

Telephone: (+45) 71 41 59 52

Fax: No fax number

Email: philemb.dk@gmail.com

Website: copenhagenpe.dfa.gov.ph

Social media:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/PHinDenmark/

Office hours: Monday-Friday: 08:30-13:00

Egypt – Cairo

Address: Building 9, Street 215 Street 217, Degla Maadi Cairo Egypt

Telephone: (+20) 2 2521-3062, (+20) 2 2521-3064

Fax: (+20) 2 2521-3048

Email: cairo.pe@dfa.gov.ph, info@philembassycairo.org

Website: cairope.dfa.gov.ph

Social media: Facebook www.facebook.com/PHinEgypt

Twitter: twitter.com/PHinEgypt

Instagram: www.instagram.com/phinegypt/

France – Paris

Address: 4, Hameau de Boulainvilliers 75016 Paris France

Telephone: (+33) 1 4414-5700

Fax: (+33) 1 4647-5600

Email: paris.pe@dfa.gov.ph

Website: parispe.dfa.gov.ph

Social media:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/PHinFrance/

Twitter: twitter.com/phinfrance/

Instagram: www.instagram.com/phinfrance/

Office hours: By appointment

Germany – Berlin

Address: Luisenstrasse 16 10117 Berlin, Germany

Telephone: (+49) 30 864 95 00

Fax: (+49) 30 873 25 51

Email: info@philippine-embassy.de

Website: philippine-embassy.de

Social media:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/philippineembassyberlin/

Twitter: twitter.com/BerlinPE2015

Instagram: www.instagram.com/phingermany/

Office hours: Monday-Friday: 08:30-17:30

Greece – Athens

Address: 26 Antheon Street Paleo Psychico 15452 Athens Greece

Telephone: (+30) 210 672 1837

Fax: (+30) 210 672 1883, (+30) 210 672 1872

Email: athens.pe@dfa.gov.ph, athenspe@otenet.gr

Website: athenspe.dfa.gov.ph

Social media:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/PHLinGreece

Twitter: twitter.com/PHLinGreece

Office hours: Monday-Friday 09:00-16:00

Holy See – Holy See

Address: Via Paolo VI, 29 00193 Rome Holy See

Telephone: (+39) (06) 6830-8020

Fax: (+39) (06) 683-4076

Email: vatican.pe@dfa.gov.ph, vaticanpe2@gmail.com

Website: –

Social media:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/PHinHolySee/

Office hours: By appointment

Hungary – Budapest

Address: Gabor Aron Utca 58 1026 Budapest Hungary

Telephone: (+36) 1 391-4300

Fax: (+36) 1-200-5528

Email: budapest.pe@dfa.gov.ph, phbuda@philembassy.hu

Website: budapestpe.dfa.gov.ph

Social media:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/PHLinHungary

Office hours: Monday-Friday: 08:00-16:00

India – New Delhi

Address: 50-N Nyaya Marg Chanakyapuri New Delhi 110021India

Telephone: (+91) 11 2688-9091

Fax: (+91) 11 2687-6401

Email: newdelhi.pe@dfa.gov.ph, philippineembassynewdelhi@gmail.com

Website: newdelhipe.dfa.gov.ph

Social media:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100069125473668

Office hours: By appointment

Indonesia – Jakarta

Address: 6-8 Jalan Imam Bonjol Menteng Jakarta Pusat 10310 Indonesia

Telephone: (+62) 21 310-0334

Fax: (+62) 21 315-1167

Email: jakarta.pe@dfa.gov.ph

Website: www.jakartape.dfa.gov.ph, www.philembjkt.com

Social media:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/PHLinIndonesia/

Twitter: twitter.com/PHinIndonesia

Instagram: www.instagram.com/phlinindonesia/

Office hours: Monday – Friday: 8:30 – 16:30

Iran – Tehran

Address: No. 9 R. Khaleghi Street Valie-Asr Avenue Tehran 19656-35113 Iran

Telephone: (+98) 21 2266-8774 to 76

Fax: (+98) 21 2266-8990

Email: tehran.pe@dfa.gov.ph, tehranpe.dfa@gmail.com

Website: tehranpe.dfa.gov.ph

Social media:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/PHinIran

Instagram: www.instagram.com/phliniran

Office hours: Sunday-Thursday: 08:00-17:00

Iraq – Baghdad

Address: House No. 4, Zukak No. 22, Mahalat 915 Hay Al-Jamia, Al-Jadriya Baghdad Iraq

Telephone: (+964) 782 881 1037 / 750 010 4728; (+964) 781 704 6564

Fax: No fax number

Email: baghdad.pe@dfa.gov.ph, pe.baghdad@gmail.com

Website: philembassybaghdad.wordpress.com

Social media:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/PHinIraq

Twitter: twitter.com/philippinesiraq

Office hours: Sunday-Thursday: 09:00-17:00

Israel – Tel Aviv

Address: 18 Bnei Dan Street Tel Aviv 62260 Israel

Telephone: (+972) 3 601-0500

Fax: (+972) 3 604-1038

Email: telaviv.pe@dfa.gov.ph, filembis@netvision.net.il

Website: tel-avivpe.dfa.gov.ph

Social media:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/PHinIsrael/

Twitter: twitter.com/israelinph

Office hours: Sunday-Thursday: 08:30-16:30

Italy – Rome

Address: Via Aurelia 290 / A 00165 Roma Italy

Telephone: (+39) 06 397 46 621, (+39) 06 397 46 622

Fax: (+39) 06 397 40 872

Email: rome.pe@dfa.gov.ph, romepe2007@gmail.com

Website: romepe.dfa.gov.ph

Social media:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/PHinItaly

Twitter: twitter.com/PHinItaly

Instagram: www.instagram.com/phinitaly/

Office hours: Monday-Friday: 08:30-17:00

Japan – Tokyo

Address: 5-15-5, Roppongi Minato-ku Tokyo 106-8537 Japan

Telephone: (+81) 3 5562-1600; (+81) 3 5562 1601 / 0

Fax: (+81) 3 5562-1603

Email: tokyo.pe@dfa.gov.ph

Website: tokyo.philembassy.net, tokyope.dfa.gov.ph

Social media:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/PHLinJapan

Twitter: twitter.com/philembassyjp

Office hours: By appointment

Jordan – Amman

Address: No. 20 Salah Touqan Street Abn Habiab Street Swefieh Amman Jordan

Telephone: (+962) 6 590 1730, (+962) 777 988 818 / 779 077 775

Fax: No fax number

Email: amman.pe@dfa.gov.ph, pe.amman@gmail.com

Website: ammanpe.dfa.gov.ph

Social media: –

Office hours: 08:00-17:00

Kenya – Nairobi

Address: State House Road P.O. Box 47941 00100 Nairobi Kenya

Telephone: (+254) 734-450 001; (+254) 736-310 048

Fax: No fax number

Email: nairobi.pe@dfa.gov.ph, pe.nairobi@gmail.com

Website: nairobipe.dfa.gov.ph

Social media:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/PHLinKenya/

Office hours: Monday-Friday: 10:00-15:00

Korea (Republic) – Seoul

Address: 80 Hoenamu-ro Yongsan-gu 04346 Seoul Korea (Republic)

Telephone: (+82) 2 796 7387, (+82) 2 796 7388

Fax: (+82) 2 796 0827

Email: seoul.pe@dfa.gov.ph, seoulpe@philembassy-seoul.com

Website: www.philembassy-seoul.com

Social media:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/PHinKorea/

Twitter: twitter.com/philembaseoul

Instagram: www.instagram.com/phinkorea/

Office hours: By appointment

Kuwait – Kuwait City

Address: Block 1, Street 101, Villa 15 corner Abdullah Abdul Azis Al Humaidi Street Al Siddeeq Area, South Surra Kuwait City Kuwait

Telephone: (+965) 2252-8422

(+965) 2251-1806

Fax(+965) 2251-1805




Social mediaFacebook www.facebook.com/PHinKuwait

Twitter twitter.com/PHinKuwait

Instagram www.instagram.com/phinkuwait/

Office hours: Sunday-Thursday: 07:00-14:00

Laos – Vientiane

Address: Ban Saphanthong Kang Sisattanak District P. O. Box 2415 Vientiane Laos

Telephone: (+856) (21) 452-490 / 1; (+856) 55 535 878

Fax: (+856) (21) 452-493

Email: vientianepe@dfa.gov.ph, pevientiane@yahoo.com

Website: vientianepe.dfa.gov.ph

Social media:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/PHinLaoPDR

Office hours: Monday-Friday: 08:00-17:00

Lebanon – Beirut

Address: Mar Geries St. (Al Mahatta Road) Hadath, Baabda Mount Lebanon Beirut Lebanon

Telephone: (+961) 5 953 519, (+961) 5 953 522

Fax: (+961) 5 953 521

Email: beirutpe@dfa.gov.ph, beirutpe@gmail.com

Website: beirutpe.dfa.gov.ph

Social media:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/beirutpe

Twitter: twitter.com/phlinlebanon

Office hours: Monday-Friday: 09:00-16:00

Libya – Tripoli

Address: East Janzour Tripoli Libya

Telephone: (+218) 21 483 3966, (+218) 944 541 283

Fax: (+218) 21 483 6158

Email: tripoli.pe@dfa.gov.ph, tripoli.pe@gmail.com

Website: tripolipe.dfa.gov.ph

Social media:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/PHinLibya/

Twitter: twitter.com/PhinLibya

Instagram: www.instagram.com/phinlibya/

Office hours: By appointment

Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur

Address: No. 1 Jalan Changkat Kia Peng 50450 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Telephone: (+60) 3 2148 4233

Fax: (+60) 3 2148-3576

Email: kualalumpur.pe@dfa.gov.ph, webmaster@philembassykl.org.my

Website: kualalumpurpe.dfa.gov.ph, www.philembassykl.org.my

Social media:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/PHinMalaysia

Office hours: Monday-Friday: 09:00-16:00

Mexico – Mexico City

Address: Avenida Thiers 111, (Cuvier 55) Colonia Anzures, Delegacion Miguel Hidalgo Mexico, CP 11590 Mexico

Telephone: (+52) (55) 5131-8225, (+52) (55) 5255-1438 / 5545-9716

Fax: (+52) (55) 5131-8268

Email: mexico.pe@dfa.gov.ph, ambamexi@gmail.com

Website: mexicope.dfa.gov.ph

Social media:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/PHinMexico/

Office hours: Monday-Friday: 09:00-16:00

Morocco – Rabat

Address: Rue Bani Ritoune N-23 Souissi 10170 Rabat Morocco

Telephone: (+212) 537-543 980, (+212) 537-543 985

Fax: No fax number

Email: rabat.pe@dfa.gov.ph

Website: rabatpe.dfa.gov.ph

Social media:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/PHinMorocco/

Twitter: twitter.com/PHLinMorocco

Instagram: www.instagram.com/phinmorocco/

Office hours: By appointment

Myanmar – Yangon

Address: No. 21 Pho Sein Road Bahan Township Yangon Myanmar

Telephone: (+95) 1 558-149 to 53

Fax: (+95) 1 558-154

Email: yangon.pe@dfa.gov.ph, p.e.yangon@gmail.com

Website: yangonpe.dfa.gov.ph

Social media:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/PHinMyanmar/

Office hours: Monday-Friday: 09:00-17:00

Netherlands – The Hague

Address: Laan Copes Van Cattenburch 125 2585 EZ The Hague Netherlands

Telephone: (+31) 70 360 4820

Fax: (+31) 70 356 0030

Email: thehague.pe@dfa.gov.ph, thehague@philembassy.nl

Website: thehaguepe.dfa.gov.ph

Social media:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/PHinTheNetherlands

Twitter: twitter.com/phinthehague

Instagram: www.instagram.com/phinthenetherlands/

Office hours:  Monday-Friday: 09:00-17:00

New Zealand – Wellington

Address: Level 1, 95 Thorndon Quay Pipitea Wellington 6011 New Zealand

Telephone: (+64) 4 890 3741 / 2

Fax: (+64) 4 890 3740

Email: wellington.pe@philembassy.org.nz

Website: www.philembassy.org.nz

Social media:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/PHLinNZ/

Twitter: twitter.com/phlinnz

Instagram: www.instagram.com/phlinnz/

Office hours: Monday-Friday: 09:00-12:00 and 13:30-16:30

Nigeria – Abuja

Address: No. 5 Vattern Street, OFF Amazon Street, Maitama Abuja Nigeria

Telephone: (+234) 810 254 1252, (+234) 905 346 8166

Fax: No fax number

Email: abuja.pe@dfa.gov.ph

Website: abujape.dfa.gov.ph

Social media:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/PHLinNigeria/

Instagram: www.instagram.com/PHinNigeria

Office hours: Monday-Friday: 08:00 – 17:00

Norway – Oslo

Address: 4th Floor, Nedre Vollgate 4 P.O. Box 1758 Vika 0122 Oslo Norway

Telephone: (+47) 22 40 09 00

Fax: (+47) 22 41 74 01

Email: ambassador@philembassy.no

Website: oslope.dfa.gov.ph

Social media: Facebook www.facebook.com/PHinNorway/

Twitter: twitter.com/oslope

Instagram: www.instagram.com/phinnorway/

Office hours: Monday-Friday 09:00-17:00

Oman – Muscat

Address: Building No.1041 & 1043, Way 3015 Al Kharjiyad Street Shati Al Qurum P.O. Box No. 420, Madinat Qaboos Muscat


Telephone: (+968) 24 605 335, (+968) 24 605 140 / 3

Fax: (+968) 24 605 176

Email: muscat.pe@dfa.gov.ph, muscatpe@omantel.net.om

Website: muscatpe.dfa.gov.ph

Social media:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/PHLinOman/

Office hours: 09:00- 13:00

Pakistan – Islamabad

Address: Zhou-Enlai Avenue, Plot Nos. 3, 4 and 5 Diplomatic Enclave, Sector G-5 P.O. Box 1052 Islamabad Pakistan

Telephone: (+92) (51) 848 7500

Fax: (+92) (51) 848 7513

Email: islamabad.pe@dfa.gov.ph, losangelespc@aol.com

Website: www.isdpe.com.pk

Social media: Facebook www.facebook.com/PHinPakistan/

Office hours: Monday-Friday: 10:00-14:00

Papua New Guinea – Port Moresby

Address: Allotment 13, Section 408, Acacia Street Islander Village, Hohola, NCD P.O. Box 5916, Boroko Port Moresby Papua New Guinea

Telephone: (+675) 325-6577, (+675) 325-6414

Fax: (+675) 323-1803

Email: portmoresby.pe@dfa.gov.ph, pompe@datec.net.pg

Website: –

Social media:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/PHLinPNG/

Office hours: Monday-Friday: 08:00-17:00

Poland – Warsaw

Address: ul. Stanislawa Lentza 11 02-956 Warsaw Poland

Telephone: (+48) 22 490 2025; (+48) 694 491 664

Fax: No fax number

Email: warsaw.pe@dfa.gov.ph

Website: www.warsawpe.dfa.gov.ph

Social media:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/PHLinPoland

Twitter: twitter.com/phlinpoland

Office hours: Monday-Friday: 09:00-17:00

Portugal – Lisbon

Address: Rua Barata Salgueiro, 30 -3º 1250-044 Lisbon Portugal

Telephone: (+351) 216 083 274, (+351) 216 083 276 / 7

Fax: (+351) 216 083 251

Email: lisbon.pe@dfa.gov.ph, lisbon.pe@gmail.com, filipinas.emb.lisbon@gmail.com

Website: lisbonpe.dfa.gov.ph

Social media:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/PHLinPortugal/

Twitter: twitter.com/PHinPortugal

Instagram: www.instagram.com/phinportugal/

Office hours: Monday-Friday: 09:00-17:00

Qatar – Doha

Address: Villa No. 7, Al Eithar (Lehsain) Street Street No. 860, Zone 68, Jelaiah Area near Qatar University

P.O. Box 24900 Doha Qatar

Telephone: (+974) 4483 1585

Fax: (+974) 4483 1595

Email: doha.pe@dfa.gov.ph, dohape@yahoo.com

Website: dohape.dfa.gov.ph

Social media:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/DohaPhilEmbassy

Instagram: www.instagram.com/phinqatar/

Office hours: Sunday – Thursday: 07:00 – 16:00

Russia – Moscow

Address: Karmanitsky, Pereulok 6/8 121099 Moscow Russia

Telephone: (+7) (499) 241-0563 to 5

Fax: (+7) (499) 241-2630

Email: moscow.pe@dfa.gov.ph, moscowpe@mailfrom.ru

Website: moscowpe.dfa.gov.ph

Social media:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/PHLinRussia

Twitter: twitter.com/phlinrussia

Instagram: www.instagram.com/phlinrussia/

Office hours: 09:00 – 17:00

Saudi Arabia – Riyadh

Address: C3 Alradeef Street Diplomatic Quarter P.O. Box 94366 11693 Riyadh Saudi Arabia

Telephone: (+966) 11 482-3559, (+966) 11 480-1918

Fax: (+966) 11 488-3945

Email: rype@riyadhpe.com

Website: riyadhpe.dfa.gov.ph

Social media:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/PHLinKSA

Twitter: twitter.com/PHLinKSA

Instagram: www.instagram.com/phlinksa/

Office hours: Sunday-Thursday: 08:00-17:00

Singapore – Singapore

Address: 20 Nassim Road Singapore 258395 Singapore

Telephone: (+65) 6737 3977; (+65) 6735 1294

Fax: (+65) 6733 9544

Email: singapore.pe@dfa.gov.ph, php@philembassysg.org

Website: www.philippine-embassy.org.sg

Social media:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/PHinSingapore

Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/company/embassy-of-the-philippines-in-singapore

Instagram: www.instagram.com/phinsingapore/

Office hours: Monday-Friday: 09:00-17:00

South Africa – Pretoria

Address: 54 Nicolson St. Muckleneuk, 0181, Pretoria Brooklyn Square 0075 P.O. Box 2562 Pretoria South Africa

Telephone: (+27) 12 346-2468, (+27) 12 346-0452

Fax: (+27) 12 346-0454

Email: pretoria.pe@dfa.gov.ph, pretoriape@mweb.co.za

Website: pretoriape.dfa.gov.ph

Social media:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/PHLinSouthAfrica

Office hours: By appointment

Spain – Madrid

Address: C/ Eresma, 2 28002 Madrid Spain

Telephone: (+34) 91 782 38 30

Fax: (+34) 91 411 66 06

Email: madrid.pe@dfa.gov.ph, info@philembassymadrid.com, madridpe@yahoo.com

Website: www.philembassymadrid.com

Social media:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/PHinSpain

Instagram: www.instagram.com/phinspain/

Office hours: Monday-Friday: 10:00-16:30

Sweden – Stockholm

Address: Grenstigen 2A 181 31 Lidingö Sweden

Telephone: (+46) (0) 708-474 780

Fax: No fax number

Email: phinsweden@gmail.com, stockholm.pe@dfa.gov.ph

Website: stockholmpe.dfa.gov.ph

Social media:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Philippine-Embassy-in-Sweden-110954093946509/

Office hours: By appointment

Switzerland – Berne

Address: Kirchenfeldstrasse 73-75 3005 Berne Switzerland

Telephone: (+41) 31 350 17 17

Fax: (+41) 31 352 26 02

Email: berne.pe@dfa.gov.ph, info@philembassyberne.ch

Website: bernepe.dfa.gov.ph

Social media:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/PHinSwitzerland/

Twitter: twitter.com/phinswitzerland

Office hours: Monday-Friday: 08:00-16:00

Syria – Damascus

Address: Hamzeh bin Al Mutaleb Street, Building No. 56 West Mezzeh Area Damascus Syria

Telephone: (+963) 11-613-2626

Fax: (+963) 11-611-0152

Email: damascus.pe@dfa.gov.ph, pe.damascus@gmail.com

Website: damascuspe.dfa.gov.ph

Social media:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/PHinSyria

Twitter: twitter.com/phinsyria

Instagram: www.instagram.com/phinsyria/

Office hours: By appointment

Thailand – Bangkok

Address: 760 Sukhumvit Road Corner Soi Philippines (Sukhumvit 30/1) Prakhanong Bangkok 10110 Thailand

Telephone: (+66) 2259 0139, (+66) 2258 5401

Fax: (+66) 2259 2809, (+66) 2259 7373

Email: bangkok.pe@dfa.gov.ph, bangkokpe@gmail.com

Website: bangkokpe.dfa.gov.ph

Social media:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/PHinThailand/

Office hours: Monday-Friday: 09:00 – 12:00, 13:00 – 17:00

Timor-Leste – Dili

Address: Rua Gov. Serpa Rosa, Bairo Farol Dili Timor-Leste

Telephone: (+670) 331-0407

Fax: (+670) 331-0407

Email: dili.pe@dfa.gov.ph, philembdili@gmail.com

Website: dilipe.dfa.gov.ph

Social media:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/PHinTimorLeste

Twitter: twitter.com/phintimorleste

Office hours: Monday-Friday: 09:00-17:00

Turkey – Ankara

Address: Kazim Özalp Mahallesi Kumkapi Sokak, No: 36 Gazi Osman Pasa Cankaya Ankara 06700 Turkey

Telephone: (+90) (312) 442 3824 / 7; (+90) (312) 442 3825

Fax: (+90) (312) 442 3856

Email: ankara.pe@dfa.gov.ph

Website: ankarape.dfa.gov.ph

Social media:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/PHinTurkey/

Twitter: twitter.com/PHinTurkey

Instagram: www.instagram.com/phinturkey/

Office hours: Monday-Friday: 10:00-16:00

United Arab Emirates – Abu Dhabi

Address: W-48, Street No. 8, Sector 2-23, Plot 51, Al Qubaisat P.O. Box 3215 Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates

Telephone: (+971) 2 639 0006

Fax: (+971) 2 639 0002

Email: auhpe@philembassy.ae, abudhabi.pe@dfa.gov.ph

Website: www.abudhabipe.dfa.gov.ph

Social media:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/PHinUAE/

Twitter: twitter.com/PHinUAE

Instagram: www.instagram.com/phinuae/

Office hours: Sunday – Thursday: 08:00 – 17:00

United Kingdom – London

Address: 6-11 Suffolk Street London SW1Y 4HG United Kingdom

Telephone: (+44) 20 7451 1780

Fax: (+44) 20 7930 9787

Email: london.pe@dfa.gov.ph, embassy@philemb.co.uk

Website: londonpe.dfa.gov.ph

Social media:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/PhilippineEmbassyLondon/

Twitter: twitter.com/philippinesinuk

Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/company/polishembassyuk/

Instagram: www.instagram.com/philippinesinuk/

Office hours: Monday-Friday: 09:00-17:00

United States – Washington, D.C.

Address: Bataan Street 1600 Massachusetts Avenue NW Washington, D.C. 20036 United States

Telephone: (+1) 202 467 9300 / 63

Fax: (+1) 202 328 7614

Email: No email address

Website: philippineembassy-dc.org

Social media:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/PHinUSA/

Twitter: twitter.com/philippinesusa

Instagram: www.instagram.com/philippinesusa/

Office hours: Monday-Friday: 09:00-17:00

Vietnam – Hanoi

Address: 27-B Tran Hung Dao Street Hanoi  Vietnam

Telephone: (+84) (24) 3943-7873 / 7948 / 3849; (+84) (24) 3943-4493 / 9826

Fax: (+84) (24) 3943-5760

Email: hanoi.pe@dfa.gov.ph

Website: hanoipe.dfa.gov.ph

Social media:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/PHinVietnam

Twitter: twitter.com/PHinVietnam

Office hours: Monday-Friday: 08:00-17:00

Video: Different Level of Foreign Service Officers

The Philippine Foreign Service Officers (FSOs) are classified into different levels depending on their years of experience and expertise. The entry-level FSOs are assigned to the rank of Third Secretary and they are usually posted in the Philippine embassies and consulates. The next level is the Second Secretary, followed by the First Secretary. The most senior level is the Counsellor. The FSOs also have different specializations, such as economic, consular, and political. If this is something you are interested to know more about, make sure to watch the video until the end.

The Philippine Foreign Service Officers are the backbone of the Philippine foreign policy. They represent our country all over the world and play an important role in ensuring that we have good relations with other countries. They deal with a lot of different issues and are very knowledgeable about their fields. It is not surprising that they are highly respected by the Filipino people. In fact, there is even a law which requires all FSOs to be fluent in English and Filipino.


The Philippine Embassy is responsible for maintaining diplomatic relations between the Philippines and the host country. The embassy also provides consular services to Filipino citizens, such as issuing passports and visas. The embassy staff can also provide assistance in cases of emergency.

The Philippine Embassy can also provide information on the host country, such as its culture and traditions. The embassy staff will be able to answer any questions you might have about living in the host country and what to expect when traveling there.

Filipinos abroad, including their families, can benefit from the programs and services of the embassy. The embassy can provide information on how to send money to family members in the Philippines and how to communicate with them while abroad. The embassy will also be able to assist Filipinos who have been injured while living in another country, such as by helping them find medical care or contacting family members.

We hope that after you’ve read this post, you can better understand how to use the services of a Philippine embassy. If you’re planning on moving abroad and want to learn more about what type of assistance an embassy can provide, visit the website for your country’s embassy.

If you would like to know more about how the Philippine Embassy in your host country or region can help you and your family, contact the respective embassy directly or online via their website or social media platforms.

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