Sexual Relations Outside Marriage is Illegal in UAE

A reminder to everyone to please be aware of the law in the country that you are working in. In the UAE (United Arab Emirates), sex outside marriage is illegal and punishable by jail time, deportation and lifetime ban. The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) has issued a warning that having illicit affairs is a criminal offense in this country.

As the UAE is a Muslim country, it is governed by Sharia Law (Islamic Law). Part of its rules is that if a man and woman is not married and decide to live together, this is a punishable offense of 3 to 6 months jail and the couple will eventually be deported.

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sex outside marriage uae illegal
Keep it legal. Get married.

Sex Out of Wedlock is Illegal in the United Arab Emirates

In the Philippines, an unmarried couple living together may be tolerable, sometimes even acceptable and more common. But in the UAE, this is not acceptable at all. Being ignorant of the rules and regulations imposed by the country does not exclude you from punishment. In the same news warning, the Philippine Consulate in Dubai (PCG Dubai) has reported that many expat couples, including Pinoys, are now facing jail time for this violation.

There might be a common thought that if a Filipino can simply go to the Consulate to seek help to go back home to the Philippines right away once it is found that a woman is found to be pregnant out of marriage. This is wrong. Although you can ask for help from the Consulate, but it does not guarantee that you will not be punished. The law of the country where you are living is the one that you should follow.

Punishment for Sex Outside Marriage in the UAE – 6 Months Jail, Deportation and Lifetime Ban

Remember that we are still under foreign soil and the rules of the country (in this case, the UAE) still applies. Immorality is not negotiable in the legal system of the UAE. Pregnancies and childbirth out of wedlock carry a punishment of 6 months in jail, deportation, and a lifetime ban. 

So please be advised of these rules and regulations. Even if we may not be happy with it, since we are in a different country, let’s follow their system to avoid issues in the future.

Please also understand that in other Muslim countries, especially in the Middle East, similar rules may also apply.

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