Hong Kong Couple Wants Filipina Domestic Helper Back

An interesting story was brewing between a husband and wife employer and one of our own Filipina Domestic Helpers located in Hong Kong. The 42 year old domestic helper who goes by the name of Amelia has served the couple for at least 20 years and has been very dedicated in fulfilling her duties as well as making sure that she takes care of everything without needing to be told.

In fact, she has done so much of a great job that there was not any instance that the couple could remember where they called out the domestic helper for her work.

Despite this, however, and for reasons that are still not clear to a lot of people, the employer’s wife requested to have Amelia replaced by someone new so that she can try practicing giving orders like what an actual employer does. Sadly, the husband obliged to do so and told the domestic helper to take a leave of absence since he did not want to get into a big fight about this.

Pinay Domestic Helper Asked to Leave; Ended up being Wanted Back by Employer.

Without his wife knowing though, the husband slipped in a contract which Amelia had to sign and asked her not to tell anyone about it. Amelia, who despite her expertise and seniority in the job, still took the situation positively thinking that the female employer will now be pleased and was gonna get the experience she wanted.

As months went by, the couple did find someone new to replace Amelia.

This, however, was not the happy ending that the wife expected since she found herself miserable and unhappy with the new maid taking over. The wife ended up being more stressed out and exhausted with all the guidance and direction she had to give this new domestic helper just to get things done.

As you know it, the husband ended up contacting Amelia after 3 months and asked her if she was still interested in taking her old job back. The contract which he asked Amelia to sign before leaving actually outlines her getting a full salary while she was out on leave as well as paying for the travel expenses if she ever decides to come back.

The story ends with Amelia accepting the terms of the contract and going back to Hong Kong where she was met by a warm hug from the employer’s wife. The couple was never happier in seeing Amelia back in action.

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