Exhausted Seafarers Want to Go Home, Refuse to Extend Contracts

Many OFWs working as sailors in Australia does not want to stay any longer and extend their contract. The Filipino working seamen also requested to ask for a change of employees to cover their shift and appealed the contract to avoid staying any longer.

There are many Filipino workers who are struggling during these times of pandemic. Most companies or employers will have to pause their operations because of the virus “Covid-19” has brought upon us. Despite the situation, some companies are still operating but with limited mobility.

OFW Seaman

A Seaman’s Plea To Repatriate Back In The Philippines

Many Filipino workers on the sea requested to get back to their respective homes in the Philippines. At the same time, they wanted to have someone- a change of shift to cover for their job and take their rest.

According to these Filipino sea workers, they felt their request to repatriate are ignored. Their only hope is to go home on land because they feel they’ve suffered enough due to the cease of a crew change.

It’s quite ironic that many OFWs wanted their contract to extend for more money. Extending a contract means additional payment and bigger opportunities. Given the crew’s situation, they’d rather choose to decline the offer, while many marines are eager to get a job on a boat.

Since these seafarers can’t take any more of the struggle and work, and with their requests being neglected. They thought of implementing the “Downing of tools” to get what they need. This way, the management should respond because it is critical that these workers are forced to stop working.

Initially, these Filipino workers agreed to extend their work due to the pandemic, but there is no projected date when the operation will pause. According to our fellow Filipino workers, they pointed out the importance of contracts and working. However, if the situation is dire and health is at risk, it is better to decline. “What good does money give if your life is at stake.”

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