VIDEO: Indonesian Crew of Sunken Submarine Sing Goodbye Song

The Indonesian military has released a video showing the crew of sunken submarine, KRI Nanggala-402, singing a goodbye song aboard their vessel weeks before their death.

A video was recorded a few weeks before the submarine tragically sank. In the video, the crewmen were singing the song Sampai Jumpa, an Indonesian hit song which translates to “See You Later”.

The submarine commander, Heri Oktavian, is shown playing an acoustic guitar. He is with his crew members singing in unison.

Watch the chilling video released by authorities below:

Even though I’m not ready to be missing you
I’m not ready to live without you
I wish all the best for you.

– translated lyrics from Sampai Jumpa song

On April 21, the KRI Nanggala-402 submarine went missing after it test-fired torpedoes in the Bali Strait. A few days later, the Indonesian navy reported an oil leak, and debris was recovered in the area which is believed to be part of the sunken submarine. The sea had a depth of 850 meters at the location where the debris was located and officials noted that evacuation was very “difficult” as the vessel could not not survive  depths beyond 500 meters.

On April 25, the submarine was finally found and authorities have confirmed that 53 members of the KRI Nanggala submarine have died. The submarine was designed to reach a depth of 300 meters. When it was located, it was at a depth of 838 meters, where authorities have remarked that it was impossible for its crew members to survive

RIP to these Indonesian crew and condolences to the families.

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