Top Visa Sponsored Jobs in New Zealand for Filipinos

Embarking on a new chapter of your life as an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) is both thrilling and challenging. If your sights are set on the enchanting landscapes of New Zealand, you’re in for an exciting journey. In this article, we’ll delve into the realm of possibilities, unveiling the top visa-sponsored jobs that can serve as your gateway to a rewarding career in the Land of the Long White Cloud.

New Zealand is renowned not only for its breathtaking scenery but also for its welcoming work environment that beckons skilled individuals from around the globe. As an OFW, navigating the job market in a foreign land can be a daunting task, but fear not! We’re here to guide you through the promising avenues that could become the foundation of your Kiwi adventure.

top visa sponsored jobs in new zealand

Disclaimer: The information posted here is based on the personal experiences shared by the OFW in the video below. Please let this post serve as a guide only. If you have specific questions, you may ask the OFW by commenting on their video on their accounts.

Navigating Top Visa-Sponsored Jobs in New Zealand for OFWs

The information in this article is inspired by a YouTube video from “Girl Chasing Sunshine – Anne.” In this video, the OFW vlogger talks about some visa sponsored and direct hiring jobs in New Zealand, available for those who are looking for jobs or employers who may be able to support your work visa application. If you want to watch the full video, then click on the link below:

If you’re considering working in New Zealand, securing a job offer from an accredited New Zealand employer is a fundamental step in obtaining a work visa. This requirement underscores the significance of having a tangible job prospect before venturing into the visa application process.

Job Hunt Essentials:

As a job seeker, you should begin your job search on platforms like, a reliable portal where many accredited New Zealand employers post job opportunities. This is your go-to resource for exploring available positions and identifying potential employers who meet the necessary accreditation criteria.

As an applicant, the responsibility is on you to exercise due diligence. Take the time to double-check and verify the legitimacy of the jobs you apply for. Be cautious of any requests for payment as a condition for job acceptance, as such solicitations may be indicative of potential scams.

Avoiding Scams: A Vital Reminder

In the competitive job market, it’s essential to stay vigilant. Never pay to secure a job, and be wary of any offers that seem too good to be true. Scams can take various forms, and protecting yourself by thoroughly researching and verifying job opportunities is a critical aspect of the application process.

The jobs we’re talking about here are from, and they’re not the same ones mentioned in the original YouTube video that inspired this article. We’re giving you a brief overview of these jobs, and it’s important to know that they come with visa sponsorship.

Shuttle and Tour Driver

  • As a Driver-Guide, your role goes beyond driving; it involves welcoming and guiding visitors.
  • You need a Class 2 license and a Passenger Endorsement to navigate offroad experiences safely.
  • Interpersonal skills are crucial; connecting with people and sharing local stories are vital aspects of the job.
  • Responsibilities include ensuring the safe return of guests, maintaining vehicles, and supporting other teams.
  • Shifts are flexible, with midweek and weekend options available for both permanent and casual roles.
  • Applicants should be New Zealand citizens, residents, or have a valid work visa.
  • Safety is a priority, with drug and alcohol policies, including pre-employment and random testing.
  • Remuneration is above average, with standard benefits and opportunities for career growth.
  • Explore different locations or roles within the tourism business for a dynamic career path.
  • If you love adventure, connecting with people, and have the required credentials, this could be your ideal career.

As a Driver-Guide, you step into a role that goes beyond simply chauffeuring guests. Your journey starts with greeting visitors in picturesque locations, offering them a warm welcome before embarking on a scenic drive to an adventure site. A highlight of this ride includes navigating a unique offroad experience in a specially designed vehicle.

To operate such vehicles, a Class 2 license and a Passenger Endorsement are prerequisites. These credentials signify your capability to confidently navigate a variety of terrains while ensuring the safety and enjoyment of passengers. However, it’s not just about driving skills; interpersonal abilities play a pivotal role. Connecting with people, sharing stories, and expressing a passion for the local area are all essential components of the job.

Beyond the driving aspect, responsibilities extend to ensuring the safe return of guests to their starting point or delivering them to partner businesses. Maintenance duties, such as keeping vehicles clean and ready for operation, are also part of the routine. The role may also involve occasional support for other operational teams within the tourism business.

Work environments in this sector typically offer a mix of midweek and weekend shifts, providing flexibility for employees. Whether seeking permanent, full-time positions or casual roles, candidates with a genuine enthusiasm for people and a love for adventure are highly valued.
Applicants for such roles are generally required to be New Zealand citizens, residents, or possess a valid work visa. The industry emphasizes a commitment to safety, often implementing drug and alcohol policies that include pre-employment and random testing.

Remuneration for such roles tends to be above average, with standard benefits and opportunities for growth within the company. It’s not uncommon for employees to explore different locations or facets of the tourism business, adding a dynamic element to the career path.

In summary, if you have a passion for adventure, enjoy connecting with people, and possess the necessary driving credentials, a career as a Driver-Guide in New Zealand’s tourism industry could be your gateway to an exciting and fulfilling journey.

Chefs / Chef de Partie

  • New Zealand’s dynamic hospitality industry beckons chefs, including Chef de Parties, Pizza Chefs, and Commis Chefs.
  • Diverse establishments, from beachside locales to gastro pubs, shape the vibrant culinary landscape.
  • Shared commitment to excellence and a focus on locally sourced produce define these opportunities.
  • Chefs manage stock levels, communicate effectively, and adhere to food hygiene guidelines.
  • Skills sought include 1-2 years of experience, a passion for learning, and dedication to local produce.
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills emphasize collaboration alongside craftsmanship.
  • Opportunities with locally owned establishments offer training, competitive wages, and career advancement.
  • Aspiring chefs share motivations in applications, but a valid work visa with no restrictions is essential; sponsorship is unavailable.
  • These roles allow chefs to contribute to New Zealand’s culinary tapestry, becoming integral parts of a diverse hospitality landscape.

If you love cooking, New Zealand has lots of exciting opportunities for chefs. Whether you’re an experienced Chef de Partie, a Pizza Chef, or just starting as a Commis Chef, there are chances for you to be part of the lively world of cooking.

In New Zealand, different places create special dining experiences. It could be a busy beachside spot, a classic pub, or a popular spot in the middle of a city. Each one adds to the varied food culture in New Zealand.

Chefs are drawn to these roles not just because they love cooking but also because they want to be part of excellent places. These places focus on using local ingredients, making them favorites for people who want a real and authentic dining experience.

Being a chef in these settings means more than just cooking. It involves a careful balance of preparing and cooking dishes to meet high standards, managing supplies, and making sure the kitchen team communicates well. Paying attention to details in busy situations is crucial, and following hygiene rules for food is a must.

Employers are looking for chefs with 1-2 years of experience, a love for learning, and a dedication to using local ingredients. Good communication and people skills are also important, creating an environment where working together is as crucial as cooking skills.

For those starting this cooking journey, hospitality groups show their commitment. Local places with experience offer training programs, good pay, and chances to grow in the company. Aspiring chefs should share their reasons and preferences in the application process, making it a personal journey. Remember, having a valid work visa without restrictions is a must, and these roles don’t offer sponsorship.

In summary, these opportunities let chefs become important parts of New Zealand’s diverse food scene. They get to share their skills and passion in a lively and varied hospitality landscape.

Age Care Registered Nurse

New Zealand, with its diverse opportunities and warm communities, currently offers exciting prospects in nursing and hospitality, opening doors for career growth and cultural exploration.

Nursing Opportunities:

For those in the nursing profession, various roles come with a range of benefits:

  • Full-time positions in relevant clinical settings
  • Fast-track entry on a Subclass 482 TSS work visa (including dependents)
  • Potential transition to New Zealand Permanent Residency within 12 months of employment
  • Support for migration and NZNC (Nursing Council of New Zealand) registration
  • Assistance for spouse/partner work placement and training
  • Relocation assistance package
  • Dedicated relocation support team
  • Competitive salary and benefits
  • Opportunities for career development and training
  • A supportive work environment with a focus on work-life balance

Roles may include positions in Aged Care, Geriatric, General Medical, General Surgical, or Rehabilitation settings. Candidates usually need a minimum of 2 years of relevant experience in an acute setting.

Housekeeping/Room Attendant Opportunities:

For those interested in the hospitality sector, positions are available with a focus on creating a positive guest experience. Responsibilities include:

  • Exceeding guest satisfaction through excellent room service
  • Cleaning and inspecting rooms based on established standards
  • Performing general cleaning tasks such as cleaning kitchens, bathrooms, making beds, vacuuming, etc.
  • Replenishing room amenities
  • Reporting damages or technical issues
  • Collaborating as part of a team

Requirements generally include a strong work ethic, attention to detail, good time management, and the ability to work efficiently and independently. Flexibility in working hours, including weekdays, weekends, and holidays, is often expected.

Each nursing and hospitality opportunity in New Zealand may have its own set of rules, but they all offer a chance to be part of Kiwi workplaces and dive into the local way of life. Just like any job abroad, it’s a good idea for candidates to discover what makes each role special and enjoy the rewarding experience of working in a new professional setting.

Early childhood teacher

  • Growing demand in New Zealand for qualified early childhood teachers with a passion for nurturing young minds.
  • Opportunities abound to contribute to the learning and development of children aged 0-5 years.
  • Casual early childhood relievers sought to cover staff absences, offering flexibility for as-needed work.
  • Teachers collaborate with various centers, whether in urban communities or rural settings.
  • Discussion and alignment of preferences ensure a variety of dynamic and enriching shifts across New Zealand.
  • Supportive work environments and competitive pay rates recognize and value contributions.
  • Eligibility requires residing in New Zealand with a valid work visa; no sponsorship is offered.
  • Expressing interest involves a simple submission of a resume and cover letter for a friendly conversation.
  • Early childhood teachers have the chance to make a meaningful impact on young lives in various settings.

For qualified early childhood teachers seeking flexible work in New Zealand, there’s a growing demand for those passionate about nurturing young minds. Opportunities exist to contribute to the learning and development of children aged 0-5 years.

Casual early childhood relievers are often needed to cover staff absences, providing high-quality care on an as-needed basis. In New Zealand’s diverse landscape, teachers can collaborate with various early childhood centers, offering a unique experience in urban or rural settings.

The process involves an initial discussion to align opportunities with teachers’ preferences. Collaboration with multiple centers across New Zealand provides a dynamic and enriching experience with varied shifts.

Beyond the classroom, a supportive work environment and competitive pay aim to recognize and value teachers’ contributions. This role is about becoming a crucial part of a child’s early learning journey.

Eligibility requires residency in New Zealand and a valid work visa, with no sponsorship offered. For those considering a change, a friendly conversation could be the first step toward an exciting venture in early childhood education. Simply submitting a resume and cover letter expresses interest, allowing teachers to impact young lives in bustling cities or tranquil towns.

Registered Nurse

  • New Zealand invites experienced Registered Nurses to join diverse hospitals, contributing to quality patient care in specialties like Medical, Surgical, and Mental Health.
  • Opportunities are open to skilled Registered Nurses with backgrounds in patient care, surgery, or mental health.
  • The commitment to “Healthy people, amazing care” underscores the importance of compassionate and professional healthcare practices.
  • Recruitment extends beyond boundaries, welcoming nurses from different parts of New Zealand and abroad.
  • Healthcare opportunities span various hospitals and centers, providing a rich and diverse landscape for professionals.
  • Employee well-being is prioritized with flexible work arrangements, salary packaging, development opportunities, and relocation support.
  • Interested candidates navigate the application process by completing an online form and submitting a comprehensive CV.
  • Flexible appointment options include Permanent Full Time, Permanent Part Time, Fixed Term Full Time, Fixed Term Part Time, and Casual appointments.

New Zealand’s healthcare sector invites experienced Registered Nurses to join hospitals, enhancing the delivery of quality patient care. This collective effort seeks to strengthen healthcare teams, offering opportunities in diverse specialties like Medical, Surgical, Mental Health, and more.

The call is open to skilled Registered Nurses, promoting inclusivity and collaboration across various healthcare areas. Whether your expertise lies in patient care, surgery, or mental health, there are avenues to explore. Central to these opportunities is a commitment to the vision of “Healthy people, amazing care,” emphasizing compassionate, dedicated, and professional healthcare practices.

Inclusive Recruitment:

Beyond geographical boundaries, the call is open to Registered Nurses from different parts of New Zealand and abroad. This inclusivity reflects a broader approach to talent acquisition, inviting professionals to experience the unique aspects of healthcare in New Zealand.

Exploring Hospital Diversity:

Healthcare opportunities span various hospitals and healthcare centers across the country. Each facility contributes uniquely to its community’s well-being, providing a rich and diverse landscape for healthcare professionals.

Employee Well-being Focus:

Health services in New Zealand prioritize the well-being and development of their staff. Flexibility in work arrangements, salary packaging options, professional development opportunities, and support for relocation contribute to a holistic approach to employee welfare.

For interested candidates, the application process typically involves completing an online form and attaching a comprehensive CV outlining qualifications, work history, and references.

Flexible Appointment Options:

Recruitment initiatives cater to different employment needs, offering Permanent Full Time, Permanent Part Time, Fixed Term Full Time, Fixed Term Part Time, and Casual appointments. This flexibility ensures nurses can choose options that align with their preferences.

Best jobs for Filipinos in New Zealand

Here are some sectors that have traditionally seen opportunities for foreign workers, including Filipinos, in New Zealand:

  1. Healthcare Sector: Jobs in healthcare, such as nursing and caregiving, are often in demand. Registered Nurses, caregivers, and healthcare assistants are roles that Filipinos may find opportunities in.
  2. Construction and Engineering: New Zealand has ongoing infrastructure projects, and there is often a demand for skilled workers in construction and engineering fields.
  3. Information Technology (IT): IT professionals, including software developers and IT specialists, are sought after in New Zealand.
  4. Agriculture and Farming: Jobs in agriculture, horticulture, and farming are common, especially for temporary seasonal work.
  5. Hospitality and Tourism: New Zealand’s tourism industry creates opportunities in roles such as chefs, hotel staff, and tour guides.
  6. Education: Filipinos with teaching qualifications and experience may find opportunities in the education sector.
  7. Trade and Manufacturing: Skilled tradespeople, such as electricians, plumbers, and welders, may find opportunities in the trade and manufacturing sectors.
  8. Retail and Customer Service: Jobs in retail and customer service are also available, especially in urban centers.

In conclusion, New Zealand presents a promising landscape for Filipinos seeking employment opportunities with visa sponsorship. The diverse job market caters to various skill sets and expertise, offering a range of sectors where Filipinos can contribute their talents. Whether in the dynamic healthcare sector, the thriving fields of construction and engineering, the ever-evolving realm of information technology, or the vibrant industries of agriculture, tourism, education, and trade, Filipinos have the chance to embark on fulfilling careers in New Zealand.

It’s essential for prospective job seekers to stay informed about the latest trends in the New Zealand job market, consult official immigration channels, and explore job portals for the most up-to-date opportunities. As Filipinos consider making the move to New Zealand, thorough research, adherence to immigration policies, and the pursuit of recognized qualifications will contribute to a successful and enriching professional journey in this beautiful Pacific nation.