Basic Monthly Expenses in Canada

Anyone who hasn’t gone out of the country, but is aiming to work abroad in the future, may have some important questions and misconceptions that need to be addressed first, in order for them to properly set expectations as well as realistic goals in living overseas.

If we may, the first and probably the biggest misconception to be addressed is that life is so much easier elsewhere than in the Philippines. In this post, we will give insight on how hard Filipinos living in Canada need to work to support their basic monthly living expenses and give you a breakdown of the cost of living in the western country.

cost of living in canada

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Cost of Living in Canada

With everything pretty upfront like universal healthcare, a socially progressive government, a reputation for having generally kind people, and picturesque geographic locations perfect for hikers, sailors, skiers, photographers, and urbanites alike – it’s not so hard to see why a lot of people, particularly Filipinos, find Canada as one of the most ideal places to move into.

If you’re one of the people who’ve decided to make the big move, one of the few things that you need to take into consideration is how much it will cost you to get there, first and foremost, and then how much it will cost you to live there once you’re all settled. Whether you’re retiring, temporarily relocating, or staying in Canada for good — it’s necessary for you to understand how different or similar your finances right now might look when you get there.

Knowing this will ultimately help you contemplate on the pros and cons of the new life you’ll be embracing there, versus the one you’ll leave behind back home.

Depending on one’s place of residence in Canada, costs may vary a little. But the general prices are dependent on overall economic averages. So, now onto the numbers…

Is the cost of living in Canada higher than in the Philippines?

Yes. The cost of living in Canada is 99.91% higher than in the Philippines, based on the 2018 data provided by Numbeo. But with everything made to be more accessible for its citizens, there are certain purchases that are much easier to transact in Canada than in the Philippines (i.e. getting a car, or buying out a house through bank loans). But this is, of course, still dependent on your pay scale. To give you concrete figures, here is a breakdown of the basic expenses for 2 people living in their own house (not renting) on a monthly basis:

Basic Monthly Expenses in Canada Table

The above table only covers your own living expenses, that is — if there are no other people you need to support, like children, and/or family back home that you send remittances to. Otherwise, you’ll also have to consider those in your computation.

So, take a look at where you are right now and examine if the life that you have now is worth risking for starting anew in Canada or elsewhere in the world. Remember, always take the good with the bad, so in the end, you’ll truly understand the value of something.

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