Beam and Go: A “Cashless” Way to Support Your Loved Ones

Every month, millions of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) around the world send remittances to their loved ones back home. After all, most of them have gone abroad with the aim of supporting their families and providing them with everything they could ever need.

Sometimes, however, the money sent is not always used as planned. Due to emergencies, unexpected expenses, and other concerns, the monthly remittances may not be enough. Overspending — or going over the budget — is another factor. How can OFWs and their families manage their remittances better? Beam and Go offers a practical solution.

Beam and Go
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What is Beam and Go?

Beam and Go is a Singapore-based company that provides eCommerce products and services for OFWs and their families. According to its website, the company aims “to help OFWs build beyond their current situation and shape their lives back home.” This involves enabling overseas workers to meet their families’ needs and achieve financial security.

Notably, Beam and Go provides products, services, and tools that assist OFWs in managing their finances, including saving and earning money.

What Can I Buy?

Beam and Go’s products come in the form of “digital gift certificates,” which can be bought by OFWs and sent to their families in the Philippines. In turn, their families can use these gift certificates to buy food, groceries, medicine, electronics, household goods, and other items.

Below are just some of Beam and Go’ best-selling digital gift certificates:

  • All Day Supermarket GC worth PHP 500 (Luzon)
  • Jollibee Langhap Sarap Meal F worth PHP 3,420 (nationwide)
  • Metro Gaisano Supermarket GC worth PHP 500 (Luzon, Visayas)
  • Prince Hypermart GC worth PHP 1,000 (nationwide)
  • Royal Duty Free GC worth PHP 500 (Luzon)
  • Shopwise GC worth PHP 500 (nationwide)
  • SM Gift Pass worth PHP 500 (nationwide)
  • Super 8 GC worth PHP 500 (Luzon)
  • The Marketplace GC worth PHP 500 (nationwide)

As you can see, Beam and Go has partnered with many supermarkets, restaurants, pharmacies, and stores selling electronics and household goods across the Philippines. Moreover, the great thing about the company’s digital gift certificates is that they do not have an expiration date. You heard that right! These gift certificates can be used anytime, depending on the recipient’s need and convenience!

How Can I Sign Up?

To start using Beam and Go, you’ll need to sign up for an account. Simply go to this website: Enter your country of location, first name, last name, mobile number, email address, and desired password.

After creating an account, you can log in at by entering your username and password, then start using Beam and Go! The website also provides one-time pin (OTP) login. Just choose your country of location, enter your mobile number, wait for the PIN to be sent via SMS, then enter it into the website to continue.

As for editing or updating your account profile, simply click the three lines on the upper-right corner of your Beam and Go account. Choose “My Profile,” edit/update your information, then click “Save.”

How to Make an Order?

Are you ready to make your first order? Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to, then log in to your Beam and Go account.
  2. Choose the area or location where your beneficiary lives.
  3. Choose a product that you wish to send to your beneficiary.
  4. Enter your beneficiary’s details: complete name, address, and mobile number.
  5. Select the mode of payment (see below for options). Follow the instructions until you receive a 14-digit transaction number to complete the process.
  6. You can use the transaction number to follow up or check the status of your order.

After a successful transaction, your beneficiary will receive an SMS indicating the transaction number and other details. With these, he/she can now go to the supermarket, restaurant, pharmacy, or store to make a purchase. That’s it!

In case your beneficiary has not received an SMS, you can resend it by logging into your Beam and Go account. Click on the three lines on the upper-right corner, then select “Transactions.” Choose the transaction number, look for the “Resend SMS” button, then click it. An SMS will be sent to your beneficiary’s mobile number.

beam and go

How to Make a Payment?

You can make a payment with Beam and Go through different ways. For example, you can make an over-the-counter payment via Philippine National Bank (PNB), especially if you are based in Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Guam, France, United States, United Kingdom, and Canada.

Similarly, you can use online banking methods via Union Bank, Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI), and Japan Bank, among others. Debit/credit card payment options are also available for Visa, MasterCard, JCB, American Express, and PayPal. In addition, you can also buy Beam and Go gift certificates using digital wallets such as GCash and

How to Redeem a Gift Certificate?

When your beneficiary receives a digital gift certificate, all he/she has to do is to go the supermarket/restaurant/store concerned, head to the Customer Service counter, and present the SMS from Beam and Go together with his/her valid ID. The SMS also contains more information about how they can redeem the digital gift certificate.

Contact Information – Beam and Go Pte Ltd

If you have any questions or concerns, or if you need to track an order, you can easily get in touch with Beam and Go through the following contact details:

Philippines Call Hotline: +63 2 8876 1438
WhatsApp Hotline: +63 995 321 7377

In addition, you can learn more information by visiting the company’s social media channels, as follows:


Operating Hours

Beam and Go’s customer service staff are available to answer your queries during these hours:

  • Telephone Hotlines — Mondays to Fridays, 8:00 am to 10:00 pm / Saturdays, 10:00 am to 7:00 pm (Philippine Standard Time)
  • Beam and Go Facebook Page — Mondays to Saturdays, 6:00 am to 2:00 am / Sundays, 6:00 am to 12:00 am (Philippine Standard Time)

Video – All About Beam and Go

Learn more about Beam and Go by watching the following video shared by the company’s YouTube channel. In this video, the host talks about Beam and Go and how it has benefited many OFWs and their families, especially during the current pandemic.


DISCLAIMER:  Please note that this article is presented for general, information-sharing purposes only. To know more about Beam and Go, its products and services for OFWs and their families, please visit the company’s official website at

Indeed, we hope that this post has been helpful, especially for OFWs who are looking for alternative ways to supporting their loved ones back home. In the meantime, here is another article, this time about 5 investments that OFWs should consider making. Always remember to earn, spend, save, and invest wisely!

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