WATCH: Family in Saudi Arabia Bids Goodbye to Household Helper of 33 years

A family from Saudi Arabia bids emotional goodbye to their household help of 30+ years. The video of this farewell at the airport will surely touch you.

If there’s anyone who deserves a loyalty award in the world of migrant workers, it is this domestic helper who has served a Saudi Arabian family for more than three decades.

Her thirty three years of service is truly remarkable and it has undoubtedly left a mark in the hearts of the family members as seen in a video that has now become viral.

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A heartwarming scene at the airport as the family says goodbye to domestic helper

Domestic helper, well-loved by employer, bids goodbye after 33 years of service

The video was posted by a certain Anthony Enriquez on Facebook, which shows the domestic helper at the airport supposedly flying back home to the Philippines and escorted by the Saudi Arabian family. Enriquez’ post also mentions how this domestic helper has served two generations of the family.

According to reports, the domestic helper who is a Filipina is flying back home to the Philippines. As seen on the video, she is already on a wheelchair and she is accompanied by an entire clan who were also emotional as they said their goodbyes.

Although nothing was mentioned about the women’s identity, one can surmise that she is well-loved by her employers with how she was treated as she bids farewell to them. You rarely see this scene at airports between employers and employees.

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Netizens also shared their admiration towards the OFW citing that it is very rare to find employees like her nowadays who has the tenacity and loyalty to stay for three decades and serve two generations of the family. In the same way, it is not everyday that you will find an employer who will treat you as part of their family.

The video has since gone viral and has been shared for about 63,000 times up to this writing.

Here is the heartwarming scene at the airport courtesy of Anthony Enriquez’ FB post.

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