Filipina OFW on Vacation, Electrocuted & Abused by Partner

Plenty of OFWs are very happy to go home after a year (or sometimes 2 years) of working from month to month to spend time with family and have a good holiday. But this Filipina OFW in Hong Kong had a terrible experience during her vacation as she was abused by her partner.

According to a report from GMA News “Unang Balita”, this Pinay OFW on vacation was violently attacked by the suspect which is her live-in partner.

Hong Kong OFW Electrocuted by Live-in Partner, Grabbed by the Hair and Hit with a Pot

The suspect electrocuted her using an extension wire that was skinned of its cover. The suspect also grabbed her by the hair and hit the Filipina’s head with a pot. The OFW was able to cry for help from her family who came to her rescue and beat the suspect. It has been reported that the suspect was drunk at the time.

You can vheck out the short video clip of the said OFW news below and see the man already detained at a police station.

Media source: GMA News Unang Balita

More information from the said report, the reason for the attack was that the Pinay wanted to end their relationship. The suspect has been detained at the Bangued Municipal Police Station and will face charges under the Violation Against Women & Children Act.

The Filipina came to the Philippines for a vacation and is then scheduled to return to Hong Kong to work. They have 5 children with the suspect.


This is a sad situation for many OFWs especially when they just want to have a good vacation with the time they have left before they go back to work. The Filipina may have wanted to break up with her partner, but this situation shouldn’t have gotten this bad. The violent attack and abuse made their situation worse. We hope this doesn’t happen to others in the future.

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