Watch: Young Girl Abuses Nanny (Keeps Hitting & Pulling Her Nanny’s Hair)

A lot of Overseas Filipino Workers go abroad as and work as domestic helpers/nannies, taking care of daily chores of their employers as well as taking care of their kids. There are cases wherein the children are raised right and treat their nannies with respect, but there are also moments wherein children don’t respect their nannies at all and need more discipline. Take for example a case of this nanny getting abused by the child.

A video posted on the Matalinong Matsing Facebook page has gone viral and shows a young girl abusing her nanny by pulling her hair. The nanny was taking care of the girl’s younger brother who seemed oblivious to what her elder sister was doing.

Viral Video: Nanny Abused by Young Girl

As there aren’t as much details mentioned in the video, a lot of people can just feel sorry for the nanny for being abused like that.

We can hear in the background that another person is trying to tell the girl to stop hurting her nanny, but she didn’t stop. She kept pulling her nanny’s hair and hitting her head while the nanny didn’t even lift a finger. Check out the video below and you see for yourself.

It’s possible that the nanny didn’t do anything because she might get in trouble. It’s also a dilemma for a nanny to discipline a child that’s not theirs. Especially when they might face consequences if they do so.

How many domestic helpers are facing abuse abroad? We’re not saying that all children behave like this, but this is really sad to see when nannies are treated like this. A lot of Filipinas go abroad who had to leave their children in the Philippines to take care of other children abroad and only to be treated like this.

Video Credit: Matalinong Matsing FB Page

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