Warning: Watch out for Pickpockets and Thieves in Batha, Saudi Arabia

This is a warning for all citizens especially our Filipino kababayans in Saudi Arabia to please be careful when going out and strolling in public even when the sun is still up. Do continue to watch out for pickpockets and thieves as one of our readers just sent us a video of an alleged snatching incident in the Batha area.

For what may seem to be an ordinary afternoon for a lot of people who might be heading home to start preparing supper for their loved ones or others who may still be hailing a taxi commute to pick up their kids from school, one will surely not think that they would be amidst people looking to steal their belongings. Such was the scene captured on video by a Filipino onlooker using his cellphone.

Footage of the incident:

Alleged Snatchers and Pickpockets Out in Broad Daylight in Batha, Saudi Arabia

Although, only the tail end of the incident was recorded on camera with the alleged robber leaving the scene on a motorcycle, There is no denying the shock and bewilderment of the crowd who were at the scene. This group was a mix of different races and judging from the words captured in the recording, a couple of Filipinos were definitely present and were very expressive of their feelings of anger and frustration towards the robber.

Per the dialogue that can be heard, the attempted theft was actually foiled and it looks to be that the assailant was allowed to be set free in his motorcycle. To which one Filipino responded in his own tongue: “ba’t pinaalis pa nila?  kung ako, bugbog na sa akin yun. pinaandar pa eh…whooh…”

This roughly translates to: “Why did they let him go? If it were me, I would have probably beat him up real good. I can’t believe they let him go on his motorcycle.”

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