Filipina’s Luggage Never Arrived at NAIA

A Filipina who came back home to from the United States of America pleads for help because her luggage was nowhere to be found when she arrived at (Ninoy Aquino International Airport) NAIA.

Krishna Dingzon, an OFW was working at Dallas, Texas arrived back to the Philippines to spend time with her children and relatives to surprise them, but to her dismay, a luggage full of souvenir and treats for her children and relatives was gone. She landed on April 26 at the airport and only have one bag checked in. The luggage that had goodies which she worked for just vanished.

She already filed a claim from the airlines namely Air China to find the missing luggage. The airlines responded and apologized. As stated in the letter by Air China “We’re sorry to hear that your baggage did not arrive at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) on the same flight.” They were already working on searching for the missing bag.

Aside from that, she’s seeking help from NAIA to assist her in retrieving the lost luggage. “Sa NAIA terminal po, sana po matulongan ninyo ako sa bagahe ko po kasi nung Thursday pa yun,”

The MIAA or Manila International Airport Authority answered by stating it is Air China’s responsibility to resolve this matter. Ed Monreal (General Manager of MIAA) said “Yan po ay i-titrace ng airline, normally po mga 7 days tracing up to 21 days”

Despite saying that it is the airlines’ duty to find the luggage, MIAA promised to look it up if there are no results or if the luggage is gone.

It’s truly a sad story hearing from Krishna about her luggage, as she said in the first part of the video she said that it was her hard-earned from her work and she can’t believe that it just vanished like that.

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