Best HMO Prepaid Health Cards in Philippines

HMO prepaid cards are a type of healthcare payment card that allows individuals to prepay for healthcare services. These cards work similarly to other prepaid cards, with funds being loaded onto the card in advance and then deducted as the cardholder receives healthcare services.

Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) prepaid health cards can be used to pay for a wide range of healthcare services, including doctor visits, prescriptions, and medical procedures. They are often used by employers as a way to provide healthcare benefits to their employees, and by individuals who want to manage their healthcare expenses more efficiently.

HMO Prepaid Cards

HMO prepaid health cards can provide a great benefit to OFWs and their families. These cards can help OFWs and their families manage their healthcare expenses more efficiently, as they allow for prepayment of healthcare services. This can help to avoid unexpected medical expenses and budgeting issues.

Additionally, HMO prepaid health cards can provide peace of mind by ensuring that the cardholder has access to healthcare services when they need them. This is especially important for OFWs who may not have access to healthcare services in their country of work, or for families who may be separated from their loved ones due to work abroad.

Overall, HMO prepaid health cards can help to ease the burden of healthcare expenses for OFWs and their families, providing a valuable tool for managing healthcare costs.

Benefits of HMO Prepaid Health Cards

HMO cards are a type of healthcare payment card that can offer numerous benefits to individuals and families. Here are some of the key benefits of using these cards:

  1. Manage Healthcare Costs: HMO cards allow individuals to prepay for healthcare services, which can help to manage healthcare costs more efficiently. By prepaying for healthcare services, individuals can avoid unexpected medical expenses and budgeting issues.
  2. Access to Healthcare Services: HMO cards provide access to healthcare services when needed, which can be especially important for those who live in areas with limited access to healthcare services. This ensures that individuals have access to the medical care they need, regardless of their location.
  3. Customizable Coverage: HMO cards can be customized to meet the specific needs of individuals and families. This means that individuals can choose the type and level of coverage that they need, including coverage for doctor visits, prescriptions, and medical procedures.
  4. Convenience: HMO cards are a convenient way to pay for healthcare services. They work like other prepaid health cards, with funds being loaded onto the card in advance and then deducted as the cardholder receives healthcare services. This eliminates the need for individuals to carry cash or checks when paying for healthcare services.
  5. Employer-Sponsored Benefits: HMO prepaid health cards are often used by employers as a way to provide healthcare benefits to their employees. This provides employees with access to healthcare services and can help to attract and retain top talent.

Top HMO Cards in the Philippines

For a budget of ₱1,000 and below,

1. MediCard Health Check

This prepaid health card is perfect for Filipinos who have a low income but still wish to have their own health card.

HMO Prepaid Cards

It provides preventive healthcare services such as unlimited consultations with primary care doctors, annual physical exams, and a 20% discount on laboratory tests. However, do keep in mind that it’s limited to preventive healthcare only and additional fees may apply if you need to see affiliated specialists.

2. Maxicare EReady

It provides emergency care services inclusive of professional fees, emergency room fees, medicines for treatment, diagnostic and laboratory tests, and more.

Maxicare EReady

The card provides a maximum one-time coverage of ₱15,000 and ₱50,000 group life with accidental death and dismemberment coverage. It’s also good to note that you get access to Maxicare’s 1,000 accredited hospitals nationwide.

For a budget of ₱1,000 to ₱2,000,

3. PhilCare ER Vantage Plus

The card provides coverage for hospitalization limited to viral and bacterial diseases and injuries from accidents.

PhilCare ER Vantage Plus

It also provides a benefit for hospital confinement, professional fees, laboratory and diagnostic tests, necessary medicines, and special modalities of treatment, with a maximum coverage ranging from ₱40,000 to ₱80,000 depending on the type of card. However, it’s important to note that it’s only limited to emergency care, including hospitalization.

4. Insular Health Plan A – Individual – medical care from any of the 6 major hospitals in the Philippines

If you are living in the metro and looking for a plan that provides top-quality care, Insular Health Plan A is an excellent choice. It offers a benefit limit of P100,000 and semi-private room accommodation at any of their accredited hospitals, including the six major hospitals in the country.

HMO Prepaid Cards

Apart from hospitalization, this HMO also covers annual physical exams, outpatient care, and emergency care at Insular Health Care Clinic and accredited hospitals. However, note that pre-existing conditions are not covered in the first year, whether the member is aware of it or not. Coverage in the succeeding year will be subject to evaluation upon renewal.

This HMO starts at P14,320/year (~USD256.96) for a single, 25-year-old, and you can also get dental coverage for an additional fee.

5. MyMaxicare Silver – reimburses emergency care acquired overseas

MyMaxicare Silver is perfect for those who love to travel locally and internationally. This HMO allows full reimbursement of hospital fees acquired in areas in the Philippines without Maxicare-accredited hospitals. The provider also reimburses up to P30,000 for emergency care abroad.

HMO Prepaid Cards

At P15,110/year (~USD271.90) for a 25-year-old and coverage of P60,000, it covers in-patient care, including the use of the operating room, ICU, and boarding in a semi-private room, as well as in-patient medicine, IVs, and blood transfusion. There’s also outpatient care that includes consultations, minor injury treatments, minor surgeries, and more. On top of these, you get comprehensive coverage in case of emergencies.

6. Maxicare EReady Advance Platinum – ER care at any of the 6 major hospitals in the country

Maxicare’s EReady Advance Platinum is an affordable prepaid health card that helps you receive care from a network of hospitals, including the six major hospitals in the country.

HMO Prepaid Cards

It provides care for any medical emergency that requires immediate care and covers doctor’s fees, ER fees, dressing, sutures, and casts for outpatient emergency cases. For in-patient cases, it includes regular private room accommodation and use of the operating room and ICU.

For both in- and out-patient emergency cases, it also bears the cost of medicine, oxygen, intravenous fluids, blood, and laboratory and diagnostic exams. The Maxicare EReady Advance Platinum costs P3,950 (~USD71.08) and has a P50,000 benefit limit and 1-year validity.

7. Medicard RxER – unlimited medical consultations and emergency care

HMO Prepaid Cards

Medicard RxER ensures that you’re in tiptop shape with unlimited medical consultations with primary care physicians, general surgeons, OB-GYN doctors, and more at Uro Industrial Clinic and Medicard clinics. Its coverage even includes free dental consultations and one-time dental cleaning.

It also gives you P20,000 coverage for emergencies, particularly trauma cases, animal bites, burns, and chemical poisoning, provided you get care within six hours of incidence. For this, it covers ER fees, professional fees, and medications. Diagnostic procedures and lab tests are also covered up to P5,000 subject to the limit. It costs P1,998 (~USD35.95) and is valid for one year.

8. InLife ER Care All-In 100 Adults

The ER Care All-In 100 Adults is a prepaid health voucher that provides a high benefit limit of P100,000 for only P1,750 (~USD31.49). It covers medical expenses related to accidents, viral illnesses such as COVID-19, and bacterial illnesses such as UTIs.

HMO Prepaid Cards

The voucher includes diagnostic procedures, ER care, doctor’s fees, surgery and surgeon’s fees, use of the ICU, and private room accommodations at accredited hospitals.

However, it’s important to note that the voucher does not cover pre-existing conditions. This means it’s more suitable for healthy individuals who want to be prepared for unforeseen medical emergencies. The voucher is valid for one year and can be used only once.

9. InLife She’s Well Violet

The She’s Well Violet is a prepaid health voucher designed specifically for women aged 19-35 years old who want to get themselves checked annually. For only P12,000 (~USD215.94), the voucher covers diagnostic exams, including transvaginal ultrasound, pap smear, breast ultrasound, as well as consultations before and after these procedures. You also get unlimited teleconsultations with doctors from a wide array of specializations.

HMO Prepaid Cards

Moreover, the She’s Well Violet voucher provides a one-time P20,000 accident coverage that includes in- and out-patient care at an Insular-accredited hospital. This coverage can help you pay for doctor’s fees, laboratory and diagnostic procedures, medicine, and ward accommodation in the event of an accident.

Guide when Choosing the Best HMO Prepaid Health Cards

  1. Coverage: Look for an HMO prepaid card that covers your specific health needs. Some cards offer coverage for only basic medical services, while others provide more comprehensive coverage. Consider the health conditions you’re likely to encounter and find a card that provides adequate coverage.
  2. Benefit Limit: Check the benefit limit of the health prepaid card. The higher the benefit limit, the more you can save on healthcare expenses. However, higher benefit limits also come with higher costs, so make sure the cost is reasonable and within your budget.
  3. Duration: Determine how long the card is valid. Some cards are valid for only a few months, while others are valid for a year or more. Choose a card that gives you ample time to use the benefits.
  4. Accredited Hospitals: Check the list of accredited hospitals where you can use the prepaid card. Make sure there are hospitals near your area, and they have a good reputation for providing quality healthcare services.
  5. Pre-existing conditions: Be aware of any exclusions or limitations, particularly when it comes to pre-existing conditions. Some prepaid cards may not cover pre-existing medical conditions, which may limit your options when it comes to healthcare services.
  6. Cost: Compare the costs of different prepaid health cards. Some cards are more expensive than others, but they may offer more comprehensive coverage. Determine your budget and find a card that provides the best value for your money.
  7. Teleconsultation: Look for an HMO prepaid card that offers teleconsultation services. Teleconsultation allows you to consult with a doctor remotely, which can be convenient and cost-effective, especially for minor health concerns.
  8. Customer Reviews: Check customer reviews online to get an idea of the quality of service and coverage provided by different HMO companies. This can help you make an informed decision when choosing an HMO prepaid card.

Choosing the best HMO prepaid card can be overwhelming, but by considering these factors, you can find the card that best fits your health needs and budget.

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Here’s a video where the vlogger shares about some affordable health cards and insurance options available here in the Philippines. If you’re looking for cheaper alternatives to traditional health insurance or HMOs, this video is for you. The vlogger talks about prepaid health cards that are incredibly affordable and offer great benefits. So, sit back, relax, and let’s dive into some of the best health cards available in the Philippines!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are HMO health cards?

HMO prepaid health cards are a type of health insurance that allows you to pay for your medical expenses in advance. You purchase the card for a certain amount and it entitles you to specific health services for a limited period of time.

2. How do HMO health cards work?

HMO prepaid health cards work by providing you with a set of benefits and services for a predetermined amount of time. You can use these benefits and services by presenting your HMO card to participating healthcare providers.

3. What are the benefits of HMO health cards?

HMO prepaid health cards offer several benefits, such as affordability, convenience, and flexibility. They can be a good option for those who are looking for health insurance alternatives that fit their budget.

4. What services are covered by HMO cards?

The services covered by HMO prepaid health cards vary depending on the type of card you purchase. Generally, they cover diagnostic procedures, doctor’s fees, hospitalization, and emergency services.

5. Can I use my HMO card for pre-existing conditions?

Most HMO prepaid health cards do not cover pre-existing conditions, so it’s important to check the terms and conditions before purchasing the card.

6. How do I purchase an HMO card?

You can purchase an HMO prepaid card online or in person. Most insurance companies and HMO providers offer prepaid cards that you can buy directly from their website or office.

7. How long is the validity of an HMO card?

The validity of an HMO prepaid card varies depending on the type of card you purchase. Some cards are valid for only a few months, while others are valid for up to a year.

8. How can I know if a healthcare provider accepts my HMO card?

You can check with your HMO provider to know which healthcare providers accept your prepaid card. Most HMO providers have a list of accredited hospitals, clinics, and doctors that honor their prepaid cards.


In conclusion, HMO prepaid health cards are a convenient and cost-effective way for individuals to manage their healthcare expenses. With the ability to prepay for healthcare services and the flexibility to choose from a range of healthcare providers, HMO prepaid health cards provide individuals with greater control over their healthcare spending.

Whether provided by an employer or purchased independently, prepaid health cards offer a valuable tool for managing healthcare costs and ensuring access to essential healthcare services.

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