2-Year-Old Boy Dies of Electric Shock after Inserting Spoon In Extension Cord

Despite the majority of working adults being locked down at home, some young children still get into accidents, due to lack of adult supervision, with some unfortunately ending up in death. Such is the unfortunate story of a two-year-old-boy from Cebu, who accidentally electrocuted himself after inserting a spoon into an extension cord, without his parents knowing, a social media post shared.

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To all parents and elders, please watch over your children and be careful where we place our electric plugs and extension cords as this is a dangerous situation for children who may think that appliances and electric wires are toys.

2 year old boy electrocuted extension cord

Toddler Dies Of Electric Shock After Putting Spoon Into A Power Outlet

Most of us know that children, by nature, are inquisitive and curious of the world around them – not to mention creative when it comes to the different kinds of games they’d like to play when left by themselves as home.

Unfortunately, without proper adult supervision, some of these activities end up hurting very young kids or even get them in terrible accidents.

Although nobody wants these things to happen to any child out there, accidents do take place, even to the most careful parents and their children. It’s just unfortunate that in the case of this mother from Cebu, she lost her son from this unfortunate accident and only few days after her parents died.

Let this be a wake-up call to families that even though most of us are stuck in our homes during this pandemic, that extra caution and supervision must still be exercised especially around the kids.

Below is a report from GMA News channel regarding this incident:

Do not let any hazardous objects – in this case, a spoon and electric cables and outlets, accessible to your children. Other objects to be careful with are sharp, pointed objects such as forks, knives, pens, and sticks. Also, make sure to keep flammable and poisonous items, even medicine beyond the reach of kids. If you can’t watch over them most of the time, you may entrust them to a responsible family member who will ensure their safety and welfare at all times.

We hope this will serve as a warning to everyone to be extra careful where we place our items and make sure they are out of reach from the young ones.

This is really tragic what happened to the little boy. Our condolences and sympathy go to the family of the young boy and to his parents who are going through so much during these difficult times.

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