How to Apply DSWD Travel Clearance for Minors

The holidays are the perfect time for family getaways. But for OFW parents, a visit from family with the kids in tow is not as simple as “go pack your bags and let’s go” as one may think.

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For minors travelling overseas by themselves or with a relative who is not their parent, a special travel clearance must be secured from the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD). This is to ensure the child’s safety and protection against illegal activities, such as exploitation and human trafficking.

How to Obtain a DSWD Travel Clearance for Minors

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How to Get Travel Clearance for Minors from DSWD

According to the DSWD, all Filipinos below 18 years of age who are travelling outside of the country, whether alone or with someone other than their parents, will be required to obtain travel clearance from the department.

As per the DSWD’s guidelines, minors must secure travel clearance by filing the required documents at the regional DSWD office that has authority over their current place of residence.

Documentary Requirements:

Minors will have to provide the following documents, based on their personal circumstances:

  • a completely filled out application form (obtained at any DSWD regional office or downloaded through the DSWD portal);
  • a notarized affidavit of consent of both parents or the solo parent or the legal guardian, permitting the minor to travel to a foreign country alone or with a specific person other than themselves. This document must be notarized at the minor’s current place of residence.

Note: The notarized affidavit of consent should indicate the country of destination; their length of stay; purpose of travel; as well as the tentative dates of departure and arrival. Meanwhile, for those travelling with a companion, the affidavit should specify the authorized travelling companion and their relationship to the minor.

  • a photocopy of the valid passport of the guardian/traveling companion (if the minor will be accompanied for the travel);
  • a photocopy of their PSA-issued birth certificate; and
  • recent two (2) colour passport size ID photos (must have been taken over the last six {6} months).
  • For minors with married parents: a PSA-issued married certificate or certificate of legal guardianship.
  • For minors with a solo parent: a PSA-issued certificate of no marriage (CENOMAR) or a solo parent ID card issued by the Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office OR a photocopy of certification from the local Social Welfare and Development Office of being a solo parent, or Tallaq or Faskh certification from the Shariah court or any Muslim barangay or religious leader.
  • For illegitimate minors: a PSA-issued CENOMAR (The Philippine Statistics Authority or PSA is formerly known as the National Statistics Office or NSO)
  • For abandoned minors with reportedly missing parents: a social case study report carried out by a licensed social worker; a blotter report from the local police or barangay certification from the locality or the last known address of the missing individual; and one returned registered mail to the last known address of the reportedly missing parent(s) or known relative(s).

Note: As per the DSWD, illegitimate minors travelling with their biological father are still required to obtain a travel clearance certificate “as parental authority is vested only to the mother of the child according to Article 176 of the Family Code of the Philippines.”

Validity and Processing Fee

For each travel clearance certificate issued to a minor, a PHP 300-fee will be collected for a clearance with one-year validity and PHP 600 for a clearance valid for two years.

The travel clearance can be used for multiple travels within its validity period, provided that the conditions for which the travel clearance has been issued have not changed. Should any change in the condition occurs, such as a change in travel companion, a new travel clearance must be secured.

Furthermore, the DSWD reserves the right to request for additional documents during the assessment of the travel clearance application to ensure that no child shall be subject to human trafficking and that the safety and welfare of the minor is fully ensured.

To know more about the travel clearance guidelines and other related information, you may visit the DSWD website.

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