Riyadh Police Orders Arrest of Man Who Harrassed Pinay OFW

The Riyadh police has ordered for the prompt arrest of a man who molested a Filipina OFW in a video that had gone viral on social media last week. The man was identified as an Egyptian and was her employer’s relative, reported SABQ news.

The victim, Beth Lili, who is now in the safe custody of the Philippine Embassy, filmed the sexual maltreatment which happened in the house of her employer, using her cellular phone. The footage showed a guy who violently forces to remove the clothes of the victim. The Pinay OFW forcefully pushed him away but it was evident that her attacker was persistent and continued to come after her multiple times. The Pinay managed to get a hold of what looked like a knife and that scared the attacker off.

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Photo Credit: sabq.org and FB Beth Lili

Riyadh Saudi Arabia: Filipina OFW rescued, Police orders arrest of the person involved

Facebook user, Papa Doms, posted the video of the sexual attack and shared it to Raffy Tulfo in action as well as to the news networks, ABS CBN and GMA in the hope of helping the victim. According to him, he was able to talk to the victim who identified herself as Beth Lili but was not able to pinpoint her location as she does not know the complete address.

Beth Lily, in her Facebook account also did a live stream to seek help against her attacker and abusive female employer. A lot of Filipinos who saw the video consoled and gave her advise to wait for the rescue team to pick her up. Finally, the victim was successfully rescued and is now in the safe hands of the Philippine Embassy.

As of this time, the only thing that is known of the attacker is that he is an Egyptian who is related to the victim’s employer. There is an ongoing investigation handled by the Department of Criminal Investigation and Research in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia to establish the details of the alleged sexual abuse. They wanted to make sure that the guilty party will be given the necessary punishment for the offence committed. The Riyadh police also added that they will continue to uphold their commitment to ensure the security and safety of the country, it’s citizen and all its residents.

Video: Pinay Harassed by Egyptian in Saudi Arabia

Here’s the video of the Filipina asking for help.


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