How to Schedule a Branch Visit with the SSS Online Appointment System

The Social Security System (SSS) has already joined the rest of the country in offering their services online through the My. SSS online portal. However, there are instances when some services require personal appearance, in which case, the SSS has created yet another portal to set up an online appointment system to help reduce congestion in the branches. 

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Since the launch of the SSS online appointment system, many SSS branches no longer accept walk-ins, so it is in your best interest to schedule an appointment if you ever intend to visit an SSS branch.

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Helpful tips to remember when visiting an SSS Branch for any transaction

Being an SSS Member sometimes requires transacting personally at the SSS Branch. If you are planning to visit an SSS Branch near you, make sure that you come fully prepared, because chances are, there are others who will be transacting with the SSS on that same schedule and the same day. That said, delays or incomplete documentary requirements may cause you to waste your time. So, to help you avoid wasting time and effort, along with the online appointment slot, then you’d want to check out this guide.

  • Be clear about your intended transaction at the SSS branch. 

Make sure you know for sure what transaction you’ll be doing at the SSS branch. 

  • Double check that your intended transactions are not available or doable online.

Whether you are applying for an SSS Number, making changes to your list of beneficiaries, or applying for an SSS Benefit or a Loan program, make sure you’ve checked whether any of these transactions are already available online before you decide to set up an appointment with an SSS branch. 

  • Limit your intended transaction to one to two transactions. 

If you are visiting an SSS branch, it’s best to keep your transactions to only the ones that are necessarily done in the branch. This is because, there is a high chance that if you try to get everything addressed while you are at the branch, most of your time will be wasted waiting for your turn at the SSS counter. Instead, make sure you already did everything that can be done online via the My.SSS portal or through your employer so you don’t have to waste yours and the SSS personnel’s time during your trip to the SSS branch.

  • Stay away from people who are offering to transact with SSS on your behalf.

Be vigilant about the people who are offering a quick service related to SSS transactions online or otherwise. If someone offers to transact with SSS on your behalf because chances are, they are a fixer. 

How to set up an appointment via the SSS appointment system online

To make it easier for the Filipinos seeking to schedule an appointment with an SSS branch, the SSS offers the online Appointment System, an online portal  where you can choose your preferred date and time to visit any SSS Branch for SSS-related inquiries and concerns that the online My.SSS platform cannot address. 

By setting up an appointment online, you can save time and avoid long queues at the SSS Branch, while keeping yourself and others safe from the dangers of being in a large crowd.

Before you set up an appointment, however, it is important to make sure that you have a working My.SSS account. 

If you do not have one, you can learn how to sign up or register for an SSS online account by checking our previous article on SSS Online Registration: How to Find Employer ID Number (EIN).

If you do have one but have forgotten your login details or have been locked out of your My.SSS account, you may retrieve your My.SSS login details by following the steps listed in this guide on How to Reset Password for Locked SSS Online Account? and What to Do if You Forget Your My.SSS User ID or Password.

Once you have your My.SSS account login information ready, then you are ready to schedule an appointment with any SSS branch near you. 

To do this:

  • Go to the SSS website and click the Member button or go directly to the SSS Portal Member Login page. 
  • Enter your User ID and password. 
  • Click the Submit button and go to your account.
  • On the home page menu, select the MEMBER’S INFO tab.
  • Click the Appointment System.
  • In the drop-down menu, select the purpose of your visit:
    • SS Card Enrolment
    • Members Data Change (E4)
    • Funeral Claim Application
    • Death Claim Application
    • Retirement Claim Application
    • Medical Examination on Disability/Sickness Claim
    • Issuance of Certification for Member/Non member
    • Issuance of Certification for Pensioner
    • Complaints
    • EE Contribution Verification
    • SE/VM Contribution Verification
    • Calamity Loan Application
  • Choose the region where you’re at.
    • NCR
    • Luzon
    • Visayas
    • Mindanao
  • After you have selected the region, you may now choose the SSS Branch you want to visit.
  • Then, pick the date you prefer to go to the selected SSS Branch for your transaction.
  • Then, choose your preferred time in the Available Time Schedule.
  • Pick a Counter Number.
  • Make sure to fill out the slot for Concerns by writing down your specific inquiries or concerns about your SSS account.
  • Click the Submit button to confirm your appointment.
  • If you have successfully set-up an appointment with SSS, a transaction number will be provided, along with the other details of your appointment.
  • Take a screenshot or have a printed copy of your transaction details.
  • You will also receive the Branch Appointment Notification in your nominated email address.
  • Proceed to the SSS Branch on your selected appointment date and time.

Things to remember when visiting an SSS branch on your appointment date

  • Come on time.
  • Observe the proper dress code for visiting a government branch. 
  • Present your SS ID card or two valid IDs, and make sure at least one of them bears your photo and signature for authentication. 
  • Present the screenshot or the printed out copy of your appointment transaction details to the SSS personnel to accommodate your inquiries or concerns.

For more information, you may visit the SSS website or follow SSS Official Facebook page.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Whenever I try to set an appointment, I always get the error message: “No result defined for action com.sss.controller.Appointment_Validation and result.” What does it mean?

It’s most likely a bug. We suggest reaching out to SSS about your concerns by sending them an email at with the following information:

  1. Complete Name
  2. SS Number
  3. Details of your concern

2. How can I get sss certification online if I’m applying for work in Taiwan?

Please contact SSS by sending an email to with the following information:

  1. Complete Name
  2. SS Number
  3. Details of your concern

3. How can I apply for a salary loan?

To apply for an SSS salary loan online, you must have a my.SSS account first. Once you have an online account, login to your account and go to E-Services and select Apply for Salary loan and follow the instructions from there.

You may also read this quick guide, How to Apply for SSS Salary Loan as an OFW Abroad.

4. I can’t sign in to my my.SSS account. I forgot my SS number.

You only need your username and password to login. If you’ve registered before and forgotten your login details, simply click Forgot password to reset your password. If you haven’t registered for a My.SSS account before, Click Not Registered yet to sign up. 

5. I forgot my SS number and they are asking for it when I try to register for an account. What do I do next?

You may check our previous article on How to Find Lost or Forgotten SSS Number for more information. You may also contact SSS by sending an email to with the following information:

  1. Complete Name
  2. SS Number
  3. Details of your concern

6. I already filled out all the information for the online appointment but when I hit Submit, I keep getting an error message that says, “counter service.” What does this mean?

This might be a site error. Try refreshing the page and checking your email for confirmation that the appointment was successfully set. 

If it doesn’t work, you may contact SSS by sending an email to with the following information:

  1. Complete Name
  2. SS Number
  3. Details of your concern

7. I am a displaced worker from the local industry. How do I signup for an SSS online account? I only have my SS number, but not the other requirements.

Here’s the link to register your SSS account online:

Note that the registered mobile number in your SSS account is one of the preferred registration information that will help you sign up for an online SSS account. If you still have that number, then you may use it to register an account. 

You may also follow the steps listed in this guide How to Make SSS Transactions Online and Checkless Disbursements.

If you do not have any of the registration detail preferences, you may contact SSS by sending an email and asking about your concerns at Make sure you have the following information on hand:

  1. Complete Name
  2. SS Number
  3. Details of your concern

8. I have tried several times to book an online appointment but I keep encountering an error “please fill up following details.” Why is that happening?

Write something under “Concern” then it will be okay.

9. I’ve been trying to create an appointment for several days but I keep getting the error message that says, “Please fill out counter service.” Where can I find this portion?

You need to select the Counter Number (any available number) and the preferred time of your visit, then write something under Concerns before clicking the Submit button. 

If you’ve already tried that, try to refresh the page then re-do it. If that doesn’t work, then you may send an email to with the following information:

  1. Complete Name
  2. SS Number
  3. Details of your concern

10. Can I just walk in the nearby SSS branch without an appointment?

Some SSS branches no longer accept walk ins. If you visit an SSS branch without an appointment, they will most likely have you drop your concern at the drop box placed in the branch. 

For some branches that allow walk-ins, note that only the following transactions are allowed:

    • payment of contribution and debt;
    • personal appearance for SSS Number Application via website;
    • pick-up of UMID card;
    • presentation of original documents for claim application; and
    • “other acceptable reasons.”

For other transactions not mentioned, the member or employer may submit their documents through the dropbox at the branch or contact the nearest SSS office.

how to get sss online appointment

How to contact SSS?

If you have other concerns that weren’t addressed in this guide, then you can reach out to SSS directly. Listed below are the various ways you can reach out to SSS:

Via email: 

Send an email with the following details:

  1. Complete Name
  2. SS Number
  3. Details of your concern

to or

Via phone call:   

You may call the SSS hotline number or any of the following contact numbers:

SSS Trunkline No. (632) 8920-6401

SSS Call Center: (632) 8920-6446 to 55

By visiting an SSS branch:

If you’ve exhausted every other means and still can’t resolve your SSS-related concerns, then you may opt to visit a nearby SSS branch. If you need to check the branch nearest to your location, you may check the branches listed in these List of SSS Branches and Locations in Philippines and Complete List of SSS Branches Overseas.


We know. Being an SSS member does not necessarily make it easy for you to avail all the membership benefits. More often than not, the issues that the members encounter make even the simplest transactions a bit more complicated than it should be. 

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With these guides, we hope that we can make your life as an SSS member a little bit easier and less hassle-free, if not altogether simple and uncomplicated. So, in the event that you have questions for us, please feel free to send us a message or share your thoughts with us via the comments box below.

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