Canada Eyes Over 400,000 Immigration Target in 2021

Big news for Filipinos looking to migrate abroad where they not only can work and earn money for their families but also start anew and begin the process of migration.

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If you’re eyeing Canada for “the next big move” you’ll make, then here’s some great news for you!

Canada Eyes Over 400,000 Immigration Target in 2021

Canada Sets Immigration Target of Over 400,000 in 2021

Last year, Canada’s Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) Marco Mendicino announced the country’s immigration targets, which are outlined as follows:

2021 – 401,000 immigrants

2022 – 411,000 immigrants

2023 – 421,000 immigrants

In line with this, the minister shared targets and ranges for overall immigrant admissions as well as for each category.

The said targets appear to be a well-planned strategy as Canada highlights the importance of economic immigration.

With this goal in mind, Canada aims to fuel its economic recovery by inviting 60% of the immigrants under economic class programs to boost the local labour market.

If the country is able to achieve the set target, it will be a record achievement in the history of Canadian immigration. It was way back in 1913 when Canada last invited more than 400,000 immigrants.

Along with the impact of COVID-19, Canada is also beleaguered by the challenges of an ageing population.

With the new immigration target, Canada aims not just for short-term economic recovery but also for long-term economic goals.

As of last year, 33% of all business owners are immigrants, and 25% of all workers in the health sector are immigrants. Immigrants have played a crucial role in creating new jobs.

According to the Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Marco E. L. Mendicino, “Immigration is essential to getting us through the pandemic, but also to our short-term economic recovery and our long-term economic growth. Canadians have seen how newcomers are playing an outsized role in our hospitals and care homes and helping us to keep food on the table. As we look to recovery, newcomers create jobs not just by giving our businesses the skills they need to thrive, but also by starting businesses themselves. Our plan will help to address some of our most acute labour shortages and to grow our population to keep Canada competitive on the world stage.”

As per the IRCC news release, the 2021–2023 Immigration Levels Plan will help solidify Canada’s place among the world’s top destinations for talent, creating a strong foundation for economic growth while reuniting family members with their loved ones and fulfilling Canada’s humanitarian commitments.

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