Filipino Family Lost Their Father In Ireland Due To Covid-19

A father of 4 has passed away because of complications from the virus, Covid-19. The worst part is leaving his children to take care of themselves at a young age. It’s quite a drastic situation especially with no support from other families or relatives.

The COVID-19-deceased dad was Miguel Plangca, 55 years of age. He was confined in the intensive care facility for more than a month. Despite the long time he’s spent with treatment and the will to survive, he had succumbed to the virus.

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Family In Ireland Strives To Move On After A Huge Loss

Miguel Plangca transferred to Ireland along with his four children. Mikee, 21 years old and the eldest, Michael (19 years old), John (14 years old), and Chekie (12 years old). Miguel’s children are left with no parents. They only have each other to survive and live on as their mother passed away a few years back.

The eldest amongst the children is Mikee Plangca, she posted about her father on a social media website expressing her grief with her father gone. In her post, she said that her father has fought a good battle against the disease and also thanked him for everything he’s done for her and her siblings. Miguel will surely be missed.

With their father gone, Mikee is left to take care of her siblings. She said they don’t know what comes next, they prefer to stay in Ireland because it’s where they have lived in a long time. They have support with their friends and their community.

Mikee decided to stop her studies because she is taking care of her brother Michael, who has an intellectual disability. This made the eldest among the four siblings have more responsibility in her plate to move forward.

She recalled the times when her father made many sacrifices for them. He was a good man and did everything he could for his family. Taking night shifts so he can look after Michael.

Heart Aches and Sympathies were extended to the Plangca family, including condolences and grievances from The Filipino Community, too. They are raising funds for the family.

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