14 Poetry Books to Bring Out Your Inner Poet

Sometimes, here are no words to describe how you feel; it’s not a mystery that being an OFW, its crucial for you to be expressive or show your love through words of affirmation online since most of your loved ones or friends are in the Philippines or around the world. Whether you want to write poetry, read poetry books to ease your homesickness, or want to try a new hobby.

Here’s a list of poetry books that will bring out your inner poet. It is perfect for those who feel homesick or want to be more poetic when talking with their loved ones online!

1. Diary of a Romantica by Celia Martinez

Hopeless romantics will love this e-book poetry collection by Celia Martinez. Her book Diary of a Romantica has two volumes, and it’s wildly popular online, especially on TikTok, since Celia reads her poems flawlessly. This book will make you feel a wide range of emotions, such as falling in love, heartbreak, and yearning.

You’ll also love the imagery in each poem; some of the poems are written in Spanish, making it extra swoon-worthy! It’s perfect for people who love the idea of love, and reading this book will make you understand the beauty of romance. Diary of a Romantica also has themes of mental health, coming of age, and friendships. Every poem will make you feel like you’re reading a love letter. If you love all things romance, love, and poems that will make your heart swell differently, go ahead and read Diary of a Romantica.

2. In here, always by Janine Canono

If you’re going through the motions, In here, always by Janine Canono is an excellent book to run to for comfort. It’s a poetry collection that will take you on a journey of being human and the encompassing beauty of forgiveness and surrendering.

If you need a gentle reminder that there’s growth and healing at the end of every season, this book will help you move forward with grace. In here, always is more than just a book about love and growth it also talks about life and self-worth. Every poem is crafted with care and love that will make you, the reader, feel loved and seen.

3. Realm of Sentiments by Janzzyy Boo

Sometimes reading a poetry book that makes you feel less lonely is one way to end a long day; if you find yourself drowning in your thoughts and sometimes you can’t express how you feel inside, Realm of Sentiments by Janzzyy Boo will be your sanctuary for your reeling mind.

Reading this poetry collection will make you feel like you’re finally taking a deep breath and slowing down after a race. This book is more than just a collection of pretty words with a dose of reality; it is a book that will celebrate your strengths and comfort you in your weaknesses. You’ll feel many emotions with every page, and sometimes all you need is a good cry with a good book!

4. Fleeting Things by Rachel Huckel

This faith-based poetry collection should be on your bookshelf since it will take you on a journey of faith; this collection is personal, honest, and highly engaging. You’ll love how each poem harmoniously complements each other despite its uniqueness from one another.

If you find everything in your life fleeting and fast-paced, this book will help you savor every moment. This book will make you think about topics rooted in reality yet easy to understand, and you’ll also feel like each poem is written personally about you and for you! Life may be fleeting, but this book will make you dig deeper and make the whole reading journey worthwhile!

5. Tears of the Moon by Alcel Marie Carbonilla

Tears of the Moon by Alcel Marie Carbonilla is a collection of heartfelt and personal poems that will bring out the feelings in you! This poetry collection is crafted with raw emotions and honesty that will make you say it’s okay not to be okay. Reading each poem that to love and feel deeply can be beautiful. Tears of the moon are filled to the brim of lyrical prowess and encouragement to push through heartbreaks and setbacks in life.

6. Harmony by Whitney Hanson

Allow Whitney Hanson to comfort you in your grief and heartbreak with her new collection of poems in Harmony. This book is home to healing, raw, and personal poems that will make you tear up and feel pain leaving your being.

You’ll feel your heartstrings being pulled by her poems, especially if you have experienced losing someone or your mental health has not been doing well lately. Her poems will make you feel understood, and once you’re done crying, each poem will gently encourage you to let go and move forward! When grief feels unbearable, you can run to this poetry collection and find the words you want to hear.

7. Violet Bent Backwards Over the Grass by Lana Del Rey


Lana Del Rey’s songs are constantly oozing with great storytelling; if you’re a fan of Lana’s songs, then you’ll know how poetic she can be. Her debut book features 14 poems with themes of love, happiness, and trust, a far cry from her former albums Born to Die or Ultraviolence. You’ll also enjoy listening to the audiobook version since it has a greek spoken word performance and music instrumentals by Jack Antonoff which makes it more immersive! You’ll love the imagery in her and the richness of emotions etched on every poem.

8. Ceremony by Brianna Wiest

We all deserve to be celebrated from the small wins to the victorious milestones in our life, sometimes we need word of affirmations that will make us feel the love and warmth we’re yearning for.

In this collection of poems and essays, Brianna Wiest book has themes of life, love, loss and gratitude that will move you to tears! If you need a book to empower you to move forward and be grateful for the lessons you learned in life, Ceremony will help you do that!

9. From where I stand by Odyssa Rivera Abille

When life gets rough, sometimes packing our bags and going on a spontaneous trip to heal our aching hearts seems to be the right thing to do. Who doesn’t want to chase after sunsets, hear the rushing ocean waves, and go hiking on trails with breathtaking views?

From Where I stand by Odyssa Rivera Abille will make you feel like you’re traveling through each poem. This poetry collection will awaken your desire to explore and see the world with courage! If you’re into poems that will transport you to different places and help you escape the routine of your daily life, From where I stand is a good book to read!

10. The Janus- Faced Journal by Isla Jane Noriega

This collection of poetry, prose, and essays will make you think for it’s variety of topics from typhoon Odette hitting the Philippines, loneliness, dreams, and the beauty of solitude. Reading this book will be like riding a roller coaster but in a fun way! Isla Jane Noriega’s debut collection will keep you on your toes with it’s insightful and engaging writings!

11. Love & misadventure- Lang leav

Who doesn’t know about this classic poetry book by Lang Leav? You’ll fall in love with poetry when you read this romantic and whimsical poetry collection. Lang Leav is well-known for her poems that will pull your heart strings and engage your imagination! Love & misadventure is the perfect read for the times you want to curl up in bed and relax!

12. Familiar Pathways- Joanna Soriano Villamor

Familiar Pathways by Joanna Villamor will not disappoint you since each poems will make you feel less lonely and will hold your hand throughout the journey of fighting your battles and in your misery. If you want a poetry collection that will make you reminisce of experiences or emotions that feels nostalgic, read this!

13. Skin and Bones by Aphro Apollo

We all want to begin again; sometimes it takes a book to encourage us. This poetry and prose collection encapsulates the author’s emotions and experiences. It’s also an ode to self-love. Starting over again can feel daunting, but the poems in Skin and Bones will help you navigate the challenges of being true to yourself, getting back after life punches you down, and saying yes to new beginnings and love.

Skin and Bones is all about embracing yourself, flaws, and all! If you’re entering a new season in your life, allow Skin and Bones to ease your transition with every poem that feels like a warm hug!

14. Notes from the Hem by Autumn Leigh Waite

Here’s a faith-based poetry collection that will breathe life into your spirit; it has poems and notes with themes of grace and love and paints a beautiful picture of the glory of God. If you’re looking for a book that makes theology understandable, yet each writing will hit your core, Notes from the Hem should be on your bookshelf; it’s perfect for days you feel your faith is unwavering and you couldn’t pick up the Bible.