Palestine Do’s and Dont’s

There are OFWs who are in Palestine. If you are one aspiring OFW and you are eyeing this country, you have to know the things that you should follow. In Palestine, there are rules and regulations, laws, and dos and don’ts. You will learn the entirety of them once you are in the country already. But, if you are just learning them in your home country, don’t worry. You can study what other people talk about them through blogs and lists.

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In this blog, we will focus on the dos and don’ts. The dos and don’ts in Palestine are the actions you should watch out for. Why? Because they give people an idea of what gestures are acceptable or not acceptable in the country. They also tell people if an action is considered nice or rude in Palestine. Basically, the dos and don’ts are the practices in Palestine that you will likely see every day when you walk on the streets, when you go to coffee shops, and more.

So, before you go to Palestine, learn their ways. Know how to behave by this set of dos and don’ts we are about to share with you.

dos and donts in palestine

How to behave in Palestine

You might have heard about Palestine from your family or friends. Palestine is in Israel and it’s a country where mix cultures are existing. To behave there, you must learn how to conform to their ways. The first layer is their culture or tradition than the laws. The dos and don’ts will help you become aware of the things you can do and cannot do when you are in Palestine. They can assist you in behaving well while you are in another country. They will also help you have a good social relationship with Palestinians.

Do’s in Palestine

The “dos” are the things that are acceptable and can be freely done by anyone who is in Palestine. So, if you become an expat here, here are the practices that you shouldn’t be afraid to do.

  • Do be polite and show interest in the family’s background of someone you know in Palestine. It’s fine to ask a Palestinian about the background of their family, such as where they are really from in Palestine. Palestinians are generally proud of their background. They may share insights with you, which is a good way to learn the tradition and culture of Palestine.
  • Show respect to those who are older than you. Palestinians are respectful to the elderly and generally all people. So, regardless of your status in life, you will receive a good amount of attention from them. Just do the same. Reciprocate their respect and kindness. Also, the elderly is respected no matter what status they have.
  • Confront someone in private and deliver criticism positively. It’s a huge humiliation if you accuse someone openly or in a public place. If you plan to give someone criticism, do it in private and don’t deliver it like you are just insulting the person. Be kind even if you are giving criticism.
  • Keep your promises and return the favors. Palestinians are good at keeping their promises and returning favors. Do the same to them.

These dos are pretty basic to follow. You don’t even need a lot of skills to do these things. Just some basic social interaction skills plus the dos above and you’re going to be fine mingling with Palestinians.

Don’ts in Palestine

The opposite of dos is don’ts. These are the things you should avoid so you won’t appear rude to Palestinians. Here are some of the don’ts to follow.

  • Don’t ask Palestinians unintelligent questions that you obviously know the answer to. Remember that Palestine is not that uncivilized. There are computers, televisions, the internet, and other gadgets. Don’t take them as uneducated or impoverished. They are educated and civilized.
  • Don’t take Palestinians as weak, helpless, or powerless refugees. When some nations hear about Palestine, they have this impression that people here are just refugees who tend to be powerless, poor, and helpless. That’s not true. When you go to Palestine, don’t see them as refugees. Yes, there are refugees in the country but the overall population of Palestine is just as good as other nations.
  • Don’t presume someone’s political stand in Palestine. You may ask a Palestinian about his political views but only if the vibe of the conversation is good for the conversation. Don’t assume anything political when you are in Palestine.
  • Don’t assume that Palestinians and Israelis are not on good terms. Everyone in Palestine wants social normalcy. Be someone who contributes to the normality of events in the country and try to avoid presuming something that is not good between these two countries.
  • Don’t make jokes about terrorism or connecting it to Palestinians. This can make your relationship with a local really bad especially if you always associate them with terrorists.

Tips when visiting Palestine

The dos and don’ts help you learn about the basics actions you can do and can avoid having a normal social relationship with the locals in Palestine. Of course, don’t forget the essentials. Always show kindness, respect, and love Palestine like it’s your own country. You will experience difficulty adjusting during the first days of your visit. A lot of expats have gone through that. Trust that you will be able to adjust to your new environment after some time of observation and social interaction with the locals.

Aside from the dos and don’ts, don’t forget as well that there are laws. You need to grasp the basics of its laws as well. For example, do your own research about traffic rules, visa rules, employment rules, and so on. In this way, you will not leave your home country ignorant about Palestine laws. If no one is there to educate you about Palestine and its people, educate yourself. Research beforehand. Don’t fly to Palestine without anything. Know the basic rules. Know the laws. Study the country and its culture.

If you know someone who’s about to go to Palestine, please don’t forget to share this blog.

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