Overseas Filipino Worker Allegedly Pours Boiling Water on Fellow OFW

Many Filipinos decide to work overseas for a better living. They have chosen to be away from their families or friends, which most OFWs miss- someone to talk to in times of trouble. In some companies, there’s a high possibility that you’ll be working with your fellow “kababayan”.

Working in an environment where you’ll feel safe is something to be grateful, especially for OFWs. Making friends with your coworkers is something normal. They’ll be your “go-to” person if you’re feeling lonely and sad. Conflicts may arise between coworkers but are usually solved within themselves. However, there are situations that are extreme and beyond fixing.

An OFW Allegedly Poured Boiling Hot Water On Another OFW

A post on a social media website was showing a photo of the legs of a Filipino worker that appeared to be disintegrated. According to the post on Facebook of Vivian Dayaday, a fellow OFW had poured hot boiling water. It was said that this was done by another Filipino worker.

The post became viral on Facebook and many concerned netizens are showing mixed emotions. One of those reactions wanted the victim to tend to the burned skin immediately. Some were showing concern about the victim and wanted to help too. However, the majority of the reactions wanted to make sure that the person who poured the hot water is given justice.

The victim is yet to be identified, no information is shown in the post. We can only assume that this was either done by a fellow OFW or maltreatment of the employer. One can just imagine what other worst things that can happen to an Overseas Filipino Worker. Let us be careful and cautious.

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