Pinay Maid Jumps from a Window on the Third Floor After Alleged Murder Attempt

One video posted on Zenlie Chu Upam’s Facebook account has become the center of discussion these past few days as it depicts a Filipina OFW appearing to be dead and sprawled on the ground after jumping all the way from the third floor window of a building she was working in.

A call to action was raised in Zenlie’s post to get the victim identified and hopefully be recognized by her friends and relatives in the Philippines as nothing much was known about her at the time video was uploaded.

Photo credit: Screen grab from Zenlie Chu Upam’s FB page

Pinay domestic helper jumps from the third floor of a building in Jordan

This immediately sent waves of uproar among Filipino sympathizers in Facebook and some were quickly able to identify her as Adel Atos DeGracia who is allegedly employed as a maid in the #5 Dier Ghbar area in Amman, Jordan.

Although the official statements of what exactly happened, are still not available, some people who are allegedly familiar with the relationship between the employer and the maid cared to share their viewpoints on the matter. One person  shared that Adel was stabbing the employer’s wife who was taking a bath at that time, and after which, she then made a run for it through the window. Of course, this was immediately shot down when another person contested that she should have blood stains all over her clothes which could not be found on the footage shared.

On the flip side, another person commented that it was the employer trying to murder his own wife in the shower with a knife and that he was responsible for pushing the maid out of the window to make sure that there were no witnesses.

Another comment mentioned that Adel lost it when her employer forced her to work even though she was feeling really sick and that when he would not leave her alone, she grabbed a knife and went to stab him.

Clearly, a lot of these statements are nothing but biased speculations depending on which side they are rooting for. There are however, a handful of participants who kept things at a neutral and reminded them that it is still best to wait for the whole story to be published rather than making false assumptions

Here’s the video from Zenlie Chu Upam’s FB page.

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