Vlogger SaudiPinoy Gives Food, Bed and Pillows to Filipinos

There are people who show care towards our fellow OFWs in Saudi Arabia. A video has gone viral and reached out to many netizens showing how generous an Arab can be. The video that was posted on a social media website and displays the generosity of a young man handing out beds, pillows, and even food to Filipinos who are bound to go back to the Philippines.

The post became a hit and received many comments and feedback. Most of the reactions came out great as they thanked the Saudi Arabian national for his kindness.  Some of the comments are wishing that all people would be like him.

OFW TheSaudiPinoy

The SaudiPinoy Hands Out Essentials To OFWS Before Their Departure

According to the video, the Saudi Arabian national gives beds, pillows, and food to OFWs that are waiting home to the Philippines. A famous vlogger SaudiPinoy expresses his concern towards Filipino workers in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. He thought of doing something nice to these OFWs amidst the crisis. He brought mattresses, pillows, blankets, and a good meal.

Based on the video, he had help from his supporters by carrying the stuff he bought for our fellow Filipinos. He introduced himself at the beginning of the video and said that the OFWs didn’t have any blanket, mattress and they are just sleeping on the floor. The SaudiPinoy surprised the OFWs by visiting each room in Riyadh. He started by saying “Did you guys order McDonald’s?” He surprised every one of them by asking if they’ve ordered food. Some of the Filipino workers he visited recognized the friendly vlogger and didn’t hesitate to welcome him into their abode.

The SaudiPinoy wanted to make our fellow Filipino workers feel comfortable, with just a simple act of kindness. He made sure that each one of them is given and nobody is left out. He assures everybody that it’s going to be Okay.


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