One Million OFWs may lose jobs due to covid-19

A worst case scenario of 1 million overseas Filipino workers could end up losing their jobs due to the coronavirus disease. This was said in a statement by PH Labor Secretary Silvestro Bello III.

Choosing to work abroad may be a tough choice, there are many factors to consider before making that big decision. Some of those factors are being away with your family and friends, adjusting to your work environment, understanding the culture, and etc.

filipinos could lose jobs ofws

According to DOLE, A Million OFWs May Be Jobless Because Of The Virus

During an interview via ABS-CBN’s Teleradyo and in a report from Inquirer, Silvestre Bello (DOLE Secretary) said that the worst case scenario is having around 1 million jobless OFWs. According to Bello many Overseas Filipno Workers may end up losing their jobs because of the pandemic coronavirus disease (Covid-19).

He said “Ang worst case scenario natin ay mga 1 million OFWs ang mawawalan ng trabaho,”.
He added, that there are around 343,000 Filipino workers that are affected because of the coronavirus. And 191, 000 of this number does not want to go home and would rather look for new jobs.

“Sa kanila (OFWs), meron naman tayong nakahandang livelihood assistance para sa mga hindi pwede sa alternative employment. Magiging livelihood assistance na lang ang ipaparating natin sa kanila,” he said.

Bello assured that these OFWs are not left alone, that there are programs from our government that will help survive during these times. He said that we have the livelihood assistance that will help Filipino workers who return to the country.

Many Overseas Filipino Workers are striving hard to work for a living. Some would do part-time jobs or simple errands just to earn more. However, with the current pandemic situation “Covid-19”. Because of this crisis, each and every one of us is affected. Some employers will have to suspend their business and our mobility will be limited. And in worst cases, lose our employment or jobs due to this virus.

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