UPDATE: Pinay OFW Sexually Harrassed Now Safe at the Philippine Embassy

The Pinay OFW named Beth Lili, who is a victim of being sexually assaulted by an Egyptian man, is now rescued by the Philippine Embassy of Riyadh. Her video post in Facebook seeking out help was fortunately successful because the video was shared in many different areas Facebook like Raffy Tulfo ni Action and other networks like ABS CBN and GMA. It was good to hear that she is now safe and secure by the Embassy.

Based on the video that Beth recently posted, she was desperately asking for help for someone to come and help her get out of the house. The video was prior to her being rescued by the embassy. She was so scared, but she made sure that her employers could not go inside the room she’s in by blocking the door behind her while urgently asking for aid. It’s a good thing that plenty of our fellow OFWs shared her video which helped in reaching more authorities which have led to righteous actions being taken.

Video of the Sexual Assault:

Video of Beth asking for help:

There were many comments on this video giving her full support by saying that she should keep calm, be strong, asking her to be patient and even advising her to mention that she’s live to scare the employer away.

The Facebook app was the sole reason officials were updated since it has a feature “Facebook Live” where you can record yourself real-time. Luckily, the rescue arrived in time before her employer might beat her again and also avoided being sexually harassed by the Egyptian.

Currently, she’s under the protection of the Philippine Embassy in Riyadh,

And at present, she have not decided yet if she wants to continue and work for another employer or go back to the Philippines.

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