Globe E-Wallet Promotes Investments for Various Types of Investors

In order to make financial solutions more available to everyone, one of the country’s leading mobile wallet companies launched a slew of new products and services to help everyone survive in the midst of the pandemic.

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GInvest, the investment feature in the Gcash app, is one of these providers. This allows users to invest in professionally run local and global funds for as little as Php 50.

Globe E-Wallet Promotes Investments for Various Types of Investors
Credits: GCash / Instagram

What’s a Great Way to Start Investing this 2021? Check Out GInvest

With COVID-19 restrictions in place, the e-wallet app enables users to invest without having to visit a bank, the Philippine Star reported.

With its 2021 portfolio of affordable goods and services designed to jumpstart growth for all, GCash remains committed to making finance available to everyone.

GInvest, the latest simple investment feature found in the GCash app that allows you to invest for as little as P50 in professionally managed local and global funds, allows consumers to unlock their life goals at any time.

The money you save in GCcash could also be used to open an investment account that allows you to invest in both local and global funds. There’s no need to go to the bank or even have a bank account to start investing,” Maxine Pinpin, head of Investments at Gcash said during the Gcash Futurecast last week.

“You can start investing for as low as P50 in local funds and P1,000 for global investment funds with no transaction fee,” she added.

According to Pinpin, users should only have to decide which investment strategy is best for them.

Local and Global Investments for Everyone

She also mentioned the financial projects that different types of investors may access via the mobile wallet app.

If you’re conservative in terms of investment, you could try our Money Market Fund which invests in time deposits and short-term financial instruments at banks like BPI, RCBC,” Pinpin said.

For investors that are willing to take on moderate risks, our Philippine bond fund is right for you where you can invest in local bonds of large Filipino companies and even the government,” the head of the app’s investment also said.

She added that those who want to take on a more ambitious approach may choose the Philippine equity fund where they can invest in the biggest companies in the country.

Pinpin said that e-wallet users can invest in tech giants and other foreign firms through global funds.

Local tech allows you to invest in companies like Apple, Google Microsoft…Users interested in trailblazing consumer companies like Amazon and Alibaba. You may choose to invest in our Global Consumer Trends Funds,” she added.

According to the mobile wallet, users can use the app to monitor the returns on their purchases in real-time.

GInvest currently has over 1 million users.

Insurance Coverage

Aside from investing, GCash users can also buy, save, get insurance, and do other things all within the same app.

Those searching for decent coverage can get GInsure insurance for medical emergencies such as Dengue, COVID-19, and injuries for as little as P300.

Consumers will then receive financial assistance through Cash For Medical Costs and the newly introduced Cash For Income Loss Due to Any Cause, all of which are accessible through the app.

Money Management

Meanwhile, it provides simple money management through GSave.

It said it is “the fully digital, secure, hassle-free savings account that was built in partnership with CIMB Bank, wherein the only requirement to start is an ID and a smartphone.”

It’s fully accessible once the account is created; and has no maintaining balance, no fees, and no initial deposit,” the mobile app added.

Several small-to-medium companies in the Philippines have begun to go cashless with their payment methods in the midst of the pandemic by using an e-wallet.

At GCash we want to be able to democratize access to financial services,” shared JF Darre, head of financial services and advanced analytics of GCash.

We aim to break down barriers of entry for Filipinos and make them realize that saving, investing, or even insuring one’s finances can be accessible to all,” he added.

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