HUMANIA International, Inc. Recruitment Agency in Philippines

Humania International, Inc. is one of the leading land-based recruitment agency in the Philippines. With over 20 years of recruitment and placement experience under its belt, Humania International, Inc. is well-known in the field for sourcing the best talents and matching them with reputable companies. Their dedication and commitment to providing employment opportunities and the best available career positions in various industries while serving all stakeholders with personal attention, timely, proper, and competent service, and professional ethics and integrity is well-received in the industry as among the best recruitment practices.

Through their excellent services, Humania International Inc. endeavors to turn the Filipino dream of seeking a meaningful life and bright future for their loved ones into a reality of a global scale.

Trying to find a legitimate job in a foreign country while avoiding getting victimized by fraudulent agencies has always been a challenging feat. This is particularly true for first-time applicants who have never experienced what it’s like to obtain an overseas job and relocate. With this in mind, we created this article to tell you about Humania International, Inc. – one of the most reputable choices of manpower agencies for Filipino applicants.

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What is HUMANIA International, Inc?

Humania International, Inc. is a Philippine-based international recruitment agency for land-based jobs. A proud manpower agency duly licensed by relevant authorities in the Philippines, Humania International, Inc. has since expanded its operation, allowing them to cater to as many jobseekers and corporate partners as possible.

With their mission to source and provide better livelihood opportunities for Filipino jobseekers and better recruitment service and solutions to their clients, Humania International, Inc. has continued to operate and innovate so they may continue providing valuable professional service and solutions to recruitment woes that plague many corporations in different parts of the world.

In their quest to continue offering quality and timely recruitment service, Humania International, Inc. offers manpower supply to fill staffing shortage in the following industries:

  • Sports & Fitness
  • Engineering
  • Buildings & Constructions
  • Beauty & Wellness
  • Industrial Technicians
  • Healthcare & Nursing
  • Hotels & Restaurants
  • Transportation Services
  • Tailoring & Garments
  • Household Services
  • Hospitality & Services
  • Educational Service

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List of Job Vacancies in HUMANIA International, Inc

Humania International, Inc. is committed to sourcing the best and most suitable applicants for their clients. They implement a thorough screening process to ensure that their clients are served with highly skilled workers who will grow and prosper with the company.

For over two decades, Humania International, Inc. has been recruiting, training, and placing many types of workers from the Philippines in full and part-time positions worldwide. Their vast network ensures that the Filipino talents they hire are matched with reputable employers in various fields. Some job positions that they are currently hiring for include:

  • Domestic Helper
  • Burger Maker
  • Juice Maker
  • Male Hairdresser
  • Tint Installer
  • Cook
  • Male Server
  • Pet Groomer
  • Car Mechanic
  • Waitress
  • Beautician
  • Nail Technician
  • Derma Nurse
  • Pastry Baker
  • Housekeeper
  • Tailor
  • Cutter
  • Staff Nurse
  • Massage Therapists

Since finding your desired job is always the first step in any job hunting situation, be it local or overseas, it would be in your best interest to make sure to check all the available job positions that Humania International, Inc. has to offer, and choose the one that best suit your qualifications, especially if you are looking into joining the overseas workforce through them.

To check on the latest jobs available via Humania International, Inc., applicants are encouraged to visit the Humania website Jobs page or any of their social media pages accessible through the following links:

Humania International, Inc. website Jobs page:
Humania International, Inc. Facebook page:
Humania International, Inc. WorkAbroad account:

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How to Apply for a Job via HUMANIA International, Inc Agency

Once you have set your eyes on a job that you like, then it’s time for you to prepare for the actual application process. Naturally, this process will start once you have done your due diligence and researched the hiring company for the job post that you have set your sights on and once you are sure that this is “the one” that you are looking for.

If, at any point, you decide that this is not the job that you want, then feel free to repeat the process: Find a job that you like, then research the company and figure out if it’s what you want.

Documents needed for Job Applicants

When this is done, you can move forward and start preparing the basic documentary requirements for applying for an overseas job. You may start with the following:

    • Resume with detailed job description
    • Employment Certificates
    • Certificate of Training and Seminars Attended
    • Copy of your valid Passport and NBI Clearance
    • 3pcs. 2×2 Photos taken within the past six months

Applying via HUMANIA International, Inc.

Once you have the documents prepared, then it’s time to start with the actual application process. For Humania International, Inc., this starts with the applicants sending in their application online.

Applicants may do so in different ways:

Via the Humania website (Homepage):

  • Visit the Humania International, Inc. website at
  • Click the Apply Now button on the top right portion of the page and you will be directed to the online application form for Domestic Helpers ( For applicants who are looking to get hired as skilled workers, you may click the link under the form header (
  • Complete the online application form by filling it with the following information:
    • Preference
      • Preferred country to work in
      • Preferred branch to report in
      • 2×2 headshot with white background
      • 3.5×5 full body shot with white background
    • Personal Information
      • Name
      • Age
      • Place of birth
      • Date of Birth
      • Height
      • Weight
      • Religion
      • Full Address
      • Passport Civil Status
      • Present Civil Status
      • Position in the Family
      • Name of Father
      • Age
      • Occupation
      • Name of Mother
      • Age
      • Occupation
      • Siblings
    • Contact Information
      • Personal Mobile Number
      • Other Contact Number
      • Email Address
    • Educational Background
      • School Name (Elementary, High School, College, Vocational)
      • Years Completed (College, Vocational)
      • Graduation Status (College Vocational)
      • Course (College)
      • Languages Spoken
      • Other Skills
    • Working Experience
      • Work Experience
      • Position
      • Employer name
      • Country
      • Employer’s Nationality
      • Employment Period
      • Duties and Responsibilities
    • Skills Assessment (Tick the checkbox depending on whether you have experience or are willing to learn the following skills.)
      • Cooking
        • Arabic Food
        • Western Food
        • Filipino Food
      • Baby Care *
        • 0-12 months
        • Take a bath with baby
        • Changing diapers
        • Care / feed at night
      • Children Care *
        • 1-2 years old
        • 2-4 years old
        • Over 5 years old
      • Sick/Elderly Care
      • Care of Handicap
      • Shopping at Wet Market
      • Shopping at Supermarket
    • Questionnaire (Provide answers to the following questions.)
      • Are you afraid of dogs/cats?
      • Are you willing to work for a big family (over 6 family members)?
      • Are you willing to work for a family with grandmother & grandfather?
      • Are you willing to serve sick / handicap persons?
      • Are you willing to work together with another helper?
      • Do you have a job right now? If so, position:
      • Are you willing to eat Arabic food when you arrive in the Middle East?
      • Do you have any experience in taking care of a newly born baby?
      • Will you only use the telephone with the employer’s permission?
      • Are you prepared to follow the code of behavior drawn up by your agency?
      • Can you promise not to invite your friends to your employer’s residence without his or her consent?
      • Can you promise not to use make-up while at work?
      • Can you promise not to use nail polish while at work?
      • Are you willing to keep your hair short if required?
      • Are you willing to keep your fingernails short?
      • Do you smoke?
      • Can you swim?
      • Have you ever worked abroad? If yes, which country?
      • Do you suffer from any kind of skin disease?
      • Do you take a bath daily?
        • Morning
        • Afternoon
        • Night
      • Do you wash your hair every day?
        • Morning
        • Afternoon
        • Night
      • Is there any food that you do not eat?
        • Beef
        • Pork
        • Vegetable
        • Fish
        • Seafood
      • Usually you use your right hand or left hand?
      • Do you need to wear eye glasses?
      • Do you love kids?
      • Which of the following jobs do you think you have confidence to perform well?
        • Babysitting
        • Child care
        • Sick/Elderly caring
        • House cleaning
        • Sewing
        • Ironing
        • Cooking
        • Hand washing
        • Machine wash
        • Car washing
        • Gardening
        • Dog/Cat caring
      • Do you have any sisters/relatives/friends working in Hong Kong/Oman/Qatar?
      • How many years in Hong Kong/Oman/Qatar?
      • Location in Hong Kong/Oman/Qatar?
      • Upload Relevant Documents (PEOS, E-reg, Passport copy, D&A Chops, Release Letter, Hong Kong ID, NOC(no objection certificate))
      • Tell us something about yourself*
    • Declaration (Answer the following questions.)
      • Have you changed your NAME before?
      • Have you been refused entry into, deported from or required to leave in any country?
      • Have you been refused VISA for entry into Oman/Qatar?
      • Have you ever filed a case against your employer/agency Before?
      • How do you know about Humania International, Inc.?
  • Hit Finish.

Via Email

Applicants may also send their resumes via email through the email address:

Other Channels (Social Media / WorkAbroad)

They may also browse for job openings and apply via the social media accounts or via Work Abroad PH through the following links:

Humania International, Inc. Facebook page:
Humania International, Inc. WorkAbroad account:

Humania International, Inc. will then pre-select individual applicants by conducting interviews and facilitating screening, testing, and other evaluation procedures.

If necessary, applicants are sometimes advised to go for training.

The names of the shortlisted applicants are then sent to the employer for their review and selection. Those who are selected by the employer may be interviewed in person or via web cam at the discretion of the employer at a pre-arranged schedule.

Those who make it beyond the employer interview, the selected applicants, are then requested to immediately submit original documentary requirements (including Passport, Educational Certificates, Employment Certificates, etc) for verification and to ensure that the applicant has submitted valid documents.

They will then receive an employment offer, and consequently, a medical referral.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Having said that, we also tried to provide as much information as possible about HUMANIA International, Inc as a global recruitment and placement agency. If we missed some things, then you might find them in this list of the most commonly asked questions.

1. What services does HUMANIA International, Inc. provide?

Humania International Inc, provides manpower supply and conducts the full recruitment process (from screening to placement) to a wide range of different industries:

  • Sports & Fitness
  • Engineering
  • Buildings & Constructions
  • Beauty & Wellness
  • Industrial Technicians
  • Healthcare & Nursing
  • Hotels & Restaurants
  • Transportation Services
  • Tailoring & Garments
  • Household Services
  • Hospitality & Services
  • Educational Services

For more information on the services offered by Humania International, Inc. or for urgent inquiries regarding what they offer, you may call them directly through any of the telephone numbers below:

Manila HK Jobs – 0918-9177859 / 0917-3080246
Manila Middle East Jobs – (02) 7144301

2. I am interested in working abroad through Humania’s placements but I keep encountering problems while applying online. What should I do?

If you keep encountering problems while applying online via the humania website, then you may opt to apply via other channels, like email or their WorkAbroad account. Suppose you really want to go through the website, you may reach out to Humania directly either by calling their phone numbers or visiting any of their recruitment offices.

Manila HK Jobs – 0918-9177859 / 0917-3080246
Manila Middle East Jobs – (02) 7144301
Humania International, Inc. website:
Humania International, Inc. Tel. No.: (02) 714 4301, 7144299; 09153080246
Humania International, Inc. Email Address:
Humania International, Inc. WorkAbroad account:
Humania International, Inc. Facebook page:

3. Should I fill out the Humania online application form even when there aren’t any job openings that match my skills and qualifications?

Yes. After all, nothing is stopping you from doing so. Plus, the application form does not require you to pick the specific job that you desire. Instead, it asks for your top two (2) desired positions, which means, you can be matched to new job openings, if you have the right qualifications and experiences.

4. How do I know if I get shortlisted or selected for a job?

Once you are selected for a job post, a recruitment staff from Humania International, Inc. will reach out to you for further evaluation/screening instructions. Depending on how you do at the pre-screening stage, you may also be recommended for an employer interview and if you do well later on, for deployment.

5. Do I need to go for an interview?

Depending on the employer, applicants may be required to attend an interview, either via web cam or in person, but they will be informed about it in advance so they may be able to prepare for the interview accordingly.

6. If I am selected as a new hire, who will take care of processing my papers?

If you are hired for any position via Humania International, Inc., you as an applicant, are expected to work on processing your documentary requirements. That’s not to say that you will not receive any help or support from the agency. The agency will assist and facilitate the processing of all requirements, including giving out referral forms whenever necessary.

7. I have applied to Humania International, Inc. before but have not heard back. What should I do?

If you have applied for an overseas position via Humania International, Inc. but have not heard from them, or if you wish to send a new application for another position, then feel free to send your application via email or to reach out to Humania directly, either via their phone numbers or by making a visit to any of their offices located in different parts of the Philippines.

8. How do I stay updated on the latest jobs available via HUMANIA International, Inc?

To stay updated on the latest news and jobs available via HUMANIA International, Inc, all OFW aspirants must regularly visit either their official website or their social media pages or WorkAbroad account through the following links:

Humania International, Inc. website:
Humania International, Inc. Facebook page:
Humania International, Inc. WorkAbroad account:

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Humania International, Inc. is perhaps one of the most well-known global recruitment agencies in the Philippines,having deployed thousands of Filipino professionals to different parts of the world for over 20 years. Their dedication to excellent and ethical recruitment service and solutions have helped them thrive in the competitive recruitment and placement industry. Over the years, they have maintained a high quality of service and have continued helping employers and OFW aspirants find the most suitable placement that would translate to an excellent opportunity for all stakeholders.

Contact Information

For more information on Humania International, Inc. Or any of their services and success stories, feel free to reach out to them via the following contact information:


Office Address: Suite B, E, F & H PTL Building, 814 Pedro Gil Street, Malate, Manila
Landline No.: (02) 714-4301
Hong Kong Dep’t Mobile Nos.: 0918-9177859 / 0917-3080246
Qatar Dep’t Mobile Nos.: 0998-9527710 / 0916-3928060
Kuwait Dep’t Mobile Nos.: 0929-4702382 / 0917-5232253
Oman Dep’t Mobile Nos.: 0920-4966008


Office Address: 3rd Floor, SMK Building (Smart Building), Malvar, Maharlika High-Way, Santiago City, Isabela
Mobile No.: 0917-5584474


Office Address: 3rd Floor, L.M. Chan Building, Quezon Avenue, San Fernando, La Union
Contact Nos.: (072) 607-0246 / 0908-4024540


Office Address: 2/F Bismonte Building, Gen. Luna Street Corner Ligot Street, Laoag City, Ilocos Norte
Mobile No.: 0998-5617518


Office Address: Door 7, LDL Commercial Building, Bonifacio Street, Davao City
Contact No.: (082) 298-3015

For further information, you may contact the recruitment agency at telephone number 7144299; 7144301; 09153080246 or send an email to so they can provide assistance. Their social media pages are also there, so in case you need further assistance in a more convenient platform, you may check it out at

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