Loyal Domestic Helper Served Arab Family for 30 Years, Given Tribute on Twitter

Saudi Arabia: A tweet coming from a Saudi Arabian caused a lot of rave especially in the Overseas Filipino Worker Community. The message which has been shared more than two thousand times in Twitter since it was posted in March showed a lot of love and gratefulness towards one Filipino domestic helper which has served an Arab family for almost 30 years.

The man responsible for the tweet, Abdulrahman Al Sharhan, was personally taken care of by the Filipino nanny since he was a young boy. Now that the nanny was set to retire and settle in her home country – The Philippines – for good, Al Sharhan did not think twice in announcing his deep appreciation for her years of service to his family to the whole world.

Pinay Domestic Helper Receives Appreciation Online for the Years of Loyalty

In his tweet:

Using an online translator, his message reads as:

“After 29 years of service .. Ghalia decided to leave Back to Philippines ..! She always said, “Abdul Rahman marries and I love the Philippines.” Thank you for everything you have done for us. We will visit you with my children, God willing”

The post has certainly caused a lot of stir in the social media platform with almost everybody joining in to praise the nanny’s  loyalty to the Arab family. Despite the stories of OFW maltreatment that have been spreading lately, it is truly wonderful to hear that there are foreign employers willing to step forward and declare their appreciation for Filipino workers.
The hardworking Filipina is now set to retire from domestic help for good and may reportedly go back to Saudi Arabia when Al Rahman gets married.

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