[VIDEO] Woman Throws Racist Slurs at Filipina Drive-Thru Worker in Canada

A video of a woman making racist and condescending remarks about a Filipino fast-food worker has been circulating online. In the video, the woman gets into an argument with a fast-food worker. She then starts to insult the employee. This incident took place in a coffee shop drive-thru in Canada.

Why are you working at a Tim Hortons?” the woman later says while looking at her phone. “You have to clean the house.”

The drive-thru clerk asked the woman behind the yellow car what she said about Filipinas in an incident captured on video. To this, the latter retaliated with expletives.

[Caught on Cam] Filipina in Canada Receives Hate Speech At Drive-Thru

It was not clear what led to the exchange, but in the video, the woman can be heard talking to the worker in a condescending tone. The worker was asking the woman to pay up for her coffee but to no avail.

Just serve the coffee,” the driver can be heard saying. “This is your job. Just serve the coffee.” But the worker responds to her, saying that she has to pay up first before she can serve the drink.

The original video, which was originally posted on TikTok, gained traction after it was reposted by various media outlets, including OMNI Television and 6ixbuzzTv.

Catch the controversial video below:

Woman Apologises to Staff

Not long after, the woman in the video eventually came forward and apologized.

To all Tim Horton staff, media, partners, friends and critics,” the woman recognized as Sherry Mostafavi posted on the Instagram account of  Sherry Privé House of Fashion on Sunday (October 17). “I want to apologize to the Filipino Community for the inappropriate comment,” wrote in a statement posted to IG Sunday evening.

I should not have said that,” she said. “I can imagine you’re so disappointed. Under no circumstances I should express my anger as an Individual towards the whole community. I will now be doing everything I possibly can to prevent this from happening again in future.

Racism and bias in any shape or form, conscious or unconscious, deliberate or accidental, are simply unacceptable and need to be eradicated from society. In this instance, we have not been sensitive enough to this agenda.”

Woman Explains Behavior due to Alleged Unprofessionalism of Filipino Staff

Mostafavi said in a statement to BlogTO that she became enraged because of the worker’s allegedly unprofessional behavior.

Mostafavi said in a series of direct messages to OMNI News reporter Theresa Redula that the reason for her rage was because the Filipino staff at that Tim Hortons branch didn’t have “customer service skills for the most part,” despite declining an in-person interview.

Mostafavi claimed she works two minutes away and has had problems with the Tim Hortons store on different occasions.

“90 percent of the time, they don’t give you what you order,” Mostafavi said.

According to Mostafavi, the incident occurred on October 8.

I was at the drive-through and asked for coffee with two creams. She said, haaaaaaaaaa? (Instead of saying excuse me, or at least to say didn’t get your order coffee with??)I got upset.”

I went to the window and told her, what do you mean by haaaaaa !! I’m the customer. We both are human, and it’s better not to talk to each other with this attitude.”

Mostafavi then stated that the drive-through employees began laughing at her.

“Two people at the window started to laugh at me. Then I told them, you guys are laughing at me?? And I asked for the manager!”

She recalled that the workers began to talk to each other in their language. Then one of them responded to her claiming that she’s the manager.

I told her the employees were very unprofessional and rude. They have no customer service skills for the most part.”

She said ‘you have to move the car. We have other customers on the lineup’.”

It was at this point that Mostafavi expressed her opinion telling off the woman at the window that she wasn’t supposed to be working at Tim Hortons, because she “don’t know how to talk to people.” The next thing she did was to contact Tim Horton’s head office, saying they must have recorded everything. They told her that someone would call her up from that location.

The lady at the window then told the driver that they don’t have any coffee to serve and to move the car for the next customer. And then she added that they put out a sign in front of her car.

Then the argument started. I asked for the coffee that I ordered, they refused, And I began to say, you should clean the house. Do cleaning job, change the sheets, … not supposed to work at Tim Hortons to serve a coffee you are so unprofessional. She took the camera, and I saw the camera. I knew they were taking a video. I was very frustrated. But the way she asked me what did say about Filipino people and the way that I answered was an inappropriate comment. I shouldn’t comment about the Filipino community,” Mostafavi said.

Mostafavi stated that she intended to ’employ’ a Filipina woman to live with her.

She then goes on to share, “Six months ago, I was looking for sponsorship of a Filipino lady from the Philippines to live in my house.”

Based on this statement, Mostafavi then claimed that she respects the (Filipino) community, otherwise, if she were a racist, she would not consider hiring a Filipino to live with her.

She then circles back to owning up for her mistake, saying: “I want to apologize to the Filipino Community for the inappropriate comment. I should not have said that.”

Tim Hortons issues statement

Meanwhile, in a statement to OMNI News, Tim Hortons stated that they are working with the involved staff to ensure that they feel supported following this terrible and unacceptable incident.

Here is the statement issued by the Tim Hortons Media team:

Throughout the pandemic, Tim Hortons team members have been working incredibly hard to be there for our loyal guests and to feed and fuel other essential and frontline workers. The vast majority of our guests always treat team members with the kindness and respect they deserve. We do not tolerate any form of discriminatory or abusive behaviour at Tim Hortons restaurants. The restaurant owner is working directly with their team members to ensure they feel supported in the wake of this unfortunate and unacceptable experience.”

They added, “The owners of the Tim Hortons in a statement said that they do not condone such “discriminatory and abusive behaviour.”

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