10 Best Reasons to Retire in Antipolo

Antipolo City is a popular place to live and visit in the Philippines. The chapels in Antipolo are what give the city its primary reputation as a travel destination. It is widely held that the “Virgin of Antipolo,” also known as “Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage,” bestows protection upon those who seek her benediction before setting out on a travel of any kind.

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Antipolo Cathedral, Hinulugang Taktak, and Luljetta’s Hanging Gardens Spa are must-sees on any day trip to Antipolo; if you’re wondering whether or not it’s a good idea to retire here are the best reasons why.

reasons to retire in Antipolo

1. Being close to nature

Antipolo is recognized for its lush flora, rolling hills, and stunning views of the surrounding mountains. In the city’s many parks and nature reserves, people may do things like hike, ride bikes, and have picnics outside. Antipolo is a beautiful city since it is built on the foothills of the Sierra Madre Mountain Ranges. Since it is higher than most cities, you can view beautiful city lights at night. Also, unlike the cities in the Metro, which are full of big structures.

2. Great quality of life

Antipolo is a great place to live because it has clean air, low rates of crime, and a strong feeling of community. It also has a number of retail malls, restaurants, and places to go out and have fun. Antipolo is full with trees and other plants. It’s a really nice sight, especially for someone who has lived in the city for a long time. You might think of moving to Antipolo as an investment in your health as a whole.

3. Cost of living is low

Antipolo came in at number 65 out of 86 cities in the Philippines in terms of how cheap it was to live there. Even though Antipolo is the 8th largest city in the Philippines, products and other things that people need are not too expensive there. When you buy a house and lot in Antipolo, you are more likely to have a bigger and nicer space. With the money you have set up for a condo in Metro Manila, you might already buy a house and lot in Antipolo.

4. Delicious food

Because of its stylish, traditional, and Instagrammable cafés and restaurants, Antipolo is starting to get a lot of attention on social media. After going trekking or to an art gallery, bicyclists, groups of friends, families, and even couples often stop at these cafés. The Burrow Cafe, Tahanan Bistro, Vieux Chalet, The Yellow Lantern, The Crescent Moon, and Cafe Lupe Bed & Breakfast are some of the best coffee shops and restaurants in the city.

All of these cafés and restaurants are easy to get to and have menus that make you want to eat. Having a house and lot in Antipolo is a big plus, especially if you like going out for coffee and meals. If you have a house and lot in Antipolo, you don’t have to go very far to try and eat these tasty meals.

5. Highly accessible

It is simple to go to and from other regions of Metro Manila from Antipolo because it is near major transit hubs. We try to avoid the Metro, yet many of our business needs can only be met there. But don’t worry, you can easily get to the Metro in Antipolo by taking a short ride from the railway station. The bus station is very easy to get to; it’s only a 10-minute walk from your home.

If you want to travel about Antipolo, the easiest option is to ride a tricycle or jeepney. You can find them on every street corner, and they will transport you wherever in the city. If you wish to see Antipolo on your own, you may also hire a motorcycle. Antipolo has a laid-back feel since it is easy to go to places surrounding the city.

Via the recently extended and renovated Marcos Highway, Marikina City is just a few minutes away from Antipolo, and the business centers of Eastwood and Ortigas are easy to get to. Because of its unique position, those who live there have choices for school, health care, and business. Also, when a new road dubbed C6 is built in the future, it will connect Antipolo directly to Quezon City and the rest of Metro Manila.

6. Lots of business and work opportunities

Most investment activity is in and around Antipolo. The fact that the city was picked as the most competitive city in 2019 shows that it is a good place to invest in and visit. Getting a house and lot is a good way to start investing in Rizal’s capital, which has been called “an investment jewel around the block.” It could be hard to start a business in Rizal’s capital.

Antipolo is a city that is booming, and its business community is doing well. It features a number of industrial parks and commercial districts where people may work and do business.

7. Plenty of housing options

Since Antipolo has greater area, there is more room to build residences there. You may even buy a vacant land and make your own area. For small families and couples, it can be a good idea to move into a bungalow or townhouse, which is easier to take care of. You can also acquire an empty lot if you want extra space for gardening, parking, or a backyard. The sort of property you choose will depend on your needs and how you live.

8. Rich in history and culture

Antipolo is home to a number of religious and cultural attractions, such the Antipolo Cathedral and the Hinulugang Taktak Falls, which are often visited by people on religious pilgrimages.

9. There are several activity and eco-friendly sites

Eco-friendly parks and places to do things are what keep tourism going in Antipolo. Tourists always go to these fun places to do exciting things since it makes them happy and thrilled at the same time. If you want to do something physical in Antipolo that you will never forget, you may go to the Cloud 9 Sports and Leisure Club, the PACEM Eco Park, or the Mount Purro Nature Reserve.

10. Art and culture

The Pinto Art Museum is making the laid-back city popular among artists, art collectors, and art enthusiasts in general. The museum lies on 1.2 hectares of undulating hills and has numerous gallery rooms featuring works by some of the top Filipino painters working today. Also, go to Lanelle Abueva’s Crescent Moon Café, where you can buy her ceramics (top photo) and visit her relaxing koi ponds.

Its well-kept, lush gardens are full of installations and sculptures, and its Southwestern-style buildings make people feel like they’re in another country. Overall, Antipolo City is a great area to live for people who want a good quality of life since it has a unique mix of natural beauty, cultural relevance, and economic opportunity.