Filipina Domestic Worker in Saudi Escapes From Her Employer’s Alleged Maltreatment

Many Filipina domestic workers have left our home country in search for better opportunities abroad. Sometimes they end up lucky and find a good employer, but other times, there are instances where they are not treated properly. It’s already challenging to adjusting to a different culture, work environment and her employer’s needs. But it’s tragic when you end up with a bad employer.

Such is the case of an incident involving a Filipina domestic worker in Saudi Arabia who looked badly bruised and had scars due to an alleged maltreatment by her employer.

ofw saudi maltreatment Adelyn Juarez
Image: Daum Huiijo Sung Yongjhun FB Page

Employer Maltreats OFW “Pinay” By Throwing Hot Water

Although Saudi Arabia is currently in a lockdown-state due to the pandemic crisis, Adelyn Juarez, a Filipina worker bravely escaped and fled from her employer’s place because of alleged abuse and maltreatment. In a Facebook video shared online, Adelyn had burnt marks and scars and was allegedly inflicted by her lady employer.

Luckily, a fellow OFW, Daum Huijo Sung Youngjhunwas, able to find her on Facebook Live and she happened to be nearby where she was wandering through the streets. The police responded and sent her immediately to the hospital.

Daum who accompanied her at the hospital took photos and videos of her condition. Within the video, the victim can be seen as very tired and hurt. She could barely keep her composure while explaining what happened during her work.

She said “Nung January 20 po binuhusan ako neto (referring to her scars) pina ano po sakin yung manok sabi po sakin Sura Sura dito daw yung manok hindi ko naman po alam na pag bukas ko ng takip nung ano inanu yung tubig sakin,” stated the victim. She added that her employer may do worse if she tries to report to the authorities.

Furthermore, she also sought help by reporting the incidents to her agency since January and have been ignored. She said “Sinabihan ako na magvideo daw ako..vivideohan daw ako na sabihin ko na okay lang daw ako sa bahay na yun. Vinideohan nga ako pero di ako nagsalita kaya ganun ginawa sakin.

We hope that all OFWs will have emergency contact information of authorities and Consulates/Embassies in their country of work. So that they can call for assistance in times of crisis and emergency cases.

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