20 Facts and Trivia about Canada

Some people say it is the true North in the Northern American continent. Some say, it is a land of extremes, some say it is a land of opportunities – still some say that it is a land of new beginnings. Whatever characterization it is known for, Canada is one of the biggest countries in the world and is considered as one of the leading global leaders in various fronts.

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Get to know more about the world’s second largest country with this list of golden tidbits that would surely entertain you as well as inform you about what is life up there across the border.

canada facts trivia

Tips and Things to Know about Canada

flag of canada
Canada flag

Below we list down some important things as well as some other helpful knowledge you can get about Canada.

  1. Canada has ten provinces and three territories in its borders. Its capital city, Ottawa, also happens to be second coldest capital city in the world.
  2. The longest unprotected boundary in the world is the border that separates the United States of America and Canada. It is known as the International Boundary and stretches 5,525 miles long.
  3. The Canadian flag has an eleven-pointed maple leaf prominently in the center of the flag.
  4. The Canadian motto is A Mari Usque Ad Mare – which is literally translated into From Sea to Sea.
  5. Canada is a pretty big territory and it has six time zones – so better get your watches ready for adjustments when you travel!
  6. As one of the biggest nations in the world, Canada also enjoys having almost 10% of the renewable energy in the world!
  7. A Canadian Dollar is also known as a loonie!
  8. The longest fresh water beach in the world can be found in the country – it is Wasaga Beach! In addition to this, the largest freshwater island is also to be found here – Manitoulin Island.
  9. Canada also boasts of having the fourth lowest population density in the world despite having one of the largest territories – at three persons per square kilometer – and probably one of the things why Canada is open to immigrants from so many nations!
  10. The northernmost permanent human settlement in the world is found in Nunavut Territory and the name of the location is Alert.
  11. For interested divers, you have to be quite careful if you are going to get your feet wet in Nakwakto Rapids because it boasts of 18.4 mile currents. A quick dive would surely turn into an adventure for neophyte divers.
  12. Estevan, located in Saskatchewan reportedly enjoys 2,537 hours of sunlight – making it the sunniest place in all of Canada!
  13. The territory of Nunavut occupies a fifth of Canada’s territory.
  14. Ice hockey and lacrosse are the two national sports of Canada – and the sports are played almost everywhere in the country!
  15. The oldest golf club in the North American continent may be found in Canada – The Royal Montreal Golf Club holds this distinction as it was founded in 1873.
  16. Frederick Banting and Charles Best working in tandem at the University of Toronto in 1921-1922 manage to successfully isolate the hormone insulin.
  17. For brew enthusiasts, they would be glad to know that Moosehead Brewery, found in Saint John, New Brunswick, churns out 1,642 bottles of beer per minute! Now that is a whole lot of lager!
  18. If you are a cheese addict, you would be glad to know that cheddar is the most popular cheese in Canada.
  19. Fifty percent of the polar bear population in the whole wide world is in Nunavut.
  20. Canada boasts of a 99% literacy rate.

Canada holds a lot of mystique – a lot of grandeur within its borders. There are so much more things to discover once you set foot in its shores and get to experience firsthand, the majesty of the True North. Ain’t it grand, eh?

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