How to Renew Philippine Passport in Singapore

There are plenty of Filipino expats working in Singapore and if you may need to renew your Philippine passport, you can head over to the Philippine embassy located in Nassim Road so you can apply for one. Here we share the requirements and guidelines in renewing your Philippine passports in Singapore so please be guided accordingly.

Note: Pinoys are advised to process the application of your new passport 10 months before your existing passport expires as this gives you more time to wait for the newly issued one. Remember that there are many applicants queuing at the embassy so it’s better that you process this quickly.

how to renew philippine passport singapore
Process in getting a new passport in Singapore.

Guide to Applying for a New Passport at Philippine Embassy in Singapore

Please be guided according to the steps and procedure in renewing your passport below:

1. Book an appointment online. No walk-in applicants are allowed. All applications for passport transactions should be coursed through the website link – which will help you secure an appointment date at the Embassy.

The website would ask for your email. If you do not have an email, you can use another person’s email address provided that you would indicate your name, passport number, and other needed information in the application for an appointment.

Do not forget to bring the printout of the email confirmation that would be sent to you detailing the date and time when you would have to appear personally in front of the Embassy staff. It will also contain specific instructions to follow, so do not forget it.

An individual can only make a single reservation in the online appointments list. Should he be making appointments for other people, then he should make sure that the details would be for the person involved and not his.

2. Go to the embassy for appearance during appointment date. Do not arrive at the embassy wearing inappropriate clothes. Be presentable – wear shirts with collars or blouses. No slippers would be allowed inside the premises. Do not wear extravagant jewelry during the photoshoot.

Documents/Requirements to Bring During the Appearance
Applicants must be able to present the following documents for verification during their personal appearance at the Philippine Embassy:

1. Fully accomplished ePassport form.
2. Original passport
3. Photocopies of the passport’s information page.
4. Singapore Identification card – Permanent Residence, E-Pass, S-Pass, Work Permit, Dependent card, Study Permit or Long-term Visit Pass)
5. Passport Renewal Fee of 102 SGD.

3. Present your printed confirmation email message to the personnel at the reception and receive a colored card indicating your number. Afterward, proceed to Window 8 and wait for your turn to be called. Present your documents for verification when your turn is called.

The Philippine Embassy staff would be the ones to do the data encoding, biometrics taking, and photoshoot. You must verify the accuracy and completeness of your data otherwise you’d have to apply for a new passport to correct the entries.

If the entries are correct, proceed to the cashier to pay S$102.00 in cash only. No debit or credit cards or personal checks will be accepted. Receive in return a receipt and a collection slip which you would be using to claim your passport.


So above is basically the step-by-step process in renewing the passport. In case you have specific requirements such as changing the surname (for married women), or for first-time applicants for your newborn baby, then please check the information below for more details.

Additional Requirements for Married Women who wish to Use their Married Name:

Applicants must be able to present the following documents for verification during their personal appearance at the Philippine Embassy:

  1. Philippine Statistics Authority-issued Marriage Certificate if the marriage was performed in the Philippines, duly authenticated by the Department of Foreign Affairs.
  2. Report of Marriage issued by the Philippine embassy or consulate if the marriage was done in foreign territory.

Additional Requirements for Household Service Workers

Applicants must be able to present the following documents for verification during their personal appearance at the Philippine Embassy:

  1. Original valid contract authenticated by the Philippine Embassy or
  2. Collection slip for authentication of the contract.

Additional Requirements and Guidelines for First-time Applicants (for Babies born in Singapore)

Parents must schedule their appointment before coming to the Embassy. Send an email to Title your email as First-time application and state the name of the child and his birthdate. The Embassy will coordinate with you and provide you with the next available date of appointment including the time for your confirmation.

Parents would have to appear with the child in the Embassy. The infant’s photo will also be taken during the process.

Additionally, the following requirements must be presented for verification:

  1. Fully accomplished ePassport form which can be downloaded here.
  2. Original and five photocopies of the Birth Certificate issued by the Singapore Registry of Births.
  3. Five copies of the Report of Birth Form. Each copy must be hard-signed by the parents.
  4. Original and five photocopies of the parents’ Marriage Contract.
  5. Five copies of the data page of the father’s passport.
  6. Five copies of the data page of the mother’s passport.

If the child’s birth is being reported a year after he was born, parents must present the Affidavit of Late Registration of Birth.

If the parents are not legally married, the staff may require the following additional documents:

  1. Affidavit of Admission of Paternity accomplished by the child’s father. It has to be signed in the presence of the consular officer. Should the father not be physically present, his signature must be duly authenticated in the nearest Philippine embassy where the father is in residence or if he is in the Philippines, by the DFA.
  2. Affidavit to Use the Surname of the Father accomplished by the child’s mother personally signed in front of the consular officer.
  3. A Personal Handwritten Instrument may be required if the father’s whereabouts are unknown, stating his acknowledgment of his paternity to the child. A copy of the father’s identification may also be required.

Additional Requirements for Lost Passports

While an online appointment would not be necessary, applicants must be able to send an email message to epassport.sgpe@gmail  with the title Lost Passport. The email must also contain the owner’s full name, birth date, place of birth, passport number, passport date of issue, and passport place of issue.

Applicants must be able to present the following documents for verification during their personal appearance at the Philippine Embassy:

  1. Fully accomplished Passport Application Form.
  2. Accomplished Affidavit of Loss of Passport
  3. Police Report on the loss of passport issued by the Singaporean Police Force.
  4. Photocopy of the lost passport’s information page, if applicable. If no photocopy is available, provide an original PSA-issued, DFA-authenticated birth certificate
  5. Singapore Pass – original and photocopies
  6. For HSWs, provide the most current Embassy-verified employment contract
  7. Payment of lost passport replacement fee of SGD 255.00 and notary fee of SGD 42.50

Things to Bring when Collecting your Passport

OFWs must present the following items when they are collecting their ePassports after 10 – 12 weeks.

  1. Blue Consular Collection slip issued during the appointment
  2. The current Philippine passport for cancellation
  3. If the owner cannot be present to collect the ePassport, a written and signed authorization letter from the passport owner must be presented.
  4. Claimants can also check the online passport availability tracker.

List of Fees

  • Report of Birth – SGD 42.50
  • Legalization of AAP or PHI – SGD 42.50
  • Legalization of AUSF – SGD 42.50
  • Certificate of Registration Fee – SGD 42.50
  • Affidavit of Late Registration – SGD 42.50
  • Passport Fee – SGD 102.00

We hope the above-mentioned details will guide you in understanding the procedure when you apply for a new passport in SG. We’ve researched this based on the embassy website to guide you better in this process.

Phil. Embassy Singapore Contact Information

Philippine Embassy Singapore
Location: 20 Nassim Road, Singapore 258395
Office Hours: Monday to Friday 9:00 am-5:00 pm (Except Holidays)
Trunk Line: +65 6737 3977 Fax: +65 6733 9544

Google Map Location of the Philippine Embassy in Singapore

To guide you in getting to the PH Embassy in SG, you can check out the map address for more directions. It is located in Nassim Road area.

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