Soon, More Filipinos Can Work as Medical Staff in the UK

The United Kingdom (UK) will sign a deal with the Philippine government to hire additional Filipino healthcare professionals in its medical facilities, according to Britain’s envoy in Manila on Thursday, July 22.

Daniel Pruce, British Ambassador to the Philippines, said that there is a very healthy community of Filipino healthcare workers who have arrangements and commitments and contracts to work in the United Kingdom, particularly in the National Health Service (NHS).

Soon, More Filipinos Can Work as Medical Staff in the UK
Daniel Pruce / Credits: UK Government Website

PH, UK to Sign Agreement for Hiring of More Filipino Medical Staff

Despite this, Pruce did not go into greater detail, saying only that the labour and health departments are working on a “really nice” solution, the Inquirer reported.

“The discussions are being constructed in a very positive and constructive way and I think it will be in the period ahead that we will see the establishment of a clear agreement,” he said.

Before striking an agreement, Pruce stated that the UK is “very mindful” of the need of Filipino medical personnel in dealing with the Philippines’ own “healthcare challenges.”

“We completely respect that and don’t seek to undermine that at all,” he added.

He also noted the “enormous” role of Filipino healthcare personnel in dealing with the COVID-19 outbreak in the United Kingdom.

Filipino nurses in the United Kingdom have been lauded for their contributions to the fight against COVID-19.

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