Guide to Applying for a Switzerland Visa

applying for a switzerland visa

As OFWs, many of us have nurtured the dream of exploring the world beyond the horizons of our work destinations. Switzerland, with its storybook landscapes and captivating culture, has long been at the top of … Read more

Visa Options for Filipinos in Switzerland

ways to apply as OFW in Switzerland

Switzerland is known for its stunning scenery, quality of life, and thriving economy, which makes it an attractive destination for many people looking for new opportunities abroad. Filipinos, in particular, are drawn to Switzerland for … Read more

Switzerland Dos and Don’ts

dos and don'ts in switzerland

Switzerland is a country that resides in a mountainous location in Central Europe, between France and Italy. It is home to numerous lakes, villages, and high peaks of the alps. Switzerland is best known for … Read more

Philippine Embassy in Berne, Switzerland

If you are looking for services such as passport application, visa application, passport renewal, visa renewal, marriage solemnization, birth certificate issuance, death certificate issuance, or dual citizenship certificate issuance, you can head to the Philippine … Read more