8 Ways to Practice Social Media Detox as an OFW

Do you plan to go on a social media detox for mental health care, or perhaps social media is wreaking havoc on your daily life? There’s no shame in going on a social media detox to freshen up your well-being. It is more than just a diet fad but is essential for people to learn how to manage their media consumption and live presently.

Being an OFW is tricky since going on a social media detox can make your loved ones back home worry; however, we got practical tips on how you can manage to go AWOL online without hassle. 

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What is social media detox?

Social media detox is similar to fasting, in which you’ll abstain from using social media for a certain amount of time for various reasons, from resting your eye to practicing meditation.

Social media detox is all the rage nowadays since technology has become an essential part of our daily lives; it’s inevitable to use social media and spend hours scrolling and watching videos. If you’re wondering how to do social media detox as an OFW as part of your new year’s resolutions, then we have tips you can read below!

Ways to practice social media detox:


1. Do your priorities first

What’s the first thing that you do in the morning? Do you meditate? Make a cup of coffee or go back to sleep? or do you reach out to your point to check for notifications? Going on a social media detox can help you focus on your important tasks for the day than fall into the rabbit hole of content and tweets.

If you’re the type who loves to tick off boxes on to-do lists or follow a daily routine, then a social media detox can help you not stray from your priorities and be more productive. Social media detox doesn’t mean you won’t check your social media at all, but you’ll prioritize things first. This is where work-life balance also comes in; when your work requires you to be online 24/7, the line can be blurry.  

2. Limit your screen time

Setting some time off away from your favorite social media apps doesn’t only apply to kids who are going to bedtime. OFWs often stay on their phones after work hours to destress or deal with homesickness. Limiting your screen time can help lessen your feeling overwhelmed and tired from consuming content. It will also help you sleep better and not overthink by focusing on being present. If you often spend 

3. Assure your loved ones or friends 

In an age where people expect you to be online 24/7 just because you’re active on social media, it can be hard to set your boundaries. Sometimes people don’t understand why you are on a social media detox and can take it personally. Your family or close circle of friends should be the first to know of your boundaries and understand you.

Of course, going on a social media detox doesn’t mean you don’t answer your workmate’s calls or texts from your mom since she might get worried. The key is assuring them that you’re just taking time off and will be back online. The people who love you will understand you, its a matter of compromise. If you’re an OFW, it can be tricky since being online is the only way to stay connected with them but assuring them will avoid any miscommunications in the future.

4. Set some me-time

If you have already assured your circle of friends or loved ones, you can take all the me-time you want. If you’re on a social media detox, you can now do anything you wish to offline, from hobbies to nothing at all. You will realize that you can have fun in the real world and be more present.

Sometimes, you need to have some time on your own to reflect and do things you haven’t done before. You’ll realize how time-consuming social media can be and how powerful it can impact one’s life.

5. Unwind or travel

When is the best time to go on a social media detox? The answer is when you’re traveling! Why? since you can fully immerse yourself in the adventure, have the time of your life, and just enjoy your trip alone or with your loved ones. You can take all the pictures you want without feeling FOMO. Since you’re focused on having fun, who wants to be consumed by social media when there’s so much to explore? You have a better excuse for why you’re on a social media detox since you don’t want to miss out on a single moment or memory on your trip! Take it from Pia Wurtzbach on how she managed to do it!

6. Uninstall unnecessary apps on your devices

You’ll be surprised how many apps are installed on your phone; not only does it take too much of your device storage, but it can also take too much of your phone’s memory if many apps are open simultaneously. If you find it hard to go on a social media detox since it’s tempting to check your notifications every once in a while, you can uninstall those apps. Better yet, remove unimportant apps, like Marie Kondoing your phone and mind.

7. Follow inspiring or feel-good content creators

If the content on your social media feed can be draining or affecting your emotions negatively. You can start flushing the content that is giving you bad juju and start following the content creators or share content that are giving you light and joy. Sometimes your online presence is a reflection of who you are; you can attract what you like. If you love cat videos, start following funny cat content online; if you love funny stand-up comedy videos, start sharing funny quotes or follow them. You can set boundaries and make your online space a place of positivity and your personality..

8. Set a firm boundary to yourself

If you’re on a social media detox, you have to be firm on your decision not to check your social media feed every five minutes. You have to be disciplined, which can be challenging since who only uses their phone sometimes? Whether for work or personal. But it would be best if you remembered that once you set your limitations and understand your goal, it’ll be much easier to do your social media detox.