OFW in Singapore Survives Brain Aneurysm, Employer Stays and Spends for Hospital Bill (4 Million PHP)

A Filipina in Singapore fought an unexpected attack with brain aneurysm, she was immediately rushed to the hospital and survived. Luckily her employers were there on time to aid her. She was very thankful of how she survived this kind of mishap. She’s recovering well and was even hailed as “Miracle Lady” by doctors and nurses.

According to a news report from BALITANGHALI of GMA News TV, an employed domestic helper in Singapore named Riza Anne Bernabisa was labeled as a “Miracle Lady” due to her fast recovery from being comatose of brain aneurysm. She regained her consciousness after several surgical operations within days.

Another great thing to note about this story is how her employer rushed to help and without any hesitation assisted with surgery. The first phase of the operation cost them 100,000 SGD (4 Million Pesos).

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pinay singapore brain aneurysm
Image credit: screengrab from GMA News YouTube

Pinay in Singapore Survives Brain Aneurysm, Stroke & Coma, Her Employer Also Helped with Medical Bills Amounting to 100,000 SGD (4 Million PHP)

Bernabisa was branded as the Miracle Lady because she woke up 3 days after she went in to coma. Nurses and doctors were amazed with her recovery because they did not expect her to be up soon with her condition.

Many of us have heard accidents, circumstances, tragedies and many more from our fellow OFWs who are working out of the country to support their family. It’s a common occurrence, we hear news in the television and it’s all about negative situations these OFWS face in their daily lives. However, we still hope that every bad situation can turn out to be good.

Check out the video from GMA News Balitanghali below:

The incident happened after Riza was preparing her employer’s child to go to school and her co-worker named Jasmin found her lying unconsciously on the ground. Fortunately, Celine Lacouture (Riza’s employer) arrived home in time. Celine’s children were right next to her while Riza was in her arms dying and while deciding what to do next. She thought of protecting her children first but she decided that Riza needed the help more.

Riza had been brought to the hospital and was treated with her seizure and eventually recovered herself in a short period of time.

Celine and her husband had thought about the expenses on how they can go about helping their Riza. And the couple did not hesitate in aiding their helper especially her life is more important.

The first phase of the operation cost Singapore $100,000 almost 4M PHP.

“I thought she was dying in my arms right in front of me and my children were just next to me. As a mother I wanted to protect my kids but I have to save a life.” Celine says in an interview with GMA News.

“My husband and I decided since we’re still young we can still make money, but we have to save a life that is the most important thing.”  Celine added.

Riza expressed how thankful she was to her employers for helping her. She was also prayed to God to give her strength because she still needs to help her parents and siblings at home.

There were 3 phases of the operation and there’s still pending balance amounting to Singapore $77,000 in the hospital. She’s seeking help in resolving her bills and medications.

If you want to donate, please click here: Hospital Bill for Riza Anne | Give Asia
Source: GMA News

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