156 OFW Quotes and Captions to Inspire Filipinos

Quotes and captions from Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) are a powerful way to connect with the struggles and successes of those who have left their homes in search of better opportunities abroad. Through these quotes, we can hear stories about leaving family, facing new challenges, and ultimately finding hope in hardship. These inspirational words remind us that no matter how difficult our situation may be, there is always something positive to take away from it.

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Check out these OFW quotes and captions that provide an insight into the strength and resilience of Filipinos who work hard for a brighter future for themselves and their families. They serve as a reminder that even when faced with obstacles, anything is possible if you have faith in yourself and never give up on your dreams.

ofw quotes and captions

What are OFW Quotes?

OFW quotes are sayings, statements, or phrases that relate to the experiences of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs). These quotes are often inspirational or motivational in nature, providing words of encouragement to those who are living and working abroad, as well as reminding them of the importance of their sacrifices to their families back home.

OFW quotes can be found in social media, blogs, and online forums, and they serve as a source of inspiration and comfort for many OFWs who are dealing with the challenges of being away from their loved ones while striving to provide for their families.

OFW Inspirational and Motivational Quotes

Sometimes you are looking for an extra burst of motivation or inspiration to keep pushing forward. Here are some of the most inspirational and motivating OFW quotes to help you stay motivated during tough times:

  • “The harder I work, the luckier I get.” – Unknown
  • “You can do anything you set your mind to if you have courage and persistence.” – Unknown
  • “Success isn’t about the end result, it’s about what you learn along the way.
  • “When you get a good job abroad, you can help more people back home.” -Anonymous
  • “It takes the courage of a warrior to make the ultimate sacrifice for your family.” -Unknown
  • “My success is not my own; it is rooted in hard work and determination.” -Jenna Ausec
  • “If one door closes, find another one or create a new one”- Unknown
  • “I’m an OFW because I want to give my family what they deserve” – Anonymous
  • “Think big, dream bigger”- Unknown
  • “Success begins with failure but don’t let that stop you from trying again”– Unknown
  • “You just have to keep going and never give up on yourself”– Unkown
  • “No matter how hard it gets, do not forget why you are here in this world” – Ahon sa Kaunlaran Movement
  • “There’s no shortcut to success except hard work” – Anonymous
  • “Kahit malayo ka sa iyong pamilya, bigyang pagmamahal at huwag malimitang magpasalamat sa kanila.”
  • “Walang mahirap para sa isang OFW habang naninindigan ang iyong mga layunin at pananampalataya .”
  • “Huwag matakot na lumutang sa mundo; laging isaalang-alang ang pinakamahusay na interes ng iyong pamilya.”
  • “Bilang OFW, huwag kalimutang magbigay ng panahon at pagmamahal para sa mga taong mahalaga sayo .”
  • “Huwag hayaan ang pagiging malayo mo sa pamilya upang pigilan ka na gawin ang gusto mong gawin .!”
  • “Mahalin mo siya ng husto para hindi siya nadadapa dahil wala ka.”
  • “Magsikap tayong magkaroon ng sariling kinabukasan kung anuman ang pinanganak nating realidad .”
  • “We may be away from our family but let us never forget that we have to do our best to make a better future for them and us alike”
  • “Let your successes motivate you to strive harder each day and keep going until you reach the goals you have set for yourself”
  • “It takes courage to become an OFW, so take heart and face every challenge with grace and determination”
  • “Every time we step out of our comfort zone and branch out into unknown waters, we grow into better versions of ourselves”
  • “Life as an OFW is full of ups and downs but keep on believing in yourself because you can conquer all these obstacles”
  • “Be proud of yourself for being an OFW who has made sacrifices so your children can fulfill their dreams one day”
  • “Ang pagiging isang OFW ay di madali pero di rin itoy imposible , Kung matiyagaT Ka Total Matutumpok lahat !!!”
  • ”Don’t let adversity get in the way of your success; stay resilient and never give up on achieving your goals no matter what happens!”
  • ”Be kind to yourself this season; you have worked hard enough for your family’s sake and should be rewarded with love during this season!”
  • “Take risks today in order to build a better tomorrow – success does not come easy, but through dedication everything can be achieved!”
  • “The greatest gift we can give our family is always striving to become a better person despite all the challenges along the way .”
  • “Dedication towards your work pays off; remember that every hardwork will bring its own reward if pursued wholeheartedly!”
  • “You are capable of more than what meets the eye: nothing can stop you if you believe in yourself and strive even harder!”

OFW Quotes about Struggles and Hardships in English

OFW life is quite difficult and challenging. After all, being away from family and friends takes a great toll on one’s mental, emotional and physical well-being. But these hardships are nothing compared to the love, care, and appreciation we get when we come home after a long hard day at work. So here are some quotes about struggles and hardships to help you stay motivated on your journey:

  • There are times when we must go through hardships and struggles, but never forget why you are doing this. -Anonymous
  • “Hardships make us stronger; they help us become better versions of ourselves.”- Unknown
  • “Don’t let the struggles along the way discourage you from following your dreams.” – Unknown
  • “Being an OFW is not easy, but it’s worth it for our family’s future.”
  • “We may be far from our loved ones, but our sacrifices will bring us closer together in the end.”
  • “Challenges are a part of the OFW life, and they make us stronger.”
  • “Homesickness is just a reminder of how much we love our families back home.”
  • “The distance may be great, but our love for our families is greater.”
  • “Our hard work abroad is for the dreams and hopes of our families back home.”
  • “We may be physically distant from our loved ones, but our hearts are always with them.”
  • “The struggles we face as OFWs only make us appreciate our families more.”
  • “Leaving our families behind was the hardest decision we’ve ever had to make, but we do it for their future.”
  • “As OFWs, we face obstacles that require both strength and faith.”
  • “Our sacrifices may not be seen or appreciated by everyone, but we do it for our families and that’s all that matters.”
  • “We may be in a foreign country, but our values and culture remain strong.”
  • “As OFWs, we may face discrimination and prejudice, but we rise above it with our determination and hard work.”
  • “For every struggle we face as OFWs, there is a blessing waiting for us in the end.”
  • “Our hardships abroad may seem insurmountable, but we overcome them with resilience and hope.”
  • “Homesickness may tug at our hearts, but we find strength in knowing that our families will benefit from our hard work.”
  • “As OFWs, we carry the weight of our families’ dreams on our shoulders, and that keeps us going.”
  • “We may be far away from our loved ones, but we are never alone on this journey.”
  • “The challenges of being an OFW only make us work harder for our families.”
  • “Our experiences as OFWs may be difficult, but they shape us into stronger and better individuals.”

OFW Quotes about Success

When you stay an OFW, you must be ready to encounter several hardships. However, these challenges will make us stronger if we fight it out with courage and determination. The same applies in achieving success in life. Keep these OFW quotes about success close to your heart so that you can draw strength from them:

  • “Success doesn’t come easy; it takes hard work and dedication to achieve it” – Unknown
  • “Success is not the end of the journey, but rather a milestone in life.” – Unknown
  • “Success as an OFW means being able to provide for our families and give them a brighter future.”
  • “The sacrifices we make as OFWs are worth it when we see our families’ dreams come true.”
  • “Success as an OFW is not measured in what we have, but in the love and happiness we bring to our families.”
  • “As OFWs, success means not just providing financial support, but also being present for our families and showing them our love.”
  • “Success as an OFW is not just about the money we earn, but about the lessons we learn and the person we become from our experiences.”
  • “Our success abroad is not just ours alone – it is also the success of our families back home.”
  • “As OFWs, success is not just about the job we have, but about the work we put in to give our families a better life.”
  • “Success as an OFW is about overcoming our own fears and doubts, and achieving our goals for our families.”
  • “As OFWs, success is about fulfilling our promises to our families and making them proud of us.”
  • “Our success as OFWs is not just about the present, but also the future we create for our families.”
  • “Success as an OFW is not just about the quantity of quality time we spend with our families, but about the memories we create when we are together.”
  • “The success we achieve as OFWs is not just for ourselves, but for the community we support and belong to.”
  • “As OFWs, success means being able to provide for our families without sacrificing our own values and principles.”
  • “Success as an OFW is not just about the monetary rewards, but also the emotional fulfillment of being able to help our families achieve their dreams.”
  • “Our success abroad is a reflection of the sacrifices we make and our determination to provide for our families.”
  • “As OFWs, success is about going beyond our own limits and pushing ourselves to achieve more for our loved ones.”
  • “Success as an OFW means making the most of every opportunity that comes our way, and taking risks to create a better future for our families.”
  • “The success we achieve as OFWs is not just through our own efforts, but also through the support and encouragement of our loved ones back home.”
  • “As OFWs, success is about using our talents and skills to make a positive difference in our families’ lives.”
  • “Our achievements as OFWs are a testament to our resilience, courage, and love for our families.”

OFW Quotes About Love

Love is one of the most powerful motivators that keep OFWs going. Despite the distance, our families never fail to remind us how much they love and appreciate us. Here are some inspiring OFW quotes about love:

  • “Love is a bridge that connects two hearts, even when miles apart.” – Unknown
  • “Love is what makes us brave enough to endure the hardships of being an OFW.”
  • “The love we have for our families will continue to inspire us and give us strength, no matter how far away we are from them.”
  • “Our love for our families will make all the sacrifices worthwhile when we are reunited with them.”
  • “The love between an OFW and their family will never be broken by distance, time, or hardships.”
  • “Love is the only thing that will keep us going through every challenge as an OFW.”
  • “Walang kahigitan ang pag-ibig ng OFW na nag-aalaga sa pamilya nila sa malayong lugar.”
  • “Walang mas masarap kesa umuwi ng aliw at saya sa araw ng Pasko habang hawak mo man ang mga kalooban ng iyong ibinigay na pagmamahal .”
  • “Kahit mahirap, maging matiyaga ka sa pagmamahal para sa iyong pamilya at magparehistro ng oras at pagpupursige.”
  • “Minsan hindi natin naririnig ang aming pagmamahal dahil nasa malayo tayo pero alalaan sila na palagi silang pinipili .”
  • “Alam ko may panahon na wala akong oras para makapiling ang aking pamilya, pero palagi naming pasasalamatan ang isa’t isa para sumaya at ipagpatuloy ang buhay .” 6. “Ang pagmamahal ay walang hanggan; huwag mahiya na magpakita o ipakita ito lalo na kung taon-taon ka pa rin missing in action .”
  • “Huwag hayaan na bumagsak ka habang nagsusumikap ka upang mapadama mo sakin yung biyaya ng Diyos Sa Ayaw Mo At Sa Gusto Mo ! Lahat Tayoy May Choice Boss !!”
  • “Sinasabi nila ang pinakamadali ay huwag mahalin dahil minsan nasasaktan tayo , pero walang paraan upang tanggapin ang tamis at asim ng buhay Kung Walang Pag Ibig !!”
  • “Let us remember that even if we are miles away from our families, our love for them will never fade and will remain in our hearts forever”
  • “You don’t always have to be there all the time to show your love and appreciation; do things special for them and make sure they know you care”
  • This OFW Christmas, let us share our blessings with our family and extend the spirit of fellowship even beyond the borders of home”
  • “Para SA Akin Nagbibigay life Ang Pag Ibig , Tatat Niyon Siya Uutangan Perpekto Siya Lang Magsisilbing Letran Tambayan Eh Haha”
  • “The greatest gift an OFW can give his family is to keep on loving them despite being apart; keep your hopes up for each day brings something new!”
  • “Sa mundo ng trabaho bilang OFW , huwagin naming malimutan na alagaan Ang Pamilya Mo Kahit Nasa Malayong Lugar Pa Yan Haha Xiexiee”!
  • “Your love for your family will never change regardless of distance – so maintain good communication with them as much as you can!”
  • “Magkaroon ka ng pasensya para sa taong mahal mo habang naniniwala sa kanila – tuloy lang yung komunikasyon pati rin yung presence mo :)”
  • “Nothing makes the holiday season complete other than being surrounded by the people you love – remember this OFW Christmas no matter where you go!”
  • ”It takes courage to build a bond with those who are far away; now more than ever, let us cherish every moment no matter how difficult it may seem!”
  • “Even when you’re miles away from home, your heart remains close to your loved ones because true love knows no distance whatsoever.”
  • Our journey in life may be different but one thing is certain – that nothing can overcome true love between an OFW and his/her family!”

OFW Quotes about Family

Family is always the number one reason for many OFWs why they keep pushing in achieving their dreams. Here are some quotes that can inspire us to keep on loving our families:

  • “Ang pamilya ang pinakamahalagang bagay sa mundo – huwag kang matakot na magpakita ng pagmamahal mo sa kanila lalo na kung OFW ka.”
  • “Ang pamilya mo ang siyang magpapatibay sa iyo kahit na nasa malayo ka – huwag silang pababayaan at palaging isipin mo sila.”
  • “Kahit anong gawin mo, lagi kang may isang place to go back to – ang iyong pamilya. Huwag nating kalimutan ang pagmamahal na ibinibigay ng ating mga mahal sa buhay.”
  • “Ang pinakamaganda sa pagiging OFW ay ang pagkakataong magbigay ng mas maraming benepisyo sa pamilya mo – ingatan mo ito at isantabi ang lahat ng mga problema.”
  • “Ang pinakamadaling paraan upang maipahayag ang iyong pagmamahal ay sa pamamagitan ng mga simpleng bagay na ginagawa mo para sa iyong pamilya – huwag mo silang pabayaan!”
  • “Kahit sa pinakalayong lugar ka, alam mong may isang lugar kung saan ka pa rin masaya at nabibigyan ng pagmamahal – yun ay ang iyong pamilya.”
  • “Family is the reason why we work hard and make sacrifices as OFWs.”
  • “Being an OFW is about doing everything for the love of family.”
  • “Our families are our source of strength and motivation as OFWs.”
  • “The love and support of our families back home is what keeps us going through the toughest times as OFWs.”
  • “Being an OFW means being away from our families, but it also means working hard to provide for them and show them our love.”
  • “As OFWs, our families are not just our priority, but also our inspiration.”
  • “Family is not just a group of people we are related to, but the reason why we wake up every day and work harder to succeed as OFWs.”
  • “Our families may be far away, but they are always in our thoughts and hearts as OFWs.”
  • “Being an OFW is not easy, but knowing that our families are proud of us makes everything worth it.”
  • “The sacrifices we make as OFWs are for the sake of our families, and it is their love that gives us the strength to keep going.”
  • “As OFWs, we may be physically distant from our families, but our bond remains unbreakable.”
  • “Family is the reason why we never give up as OFWs, even when faced with challenges and difficulties.”
  • “Our families back home are our motivation to work hard, to be resilient, and to never give up.”
  • “As OFWs, we may be far from our families, but we are always connected by the love and support we give each other.”
  • “The love of family is what makes the OFW journey worthwhile and fulfilling.”
  • “Being an OFW is not just about earning money, but also about creating a better future for our families and showing them our love.”
  • “Our families are our refuge from the challenges and stresses of the OFW life, and they make everything worth it.”
  • “As OFWs, we appreciate and cherish every moment we spend with our families, knowing that they are the reason why we work hard.”
  • “Family is not just a word to us as OFWs – it is a powerful force that drives us to be better, to do more, and to achieve our dreams.”
  • “Our families are our greatest blessings as OFWs, and we will do everything in our power to make them proud and happy.”

OFW Quotes in Filipino Tagalog

Sometimes, a few words of wisdom in the language we grew up with are what we need to stay motivated. Here are some quotes in Filipino Tagalog that can help remind us to always stay strong in our journeys as OFWs:

  • “Ang OFW ay hindi madali, pero ang kinabukasan ng pamilya ang nakataya.”
  • “Kahit malayo tayo sa ating pamilya, ang ating mga sakripisyo ay magdudulot ng magandang kinabukasan.”
  • “Ang mga pagsubok ay bahagi ng buhay ng OFW, at nagpapatibay ito sa atin.”
  • “Ang lungkot ay nagpapaalala lang kung gaano natin kamahal ang ating mga mahal sa buhay sa ating bayang sinilangan.”
  • “Ang distansiya ay malayo man, mas malalim pa rin ang pagmamahal sa ating pamilya.”
  • “Ang ating magarbong trabaho ay para sa mga pangarap ng ating pamilya.”
  • “Kahit malayo sa piling ng pamilya, patuloy pa rin nating ibinabangon ang ating mga kulturang Pilipino.”
  • “Kahit discriminated sa ibang bansa, madaling nalalampasan ang mga ito sa ating determinasyon at sipag.”
  • “Ang pag-iiwan sa ating mga mahal sa buhay ay isa sa mga pinakanakapapagod na desisyon, ngunit ginagawa natin ito para sa magandang kinabukasan ng kanila.”
  • “Bilang isang OFW, kailangan nating harapin ang mga hamon ng buhay na nangangailangan ng lakas at pananampalataya.”
  • “Ang ating mga sakripisyo ay hindi nakikita ng lahat, pero ginagawa natin ito para sa ating pamilya.”
  • “Ang karanasan natin bilang OFW ay hindi madali, ngunit ito ay nagbubuo sa atin bilang mas matatag at mas mabuting tao.”
  • “Bilang isang OFW, maaaring tayo ay situwasyon ng discrimination o discrimination, pero tayo ay nalilimot ito sa pamamagitan ng pagiging determinado sa trabaho natin.”
  • “Para sa bawat pagsubok na kinakalaban natin bilang OFW, mayroong isang biyaya na naghihintay para sa atin sa dulo.”
  • “Ang ating mga pagsubok bilang OFWs ay maaaring mukhang hindi pagkakayariin, ngunit nalilimot natin ito sa pamamagitan ng pagiging matatag at umasa.”
  • “Kahit ang tanging nararanasan natin ngayon ay kalungkutan, naniniwala tayong lahat na sa mga magagandang pangyayari sa buhay natin na ginagawa natin para sa ating pamilya.”
  • “Bilang OFW, ang tagumpay ay hindi lamang dahil sa ating trabaho, kundi pati sa tumpak na pagbibigay natin ng oras sa ating pamilya.”
  • “Kahit malayo tayo sa ating mga mahal sa buhay, isang inspirasyon sila sa atin bilang OFWs.”
  • “Ang pamilya ay hindi lang grupo ng mga taong nakaugnay sa atin, kundi isa ring dahilan kung bakit tayo gumigising araw-araw para magpatuloy sa trabaho bilang isang OFW.”
  • “Kahit gaano man kaliit o malaki ang aming tagumpay bilang OFW, ito ay hindi sa amin lamang – kundi sa ating lahat ng komunidad na sinusuportahan natin.”
  • “Ang matagumpay na tao ay hindi nagsisimula sa wala, kundi sa mga pagkabigo” – Anonymous
  • “Walang magandang trabaho kung walang sikap.” – Unknown
  • “Mag-aral ng mabuti at magtrabaho ng masipag dahil ang tagumpay ay di mo mapapanatiling biyaya lamang.” – Unknown
  • “Kapag isa na pinto ang nakasara, hanapin o lumikha pa ng bago” – Anonimo
  • “Ako’y OFW sapagkat gusto ko ibigay sa aking pamilya ang nararapat nilang maibigay” – Anonimo
  • “Isipin mo lagi ang malaki, anginan ito pa mas malaki”– Anonymo
  • “Nagsisimula ang tagumpay sa pagkabigo pero huwag mong balewalain iyon at subukan na muli”– Anonymo
  • “Kailangan mo lamang magpatuloy at huwag kang bumitaw sa iyong sarili”– Anonimo
  • “Huwag kalimutan ang dahilan bakit ka naroroon sa mundong ito” – Ahon sa Kaunlaran Movement
  • “Walang bersikulo patungo sa tagumpay maliban sa masipag na pagtatrabaho” – Anonymous.

OFW Hugot Quotes

On another note, hugot lines are popular quotes with a lot of emotion behind them. This is usually used by Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) when trying to express their feelings even when they are away from their families. Here are some examples of OFW hugot quotes:

  • “Mas mahirap magpakatatag sa distansya, pero mas mahirap ang magpakalunod sa lungkot.”
  • “Kapag nasa ibang bansa ka, minsan masakit man, hindi mo na kailangan makibagay. Sa umaayon sa iyo, doon ka nararapat.”
  • “Ang hirap maging OFW kapag ang naiwan mo sa iyong bayan ay hindi lang ang mga mahal mo sa buhay, kundi pati na rin ang kultura at pagkakakilanlan na nagtuturo sa iyo kung sino ka talaga.”
  • “Kailangan mong magtiyaga at magsumikap bilang OFW, dahil hindi ka sa langit nagtatrabaho, pero kahit gaano kahirap ang iyong trabaho, kailangan mong hanapin ang nakakataba ng puso mo.”
  • “Minsan ang naliligaw ay hindi ang OFW, kundi ang taong hindi nababahala kung paano na ang buhay mo.”
  • “Hindi dahil OFW ka ay mayaman ka na, kundi dahil kailangan mong magtipid para sa anak mong mangarap na makapagtapos ng pag-aaral.”
  • “Kapag OFW ka, masarap manong kumain, naka-buffet ka pa, wala pa rin, dahil mas masarap pa rin kumain kasama ang pamilya mo kahit sa lamesa niyo lang.”
  • “Huwag kang mababahala dahil kung saan man ang destinasyon mo, ito ay magdudulot ng kapwa kaligayahan at problemang sigurado kang mapaglalabanan.”
  • “Bilang isang OFW, nagtitiis ka, nagpapakahirap, hindi mo man napapansin, pero sila, alam nila ang lahat. Kung may i-reward mula sa pagod, hindi ikaw kundi sila.”
  • “Sa dami ng nakikita mo sa ibang bansa, makikita mo rin na minsan mas mabuting magtiis sa bahay basta masaya at kumpleto.”
  • “Bilang isang OFW, lahat ng bagay ay more challenging, more tiring, at mas nakakalungkot, pero dahil sa kanila, ika’y may dahilan para kumapit pa ng mahigpit.”
  • “Sa bawat pagbibiyahe ko, walang tao sa likod ko. Masakit man, pero ang tagumpay ko at ang tagumpay ng aking pamilya ang aking motivation.”
  • “Pag-ibig sa Puso, trabaho sa kama, at pagang nawala saa piling ng mahal… pamilya ang hahanapin.”
  • “Ang mga flat na litrato at selfie ay hindi pumapalit sa mga sandaling kasama ang pamilya, magkahawak-kamay at nagmamahalan.”
  • “Ang buhay ng OFW ay hindi lang kasambahay namin, kundi isang magiting na kabahagi at kaluluwa na binago ang buhay ko.”
  • “Sa mundong ito hindi lahat ng bagay ay naaayon sa ating gusto, ngunit dahil sa pagiging malakas ng OFW, alam natin kung saan dapat patungo tayo.”
  • “Kung magmamahal ka, huwag sa taong malayo, huwag sa taong hindi mo napagsasabihan kung ano ang ginagawa mo, kailangan mo ng taong nakakaunawa sa sitwasyon mo.”
  • “Bilang isang OFW, kahit anong tagumpay ang marating mo, kung walang kasama ang pamilya sa pagbabahagi ng resulta, ito ay walang kabuluhan.”
  • “Pagdating sa trabaho, kung hindi mo ito na-eenjoy, hindi ka dapat nasa trabaho na iyon. Dahil kung nandiyan ka, dapat ay nagbubunga iyon ng kaligayahan at kabutihan.”
  • “Kapag wala kang babalikan sa iyong boarding house

OFW Father Quotes

Fathers are usually the ones who are away from their families due to work. To help them express their sentiments, here are some OFW father quotes:

  • “Ang kapalaran ng isang ina ay maging matatag, anumang oras.”
  • “Ang pinakamalaking sakripisyo ng isang OFW father ay ang pag-iwan sa mahal niya sa buhay para magkaroon sila ng magandang bukas.”
  • “Anumang bagay – any moment of joy – na maikwento sayo ni daddy ay isang biyaya ng Diyos.”
  • “Ang pagiging OFW father ay hindi madali dahil walang pagsusuot sa mga anak mo kapag wala ka.”
  • “Bilang isang OFW father, hinubog ko ang aking mga anak na harapin ang hamon ng distansya at manatiling malakas at matatapang sa piling nila.”
  • “Bilang isang babaeng anak, alam kong yung papel ko bilang daddy OFW ay may natutunan akong leksyon na hindi mo na mababaliw.”
  • “Ang pamilya ay ganitong klaseng relasyon sa lahat ng aspeto: Pwedeng maging masaya kahit magkalayo pa rin kayong lahat.”
  • “Para sa akin bilang isang OFW father, maraming oras ang inilalaan ko upang makapunta ako at talunin ang distansya sa pagitan naming lahat.”
  • “Dati pinagpupuyatan ko ang tao para lamangan sila –ngayon ginagawa ko iyon para mapaganda ang buhay ng pamilya ko .”
  • “Kailangan niyo alagaan ang bawat isa , hayan Ka Ngayon Na’ndito Ako .”
  • “Sa panahon NG Distansya , sabihin lang Natin Nag Mamasid Si Tatay .”
  • “Sana pagbalik ko , Hindi Lang Ang Bibliya At Passport Ko ! Darating din Kayamanan Ng Katuparan Ng Puso Boss ! haha”
  • “As an OFW father hindi dpat tino Obligado Kung Anu Anu Ang Mangyari Pagbalik Mo Sa Bukas Lahat Nandyan Pa Kaya Wag Kang Makulimlim !”
  • “Nandiyan Darating Ako To Help You Dahil Alam Ko Kung PAano Kakayanin Yan Ang Tanong Is Panandalian Not Forever Kasi Mas Lalo Tayong Gumising Para Lumaban !”
  • “Masarap Ma-receive Input O Advice Mula Sayo Kahit Wala Ka , Sabi Ng Nanay Totoo Yung Sinabi Ko Pasensya Na Mapagtiis Hinahanapan Hanapan Lang Tinuturo Sayo Ng Time .!! ”
  • “Kapag may problema ka, don’t hesitate to call me and tell me everything that you need so I can help you in any way I can” 16.”Maging hand sanitizer ka Sa Airport plus suot mask parati humanda ung security check point haha Daddies rule !!!”
  • “Being away from home doesn’t mean that we are disconnected from our family; maybe just the physical presence, but we remain connected through the love we have for one another”
  • “As an OFW father, I understand my responsibility to provide not only financial stability but also emotional support and values to my children even if I’m miles away”
  • “Walang masarap kaysa sa moment na maabalikan mo yung tanawin at hugot ni daddy mula dun gustuhin man o di .”
  • “You don’t need hundreds of fancy gifts to show your love — just being there with them and teaching them life lessons that will last forever is enough!”

OFW Mother Quotes

Mothers are the foundation of any family. They play a vital role in their child’s growth and development, even if they are away from home. Here are some quotes that honor OFW mothers:

  • “Ang pinakamalaking sakripisyo ng isang OFW mother ay ang magbigay ng unawa sa kanyang pamilya.”
  • “Bilang isang OFW mother, nararamdaman ko na may pagmamahal akong ibibigay sa aking mga anak hanggang saanman ako naroroon.”
  • “Walang mas mahirap sa mundo para sa isang OFW mother kaysa umalis mula sa kanyang mga anak at pamilya.”
  • “Hindi mo na kailangan maging perpekto bilang isang ina dahil alam mo ang pinahahalagahan mo ay ang iyong responsibilidad upang tumulong at tanungin ang iyong mga anak .”
  • “Kapag ikaw ay maingat at handa, mas malaki ang chance na maging matagumpay ka bilang OFW mom.”
  • “Kaya Pagkayo Man ito Masubok Kung Gaano Mo Ka Lubos Kaya Magmahal At Mag Paraya Dahil Ito Ang Panahon Ng Pagsasanay .”
  • “Isipin Mo Na Pagkatapos Ng Lahat Ng Heto , Isasama Ko Sayu Yung Natutunan Natin !”
  • “Kahit malaking sorpresa ang matuklasan ko habang malalayung layo si Nanay pa din ang pinaka Mahalaga Sa lahat; Walaupamg MInsan Mang Mawala Ako Sa harapan Nila , Alam Ko ninyunawa sila . !!”
  • “Ginugol Ko Oras Upang Makipag Usap Sa Mga Anak Ko Kung Anu Anung Pinagdadaanan Niya Bukod Pa Dun Understanding Father And Mother Roles Para Maibalik Yung Comfort Zone Niya .”
  • “Magising pa ako ng madaling araw upang gawin trabaho ko , hindi porke’y wala lang akong oras yung ginugol sayu Mga anak ko .!!”
  • 11.”Walang sinuman na magtatrabaho para sayo dito kundi Ikaw sarili Mong Kalaban Perpekto Ka Ba Lagi Naba ? Wag Kang Makulimlim Hayaan Mong Luhatin Family Bond Na Iniwan Ao Lahat .! ”
  • 12″Ang Paghahabiyan Ay Di Madaling Gawain : Dalhin Ang Patience Plus Trust Isa’t -isa Matuto Tayong Mag-forgive & Move On For Good Reasons .” 13.”Take time to bond with your children even if you’re far away and show them your love through words, gifts and surprises!”
  • As a single parent and OFW mom, I feel that I owe it to my children to be the best role model of courage and resilience to them no matter what the odds are”
  • “Taking care of yourself while being an OFW Mother will help you maintain physical health and emotional stability”
  • “Being away from home doesn’t mean that we are disconnected from our family; maybe just the physical presence but we remain connected through the love we have for one another”
  • “Trust Your Child To Be Responsible & Teach Them How To Handle Any Situation Wisely When You Are Away .”
  • “Ibig sabihin ninanaig yung tao pansin na pag papabalik mo galing abroad bigla bigla palitan lahat songs Lyrics o Dioryu bago ka umuidol , Pasensya Hirap Din ! haha”
  • “Making decisions as an OFW mom may be tough but everything you do is for the sake of your family’s future”
  • “Alam naming lahat na di madali iwan si misis at mga anak pero wag ka madadapa hanggang tuluyan kaylangan gumanti sa Positive Way Kasama Si labanos !!

OFW Husband and Wife Quotes

There are also special relationship quotes dedicated to OFW couples for husbands and wives.

  • “Ang kaligayahan ng isang relasyon ay nagsisimula sa pagmamahalan na hindi nagbabago, kahit ano pa ang hadlang sa pagitan ninyo.”
  • “Walang mas magandang regalo kaysa sa pagmamahalan at pagsasama ng mag-asawa. Maging handa at laging nagmamahal.”
  • “Kahit gaano pa kahirap ang desisyon na iwanan ang inyong tahanan, walang mas mahalaga sa relasyon ng isang OFW couple kaysa sa pagiging tapat na mag-asawa.”
  • “Ang Diyos ay nagtuturo sa amin na huwag matakot humarap sa hamon ng buhay dahil ang tunay na pagmamahalan ay maaaring patunayan kahit magkalayo man ang mag-asawa.”
  • “Walang mas katatag na suporta para sa isang OFW couple kundi yung pagsasama nila sa pagkakapit-bisig ng kanilang relasyon.”
  • “Kahit gaano pa kalayo ang mag-asawa, huwag kalimutan na lagi nating ipaalaala ang isa’t isa na kailangan nating magtulungan para sa pag-asa ng ating relasyon.”
  • “Kahit malayo ako sa ating pamilya, masasabi ko pa rin na pinakamalapit ako sa aking asawa.”
  • “Ang laking pagsasakripisyo ng isang OFW husband para sa kanyang pamilya ay walang match.”
  • “Bilang OFW husband, ang mga hinalaan at pag-iisip ng ibang tao ay hindi dapat bawalan ka magmahal sa iyong asawa at mga anak.”
  • “Ang pagkakaisa bilang mag-asawang OFW ay mahirap pagtuklasin, ngunit ito ay isang pagpapahalaga dito na dapat nating ipagpatuloy hanggang sa wakas ng ating buhay.”
  • “Ang matagumpay na mag-asawang OFW ay hindi lamang tumutugon sa hamon ng distansya, kundi patuloy din nilang sinusuportahan ang isa’t isa upang mapanatili ang kanilang relasyon.”
  • “Hindi porke’y malayo tayo ay lahat ng lihim ng puso naming dalawa niyan kinukuha pa rin ni Tatay.”
  • “Ang pananampalataya at commitment ng mag-asawang OFW ay mahigpit na hindi napipigilan ng distansya.”
  • “Ang respeto, trabaho at mahabagin ang ilan sa pinaka importanteng bagay na kailangan para tuluy-tuloy na gabayan ang isa’t isa habang malayo man tayo”.
  • “As an OFW husband, I understand that with all the struggles I have to go through, I have no one else but my wife and children to turn to during the tough times.”
  • “Walang malaking sorpresa ang matuklasan ko habang malalayung layo: si Asawa ko pa din ang pinaka mahalaga sa lahat; Kahit minsan mang mawala ako sa harapan niya, alam ko niyinunawa sya .”
  • “Bilang isang mag-asawang OFW na may pinagdadaanan bilang tao at bilang couple mas maraming buhay natutunan namin para maiba’t ibigay itong biyaya sa aming mga sarili .”
  • “Sa panahon ng distansya na di ineexpect , Ang Commitment at respeto bayad sayong responsibilidad .”
  • “Susuportahan mo lang yung aswa mo or siguraduhin yung partner mo yun binigyang importansiya yung relationship niyon dun kayong papunta .”
  • “Huwag lumisan basta basta , try your best to stay connected even if you’re far away from each other. ”
  • “As an OFW husband , alam kong hindi madali pero palagi kong sinisikap ipadama kay misis ang pagmamahalin ko sayo .”
  • ” Kapag malakas ka pa ring tumalsik ang sakit , leave everything behind and come home to your loving wife .”
  • “Kahit ilan man yoga exercises gagawin ko, wala pa ring kaylangan umaabot yun tinitingnan parati Ni misis .”
  • “Masarap ma inform o bumalita sila everytime sabihin sayu mismong galing ka dun balita or palitan joke or stories together over skype or video calls .”
  • ” Ang mahirap talaga man basain si misis , good luck Talaga Pag drive back home (dalhin food ) late night”
  • ” Maging hand sanitizer ka Sa Airport plus suot mask parati humanda ung security check point haha Daddies rule !!”

OFW Christmas Quotes

Christmas for OFWs can be a bittersweet time. We are away from our loved ones, but we cherish the time that we have to make memories with them, no matter how small it may be. In honor of those OFWs who are working hard and sacrificing so much for their families during this holiday season, here are some inspirational Christmas quotes:

  • “Maghintay tayo ng ligaya mula sa Diyos sa pamamagitan ng Pasko na may pag-ibig at kapayapaan.”
  • “Pasko ay para sa mga taong mahalaga sa buhay natin – walang masarap kaysa maging kasama mo sila at magkaroon ng oras na ibahagi ang inyong puso. ”
  • “Walang magandang feeling kaysa makita ka niya sa tingin at maramdaman mo yung pagmamahal niya sayu.”
  • “Sa pagdating ng Pasko, ipinapaalala niyon saatin na walang mabuting dumating kundi ang sarili mong pamilya .”
  • “ Walang mas masarap kesa Sa Di Pa Naaabot Na Big Surprise Mo Kay Tatay Holiday Ka ! Ala Chaka Chaka !!”
  • “Ang isang OFW Christmas ay hindi lamang gabi upang itaguyod ang kasiyahan, ayon din ito ay isang okasyon upang batiin ang iyong pamilya at hugutin ang puso nil.”
  • “Kapag ikaw ay lukso ng lukso ni daddy tuwing Pasko , alam mo ibig sabihin niyan pinagsisilbihan mo sya lalo’t wala siya para ikaw ligawan ! haha”
  • “Isipin mo Ngayon Ay Isa Itong Opportunity Para Magka Bonding Sa Next Level , Hayaan Mong Alan Niya Kang Nakatalikod Syempre Anak Ng Tanging Nanay Haha!”
  • “Ikaw Lang Ang Mabuti Naglalaro Para Maibalik Ang Kuntento Ng Araw Araw Bata At Si Mama Yung Tagabusisi Kung Anu ang Dapat Sa Inyo !!”
  • “Happy OFW Christmas! Let us celebrate the holiday by still loving and being grateful for each other even if we’re miles away from one another”
  • “Let us cherish what we have this Christmas and keep our hearts open in hope that everything will be better soon no matter where we are”
  • “This holiday season reminds us that although we might be far away from one another, love connects us together all year round”
  • “Happy OFW Christmas! Alam natin na may hirap tayong pinagdadaanan pero magtiwala tayo na darating din ang panahon na sama-sama naman tayong mag celebrate !!!”
  • “Ang pagiging malaya, sariwa at tapat tulad nitong Pasko ay litrato ng tunay na awit ng buhay – alalaan naming pagmamahalan, kayamanan, napakaliit man o malaki .”
  • Magpasalamat tau sa taon na itoy walaupamg medyo anumana and maraming challenges naranasan . Peace Joy Love & Diyos Bless Yall ! haha”
  • “Para SA Akin Paganda Talaga Niya Mas Valuable Yung Love , Trust & Care Kung Siya Lang Ang Meron Mo Kahit Sakrap Hanep Set Up Luha Lahat Lahat Xiexiee!!! ”
  • ”Let’s treasure every moment of happiness and joy with those who are around this Christmas; let’s be thankful for the blessing of having each other despite being separated by distance or time .”
  • “Kahit medyo mahirap maiahpa Tuwing Pasko Nabi Treat pa din Kase Home Sweet Home Alive And Kicking Pa Din Hahah Na Feel Diba ??!!”
  • “Don’t ever forget to express your love to your family though long distances; remember to share what you feel and hear what they feel as well!”
  • “Kahit nabubuhanan Ka Nah Ofw Life , Yan Ang Baklang Mahalin Lagi si Papa At Mama Paminsan minsan Yan Mga Emotional Upheavals Naten Boss Perpektohan Lang ! Haha 🙂


All in all, these OFW quotes show that there is strength and courage in even the most difficult journeys. They remind us to always strive to be better individuals and remain resilient despite being away from our families and friends.

These quotes also remind us of the power of love, that no distance can keep us apart from those we care about and consider important.

They remind us to always be thankful for the opportunities we have been given and the sacrifices that have been made for the benefit of our families.

We hope you enjoy the captions and quotes we’ve listed above! Long live OFWs!