Here Are 6 Commuting Hacks To Observe Wherever You May Be

Now that everyone seems to have gotten through the holiday high, many people are already coming back from their hometowns or simply traveling back to work.

If you are among the people described above, please bear in mind that things have (unfortunately) not returned to normal yet – not even close. And with this in mind, do take extra precautions when going outside or on your daily commute. To help you cope accordingly, listed below are some ways for you to be able to get to your destination safely.

Here Are 6 Commuting Hacks To Observe Wherever You May Be

Check Out These 6 Commuting Tips In The New Normal

As much as we’d like for things to somehow magically go back to the way they were, we can’t simply let things resolve on their own. There has to be something done and that is to take appropriate action and be responsible for ourselves first and foremost. Here are some of the things that you can do when going on a commute in the new normal:

  1. Be ready for cashless payments.

People may claim that no one’s prepared for what the pandemic did to the rest of the world. But if there’s one thing we can still think of as a big advantage for all of us, that’s electronic payment. Because of this feature, some of the riskiest activities such as traveling and paying cash has been somewhat made less risky. Also, since the quarantine measures have been enforced, most ride-hailing apps only accept bookings with payment through your e-wallet, credit, or debit cards. Also, trains and some buses only allow passengers to ride if they have a reloadable contactless smart card. So to avoid any hassle, make sure that you download all the necessary apps and cards. But if you need to pay with cash, it’s best to prepare the exact amount to lessen any physical contact.

  1. Make sure to bring your essential items with you.

When going out in public, you are putting yourself at risk and exposing yourself to a lot of strangers. Remember to always protect yourself by properly wearing your face mask and other necessary protection that’s applicable to where you are (i.e. face shield, gloves). Also, some of the important items to have in your bag are your spray bottle of alcohol and sanitary wipes, not only to keep your hands clean but also sanitize handrails, windows, and other surfaces in a public vehicle.

  1. Check the required travel documents.

Since different areas in the country have imposed different levels of quarantine, some places may have stricter policies and health measures than others. This means that some cities may require you to present certain documents prior to entry. In fact, most enclosed community establishments such as hotels and condominiums may require certain documents from guests or people from the outside. Such documents may include a travel pass issued by municipal offices or city chief of police, medical certificate, company ID, and a negative RT-PCR result. For this reason, make sure to do your research before traveling and prepare whatever is necessary.

  1. Think of ways to keep yourself entertained.

Taking public transport these days has been more challenging than it was before, mainly because now, you need to wait in a long queue for quite some time, whether you’re riding the train, a bus, or a van service. And to effectively deal with the wait, it’s important that you think of clever ways to keep yourself busy (if not productive) while traveling. So before you leave your home, you can download movies or a television series that you can binge-watch on your phone as you wait in line. You can also create a music playlist, listen to podcasts, install new games, or read an e-book to learn something new and help you make use of your time wisely.

  1. Do not talk while eating.

As is usually the case, eating and talking loudly in public transportation are strongly discouraged. Nowadays, these would even pose more risk not only for others, but more so for yourself since you will need to ingest something while in transit. The risk of catching the virus when your food or your hand touches the surface is high since you will have to eat food without any mask (naturally). That said, make sure not to leave your home on an empty stomach so that you won’t have to eat outside or while traveling.

  1. Do your research and stay updated.

Since the pandemic began, the government has been making adjustments as per the ordinances and restrictions applied at the community and national level. That said, one of your most important tools during this time is what you know about the invisible enemy we are all dealing with. One of the main things you can do, then, is to keep yourself informed of the things that you need to know in dealing with the pandemic at the individual level, and also as a member of a community.

Going around might no longer be as easy as it was back then. But, it is still possible. We just need to exercise proper safety measures so as not to put ourselves at risk as well as others in doing so. The pandemic has not resolved yet even as vaccines have been created. Moreover, the discovery of new variants of the virus could mean a longer period of us staying under these circumstances. That said, the best way (if not the only way) to cope is to be disciplined and be more cautious of our actions. By taking into consideration all of the tips listed in this guide, you can still make the most of your travels under these challenging times.

What are the things that you do to ensure your safety when traveling during the time of a pandemic? Everything has been so fast, and so new to all of us. That said, we’d appreciate it if you can also share your tips on how to make your daily commute safer and more convenient as much as possible during these times. Let us know what you think by leaving a comment in the section below!

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